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Attempted Rape Thwarted By Citizen Hero


This is disgusting folks.  A man was heading to work when he noticed something suspicious–a pickup truck was blocking the way in the alley he was trying to cut through.  He honked on his horn but the occupants didn’t move out of the way, so he got out of his vehicle and approached the truck.

Thank god he did! Sitting inside the passenger seat a helpless woman who had her mouth duct-taped by her assailant.  The male driver of the truck was attempting to rape her.   Somewhere between realizing what was going on and confronting the rapist, Taylor O’Neill, our stories hero, called the police.  Meanwhile, while her assailant was distracted, the victim managed to jump out of the vehicle.  When the cops arrived, O’Neill was able to supply them with photos of the man’s license plate and they quickly arrested the attempted rapist Jorge Cruz De Armas.

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Fox News Reports:


A man heading to work on Monday thwarted an attempted rape after he tapped on a truck’s window and spotted a 28-year-old woman in the back with her mouth covered with duct tape and “fear in her eyes,” leading him to contact police, officials said.

Taylor O’Neill told FOX11 LA he was heading to work around 4:30 p.m. Monday when he drove down an alleyway in Santa Ana, but couldn’t get past a pickup truck that was blocking the road. O’Neill said he honked the horn, but the truck didn’t move, prompting him to get out of his vehicle to confront the driver.  “When I tapped on the window [a woman] looked up and I could see the duct tape on her face and the fear in her eyes,” O’Neill said.

Police arrived and arrested Jorge Alejandro Cruz De Armas, 27, who had earlier offered the woman a ride to a Wells Fargo. Instead of heading to the bank, De Armas allegedly stopped at the alleyway and began attacking the woman after she refused to have sex with him. He began choking the woman and duct-taped her mouth to prevent her screams from being heard — until O’Neill interrupted the alleged assault, police said.

He Was Choking Her To Death When Help Arrived

This is the greatest example of seeing something and saying something.  There’s a very good chance that O’Neill saved that woman’s life–when he arrived, De Armas was trying to choke her in order to silence her screams.  She was very lucky that there was someone trying to traverse the deserted alleyway, since things could have gone much worse.  Unfortunately, the police believe that De Armas might have been a repeat offender and believe that he has had his way with more victims.  They are asking anyone with information to come forward.

This scumbag deserves to rot in prison for the crimes he committed and with some justice he will never see the light of day again.

We Need To Make America Safe Again And Get Trash Like Him Off Of It!

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