BREAKING NEWS Out of Nebraska….This is Horrible!!


An online date through the Tinder app has ended in tragedy

24-year-old Sidney Loofe went on a date through the app with 23-year-old Bailey Boswell last month and has been missing ever since. Her disappearance ignited a citywide search captivating the Lincoln area in hopes that she would be found. Nearly 30,000 people followed the “Finding Sydney Loofe” page on Facebook.

Loofe’s body was recovered on Monday confirming the worst for her family ending a month-long search for the missing woman. Her mother reported her missing Nov. 16 after she missed work. They released a statement regarding their tragic loss, stating –


“It’s with heavy hearts that we share this most recent update with you all…May God grant eternal rest unto thee. We love you Sydney.”

No details have been released about just where Loofe’s body was found at this time, however, search teams have been combing the lakes, rivers, and fields all surrounding Boswell’s home in Wilber, Nebraska. Police have said Loofe was last seen alive on Nov. 15 in Wilber, after apparently going on a date with Boswell. Wilbur is the last place Loofe’s cell phone pinged as they used the GPS in an attempt to locate her after she missed her shift at Menards Home Improvement in Lincoln. According to the FBI and local law enforcement, that led them to her body in a rural area of Clay County.  Wilber is located in neighboring Saline County. Autopsy results are pending for an official cause of death though foul play is suspected.

Boswell and her 51-year-old roommate Aubrey Trail are considered persons of interest in the case though they both have proclaimed innocence to pretty much anybody who would listen, even making a rather bizarre YouTube video proclaiming her innocence.


Boswell does not deny that she went on a date with Loofe and confirms that they did indeed meet online through Tinder. She describes their date as them getting acquainted and high at the same time. She claims to have met Loofe “on a Tuesday,” and she picked Loofe up from her home. After doing so, Boswell said the pair drove around Lincoln, smoking weed before she dropped her back off at her house. She added that the next night, November 15, she picked up Loofe again, doing much of the same. This time, though, they went to Boswell’s home, where they smoked more marijuana and she provided Loofe a 1/4-ounce of it, she claims. Boswell claims that Loofe had been to her home and that the last time Boswell saw Loofe, she was alive and safe, with plans to head to a friend’s house a week before Thanksgiving.



Boswell states in the video that LIBTUBE took down –

“I went to take her home and she asked me to drop her off at a friends house, so I did so. I gave her my number, we were planning on going to the casino that weekend. I haven’t heard from her since. I just, I really don’t even know what else to say.”

Boswell claims that she and Trail are being unfairly targeted by authorities.  Neither of them has been charged at this time, however, both are considered persons of interest.  Both Trail and Boswell are currently in jail on unrelated warrants in Missouri as of November 30. Mugshots for both Boswell and Trail appear on the Taney County Jail’s website. Both are being held on no bond with a federal hold.

Trail has a long and lengthy criminal past which includes prison sentences in numerous states. In Iowa, Trail was arrested and charged with theft of the third degree in 1999 and with multiple additional run-ins with the law related to theft. He served a 5-year prison sentence for second-degree theft. He also has a number of traffic citations in Missouri. He was also sentenced to 4-years in prison in Missouri for passing multiple bad checks back in 2010, as well as being placed on unsupervised probation for two years and ordered to pay a $750 fine. In addition, he owed $1,560 in restitution to Lekin Auction Company for writing a check with a closed bank account.

Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said in a Tuesday news conference –

“By their own statements on social media, we believe that Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell were two of the last people . . . to be with Sydney Loofe [before] her disappearance, and that’s why they continue to be persons of interest.” 

In the nine-minute YouTube video with long rambling statements to give “their side of the story” claims to have the police had been “chasing us around like dogs” and that the last time they saw Loofe she was alive. The videoes do not paint either Boswell or Trail in the best light with Trail claiming he was guilty of several crimes, just not ones involving Loofe, along with multiple contradictory statements. Both Boswell and Trail speak of having active warrants out for their arrest, yet they believe they are being unfairly targeted by police.  They also claim that they are cooperating with authorities, yet also describe themselves to be “on the run.”


Trail makes the sarcastic statement on the video –

“So far today, from the comments, we have apparently murdered this lady. We have apparently put her into human trafficking and sold her and not only did we do that, we . . . went to the casino and used the money that we sold her for.”

Boswell claims she went by different names online because I have warrants,” however, she was quick to point out that doing so did not make her a murderer. Loofe’s last known interaction was a Snapchat message saying she was going on a Tinder Date. Loofe’s mother Susie spoke of Loofe texting her sister on her birthday, stating –



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