BREAKING: Texas Ready To FIGHT Biden And AG Merrick Garland Over Border INVASION! Every American Needs To See This

Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement after Merrick Garland announced that they have filed a lawsuit over Executive Order GA-37, which restricts the transportation of unlawful migrants in Texas due to COVID-19.


“The Biden Administration has created a constitutional crisis between the federal government and the State of Texas. This stems from the Biden Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and allow illegal immigrants with COVID-19 to enter our country. As our communities are overrun and overwhelmed by the record-high influx of migrants, cartels and smugglers profit off the chaos. Not only that, but this crisis also extends beyond the border as deadly drugs like fentanyl infiltrate our communities.  This already dangerous situation continues to deteriorate as the Biden Administration knowingly imports COVID-19 into Texas from across the border—willfully exposing Texans and Americans alike. President Biden has a duty and a responsibility to protect and uphold our nation’s sovereignty, yet he has long-since abdicated his authority to do so.

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“As the Governor of Texas, I have a responsibility to protect the people of Texas—a responsibility that grows more urgent by the day while the Biden Administration sits on the sidelines. I take very seriously my duties and responsibilities as the Governor of the State of Texas. I have the authority, and duty, under the constitutions of the United States and of Texas to protect Texans and our nation. I also have the authority under long-established emergency response laws to control the movement of people to better contain the spread of a disaster, such as those known to have COVID-19. My duty remains to the people of Texas, and I have no intention of abdicating that.


“Until President Biden and his Administration do their jobs to enforce the laws of our nation and protect Americans, the State of Texas will continue to step up to protect our communities and uphold the rule of law.”

Earlier today, Governor Abbott sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding Executive Order GA-37.


The Honorable Merrick Garland
Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

Dear Attorney General Garland:
This letter responds to your letter dated July 29, 2021, in which you state that my Executive
Order GA-37 “would jeopardize the health and safety of noncitizens.” It is clear from the
arguments in your letter that the State of Texas and the federal government face a constitutional

The authority that you assert to protect noncitizens directly conflicts with my authority, and duty,
to protect citizens of Texas and the United States. The constitutions and laws of the United States
and of Texas empower me, as Governor, to protect the health and safety of Texans. See, e.g.,
U.S. Const. amend. X; Tex. Const. art. IV, §§ 1, 10; Tex. Gov’t Code ch. 418. Your actions,
combined with the actions and omissions of the Biden Administration, directly conflict with my
authority as Governor; and, candidly, conflict with the duty and obligation imposed on the Biden
Administration to apply and enforce the immigration laws passed by the United States Congress.

The Biden Administration is failing and refusing to enforce immigration laws by allowing
migrants to unlawfully enter into the United States. No doubt, the Constitution authorizes the
federal government, not states, to administer the immigration process. However, the Constitution
does not allow the Biden Administration to fabricate its own immigration laws. See, e.g., United
States v. Texas, 136 S. Ct. 2271 (2016) (per curiam); DHS v. Regents of Univ. of Cal., 140 S. Ct.
1891, 1921–26 (2020) (Thomas, J., dissenting). Instead, the Administration is limited to applying
laws enacted by Congress.

Worse, the Biden Administration is knowingly admitting hundreds of thousands of unauthorized
migrants, many of whom the federal government knows full well have COVID-19. To be clear,
the Biden Administration is knowingly importing COVID-19 into Texas from across the border
and knowingly exposing Texans and Americans to that disease. While the Biden Administration
is openly pondering looming shutdowns and mandates on U.S. citizens to control the spread of COVID-19, at the same time the Administration is knowingly worsening the problem by
importing COVID-19 at extreme rates.

Under long-established emergency response laws used by Texas in partnership with the federal
government, I have the authority to control the movement of people to contain the spread of a
disaster. Tex. Gov’t Code § 418.018(c). An obvious application of that standard is to limit the
movement of people who are likely to have COVID-19. The assertion of this authority in
Executive Order GA-37 is limited only to intra-state movement. It in no way interferes with
either inter-state or international movement.

There are several actions the Biden Administration can take to avert a constitutional showdown
while also addressing the public health concerns that my Executive Order seeks to achieve.
First, the Administration can ensure that any unauthorized migrants it allows to enter the United
States remain only on federally owned or operated land. Already, the federal government is
operating multiple migrant facilities along the border, presumably in ways that minimize or
eliminate the potential for migrants infected with COVID-19 to transmit the disease to Texans.

The federal government has the resources and capability to house those migrants while
minimizing the transportation of infected migrants into Texas cities and towns.

Alternatively, the Biden Administration could simply enforce the existing federal immigration
laws and stop admitting migrants who are not authorized by Congress to be admitted. That would
substantially reduce the importation of COVID-19 while also fulfilling the federal government’s
role to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.

My office remains committed to working with you and the Department of Justice to ensure that
we achieve the twin goals of applying the laws of the United States and of this state, while also
preventing the knowing importation of COVID-19 into our communities.

Greg Abbott

I’ll just say that I am a big fan of Governor Greg Abbott and Biden is a demented pile of manure.

This country needs more patriots like Abbott.

Meanwhile the illegal aliens continue to invade our country and the Biden admin is loving it.

Merrick Garland is a complete asshole. What a freaking idiot.

This country will never be the same.

Biden and Harris should be impeached immediately.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.


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