The left has consistently perpetuated the phony narrative of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election citing phony dossiers and ads purchased on social media outlets as so-called evidence to their claims.  Yet after more than a year of witch hunting, no proof of supposed Russian interference has been discovered at least not on the part of the Trump campaign.

However, what is not being discovered is the left and the mainstream media may have had more than just a bit of help from the Kremlin. Washington correspondent for Sputnik, Andrew Feinberg, states that on January 23, 2017, his first day on the job, he was emailed a copy of a “style guide” that laid out the organization’s purpose and mission. Sputnik is a Russian news source run by a Kremlin-owned parent company, Rossiya Segodnya.


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The 103-page handbook made it very clear journalistic integrity, neutrality, and honesty were not something desired or mandated by the company.  Instead, Sputnik reporters were told they should provide readers with “a Russian viewpoint” on issues and “maintain allegiance” to the country. The guide was written in English and was included amongst more than 10,000 internal Sputnik messages and communications provided by Feinberg to the FBI via a thumb drive.


As a result of the intel provided by Feinberg, the FBI is now investigating the agency for possible violations of U.S. law requiring agents of foreign nations to register with the Justice Department. The guide also directly contradicts repeated claims by Sputnik executives claiming they follow traditional journalistic standards and are dedicated to objective reporting, as well as operating independently of the Kremlin.


Sputnik spokeswoman Beverly Hunt vehemently denied that the style guide applied to any of the work the news agency and its American reporters have done in the United States.  According to a written statement from Hunt, she says of the documents and of Feinberg  –

“To our knowledge, Feinberg has never been employed by Rossiya Segodnya, which is a Russian news agency and does not provide services on US territory.”

However, the email sent to Feinberg shows it was sent to him directly from his editor at Sputnik – Peter Martinichev.

Feinberg was employed by Sputnik from January until May of 2017.  He turned over a flash drive filled with emails during an interview by an FBI agent and Justice Department national security lawyer for over two hours on Sept. 1. Another ex-Sputnik staffer, Joe Fionda also provided the Justice Department with an additional package of documents in August. Both interviews were part of a widening investigation by the FBI to discover the role played by Sputnik and the Kremlin-owned television network, RT (formerly Russia Today), in seeking to shape the views of American audiences.

The law requires all foreign agencies engaged in lobbying or efforts to influence American public opinion to file detailed reports on their funding and operations. There is an exemption in the law for state-funded media organizations engaged in legitimate news gathering which is how they were able to get around this mandate. Writers were made to add mandatory paragraphs to their work reflecting positions that they did not intend to convey in the original work or completely contradictory to anything but pushing the Russian narrative.

Recently, Russia has been linked to a $100,000 Facebook ad campaign and an army of Twitter accounts with content designed to ramp up political tensions amid the American election in support of Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders.

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