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The story about IRS targeting of conservative groups continues unfolding. Of course, no one has still been held accountable for any of these instances of needlessly targeting Democratic and Obama Regime political opponents but things are moving closer in that direction.

Today, the House Ways and Means Committee has voted to refer the former head of tax exempt groups at the IRS, Lois Lerner, to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution. The vote was 23-14, and went according to straight party lines. So far, no details have been released about exactly what the charges will be. Of course, we already know that the lawmakers are feeling as if Mrs. Lerner has not been truthful with Congress or the IRS inspector general and that she has also leaked confidential tax information.

Although you might be thinking that such a referral is unprecedented, this has happened before. The last time was when former baseball player Roger Clemens faced charges from the Justice Department during the steroids in baseball scandal. He was charged with lying to Congress and was exonerated in court.

Of course, this is a completely different situation and one that has strong political implications. Our wonderful community organizer in chief has talked a big game about this scandal. Last summer he said that this targeting was “outrageous” and even promised to hold people responsible and accountable for the scandal. Still, this has no happened yet. Now, we will see just how serious Obama was about really getting to the bottom of things.

Lois Lerner had previously taken the Fifth Amendment during two appearances before Congress. After this, she made it clear that her preference was to talk things over with the Department of Justice, rather than Congress. This indicates that she thinks she might have an easier time of things when dealing with DOJ. So, the ball appears to be right in Obama’s court. Of course, Attorney General Eric Holder will probably have the final say about all of this, but he will certainly be conferring with Obama about what to do.

This is also an important issue from the standpoint of the type of message the DOJ wants to send. After all, is the IRS more important than baseball? Should we spend more focused effort getting to the bottom of whether a few athletes used steroids or if one of the most powerful federal agencies abused its power to target conservative groups?

Either way, it looks like we are about to find out. Tomorrow, the House Oversight Committee is going to vote on whether or not Lerner will be held in contempt of Congress. That should be an interesting vote as well.

What do YOU think? Are these charges a key test for the Department of Justice? Is the committee trying to make a political point and/or send a message? What do you think the DOJ’s response will be? Will Lerner be held in contempt of congress?

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