If you’ve been watching hearings the Trump legal team has had with various state legislators in recent weeks, you understand what the strategy is,

While the team is continuing to take their claims of mass election fraud to various courts, only to see them dismissed out of hand by coward judges who refuse to do the right thing, they are also working GOP legislatures.

The objective is to convince as many of them as possible to either re-award their electors to the rightful winner of the 2020 election — President Donald Trump — or withhold them from both candidates under the guise that results appear to be too tainted to trust.

There have been a few bombshells at these hearings, and another one occurred during a hearing in Michigan on Wednesday.

The bombshell wasn’t a massive revelation about vote fraud — it was a huge truth bomb about the party of vote fraud and personal destruction.

Melissa Carone, an IT worker and contractor for Dominion Voting Systems who worked at the TCF Center in Detroit on Election Day and who says in sworn testimony she watched the same votes ran through as many as 10 times on numerous occasions, was asked by a state lawmaker why more people who were there that day aren’t coming forward.

Her answer was gold.

The Federalist Papers reports:

The state of Michigan election integrity couldn’t be worse. This isn’t just an opinion. You can’t watch the testimony that came out of the hearing yesterday and believe that what happened at the TCF center in Detroit, Michigan, was above board.

To make matters worse, the Michigan state Representatives, especially if they had a ‘D’ in front of their name, intimidated, harassed, and attempted to doxx the witnesses on live television WITH ZERO reprimand from the Republican chair Matt Hall.

Representative Darrin Camilleri questioned the witness, Melissa Carone, who worked as a contract employee for the Michigan election in Detroit.

Her testimony alleged that Michigan’s voting systems were designed perfectly to allow mass fraud with little to no paper trail. She claims to have worked closely with one of the voting software company’s co-owners on the night and day after the election.

She was told they had a ‘Chicago’ style fraudulent warehouse that had issues but was back up and running, magically, when Biden started to get massive vote dumps in his favor. Is it a coincidence that Chicago is known for fraud in elections? She alleges that she witnessed thousands and thousands of ballots that were put through the machine multiple times. This was corroborated by other witnesses that say similar things happened at the tables that they were watching.

Democrat Representative Darrin Camilleri proceeded to ask why more witnesses were not coming forward with similar accusations (did we mention that Carone signed an affidavit attesting, under penalty of perjury, what she saw?).

‘I’ll tell you why; my life has been destroyed. My life has been completely destroyed because of this. I’ve lost family. I’ve lost friends. I’ve been threatened. My kids have been threatened. I’ve had to move. I’ve had to change my phone number. I’ve had to get rid of social media,” Carone explained, passionately.

“Nobody wants to come forward. They are getting threatened. Their lives are getting ruined. I can’t even get an actual job anymore. I can’t because Democrats like to ruin your life.’

Unbelievable! This woman is a national hero!

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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