More $$ for Migrants and Lawyers, No $$ for the Wall

It was just a few days ago that the propaganda mainstream media was pushing that Biden’s administration was considering continuing construction of The Wall along our southern border.


Now most people knew it was just propaganda, fodder for the sheep, all the while the Biden regime was planning to provide more funds for illegal aliens and zero funds to do anything to stop the tidal wave of illegal aliens.

Breitbart reports that Biden’s first budget for border security would discard unspent funds for the border wall and then spend extra money to legalize more migrants and launch more investigations of immigration enforcement officers.

The pro-migration budget request to Congress was announced Friday by the administration, which said it wants $52 billion for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from October 2021 to September 2022.

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The request is short on details, but it asks Congress to take back money appropriated in prior years for the construction of the border wall:


The discretionary request includes no additional funding for border wall construction and proposes the cancellation of prior-year balances that are unobligated at the end of 2021.

We have a government that currently cares more about flooding our nation with illegal aliens than taking care of its own citizens.


All the politicians who are babbling and stomping their feet to put an end to the daily tidal wave of illegal aliens, need to stop saber-rattling and actually do something to stop it.

Breitbart continued:

Biden’s deputies have halted the border wall’s construction, even though many of the gaps used by migrants could be closed by the unspent money that Congress allocated in 2019 and 2020 to the construction of the border wall. More than $1 billion of allocated funds has not been obligated to contractors.

The Biden budget does not ask for extra funds to hire more agents to block and deport the current surge of roughly one million migrants seeking access to Americans’ jobs, wages, and schools.

But the Biden request does ask for extra money to ensure that more border agents and enforcement officers can face threatened or real investigation of claimed crimes:

This funding level also provides $470 million, an additional $84 million over the 2021 enacted level, for the Offices of Professional Responsibility at Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to ensure that DHS workforce complaints, including those related to white supremacy or ideological and non-ideological beliefs, are investigated expeditiously.

The discretionary request proposes increasing funding for the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties to address the press of complaints the office has received, but has been unable to process because of staffing shortages.

States along our southern border need to create their own legislation and will have to stop the illegal aliens themselves.  It is clear that the Biden regime will not only make it worse, but now they are providing the illegal aliens even more money.

Breitbart continued:

Many imported refugees are hired for low-wage jobs in retail stores and slaughterhouses, so reducing the need for companies to hire Americans at higher wages or to transfer profits into the purchase of labor-saving machines.

The budget seeks taxpayer funds to hire lawyers who can guide younger migrants through the thickets of American immigration law, past the  immigration judges who would return them to their home countries, and into legal status:

The discretionary request for [HHS} ORR also reflects a commitment to ensuring unaccompanied immigrant children are unified with relatives and sponsors as safely and quickly as possible and to providing these children with care and services that align with child welfare best practices while they are in ORR’s custody. Such services would include expanded access to counsel [emphasis added] to help children navigate complex immigration court proceedings. In addition, the discretionary request redresses past wrongs by providing resources for critical supportive services—including trauma and mental health services—to children cruelly separated from their families under the previous administration.

What else do the American citizens need to see before they accept what is happening in our nation?  We have moved passed a crisis and have entered into a national emergency.

Illegal alien children are now being put above American children and the sheep applaud and bow down to Biden’s regime.

The Biden document declares that the budget request “supports the promise of a fair and equitable immigration system that welcomes immigrants and reflects the Nation’s values.”

That sentence is likely a suggestion that the United States is a “Nation of Immigrants” rather than a nation of Americans. Breitbart 

It is heartbreaking to watch a nation fall and it’s citizens take a knee but that is what we are seeing in today’s society.

This isn’t going to fix itself nor is it going to simply fade away, the illegal alien numbers continue to grow daily and mainstream media keeps using children to push their agendas.

I say we boot all illegal aliens out of our country and focus on our Veterans and homeless people.


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God Bless.

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