BREAKING: Secret Service On Alert After Gangster Rapper Makes Threat To Our President Trump!


Some people seem to go with the politically correct thoughts of the moment.  It seems finding people that are willing to take a stand or be consistent in their ideologies is hard to find these days.  Many people simply recite talking points and surface read rather than actually digging into the actual facts of a situation.

Enter has-been white rapper Eminem…


Known for shocking lyrics in songs like “Stan” or “Kim” where Eminem talks about killing his ex-wife.  It seems no matter how Eminem attempts to remake himself into some sort of liberal anti-Trump crusader for diversity, those that are familiar with his past work see those words ring hollow. Meeting with a lukewarm reception from current and now many former fans, his newest album Revival falls into the same tired routine of violence and misogyny towards women.

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However, in the wake of accusations of sexual misconduct spanning decades from the likes of former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, NBC’s Matt Lauer, and a whole host of others, the #MeToo movement has spawned a life of its own. Eager to cash in and believing this may again revive his flagging career as the name of the album suggests, Eminem takes his lyrics way too far.

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The album contains songs like “Framed.” The song vividly and graphically describes Eminem having Ivanka Trump’s body in the trunk of his car, referring to her as “the dumb little blonde” that got “dumped in the pond.” Ivanka is the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump and ex-wife Ivana Trump.



“But dog, how the fuck is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car?

Gotta get to the bottom of it to try to solve it

Must go above and beyond, ’cause it’s incumbent upon

Me, ’cause I feel somewhat responsible for the dumb little blonde

Girl, that motherfuckin’ baton twirler that got dumped in the pond

Second murder with no recollection of it.”


The song is reminiscent of “Kim,” where Eminem describes throwing his ex-wife in the trunk of a car and killing her, ending with the loving and charming lyrics of “Now bleed, bitch, bleed!”  It seems Eminem has a thing for throwing women in the trunk of his car to murder them as the song “Stan” has a similar theme with lyrics such as “Hey, Slim, that’s my girlfriend screamin’ in the trunk…”

Another song off the latest album called “Heat,” he raps about the now infamous Hollywood Access tape where President Trump engaged in what he termed as “locker room talk.”  It seems that one fateful conversation, a conversation President Trump himself denounced as inappropriate is the one place Eminem identifies telling women to  “don’t snap, it’s supposed to get grabbed.” The song states –


“Grab you by the (meow!), hope it’s not a problem, in fact

About the only thing I agree on with Donald is that

So when I put this palm on your cat

Don’t snap, it’s supposed to get grabbed.”

Despite Eminem’s claim that the lyrics are meant to be satirical or tongue in cheek and his proclamations that he and ex-wife Kim have a good relationship now, his lyrics seem to tell a much different story with his vivid depictions of violence against those with whom he disagrees.  Perhaps Eminem is taking notes from Antifa members?

In a recent interview with Vulture, an offshoot of New York Magazine, promoting his newest album, Eminem states  – “I’m not killing Kim….we’re good now, and she’s the mother of my daughter.

I suppose the fact that Kim sued Eminem for defamation had nothing to do with that? Perhaps Ivanka and Melania Trump should do the same….

First lady Melania does not come away unscathed either from the viciousness of this vile digenerate.  In the song “Offended” he raps about hitting on the first lady as though she would give him the time of day….

“And send it to Mitch McConnell

Just as big of a bitch as Donald—shit’s on, bruh!

Let me sing this shit soprano

While I do it pizzicato

Ivanka, stiff arm her while I’m hittin’ on Melania

And this song’s for all ya.”

Eminem is simply obsessed with President Trump.  The majority of the interview reads as him ranting against all things Trump with vileness that borders on psychotic.  He launches into a tirade in the middle of the interview with the publication stating –

“He makes my blood boil. I can’t even watch the news anymore because it makes me too stressed out. All jokes aside, all punch lines aside, I’m trying to get a message out there about him. I want our country to be great too, I want it to be the best it can be, but it’s not going to be that with him in charge. I remember when he was first sniffing around politics, I thought, We’ve tried everything else, why not him? Then — and I was watching it live — he had that speech where he said Mexico is sending us rapists and criminals. I got this feeling of what the fuck? From that point on, I knew it was going to be bad with him. What he’s doing putting people against each other is scary fucking shit. His election was such a disappointment to me about the state of the country.

He also attacked Eminem in a horribly bad freestyle rap at the BET Awards then hilariously got his knickers all in a knot because President Trump did not even deem him worthy of a response.

It seems even the left is calling Eminem out for being a phony and the album is a complete flop. Left-leaning publication The Guardian attacked him for not being lefty enough: “This new, woke ’Nem hasn’t exactly been doing his intersectionality homework either. His shit-talking to Trump comes laced with the usual misogyny.”  The LA Times started its review with this hilarious quip – “Nobody has ever accused Eminem of having his heart in the right place.

Will the REAL Slim Shady please stand up?

I’m like a head trip to listen to, cause I’m only giving you
Things you joke about with your friends inside your living room
The only difference is I got the balls to say it
In front of y’all and I don’t gotta be false or sugarcoated at all

Yeah….not so much anymore are you Eminem? Just another tired sellout pandering to the leftists that bankroll you in the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to, you have become just another Hollywood Hypocrite!

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