Stories are emerging of the truly horrific conditions people are forced to endure under the tyrannical North Korean regime. 

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley recently held a meeting entitled “The Terrifying experience of forcibly Repatriated North Korean women.” The purpose to educate the world on the human rights situation in North Korea.  One defector, a woman named Ji Hyeon-A, told of being forced to have an abortion following her repatriation to China.


Ji Hyeon-A spoke of a harrowing and truly disturbing scene where she described prison dogs eating dead bodies at the prison camp where she was kept.  She is pleading for the world to listen and to hear her, for the world to not be complicit standing silently by while evil such as she was forced to endure continues. She was repatriated on three separate occasions to North Korea after being caught in China.  She was desperate to escape and finally made it to South Korea.

This undated picture released from North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on January 12, 2014 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (front L) inspecting the command of Korean People's Army (KPA) Unit 534.

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She described how North Korean women who got pregnant while in China were forced to have abortions, detailing the horrifying ordeal pregnant women were forced to endure –

“Pregnant women were forced into harsh labor all day. At night, we heard pregnant mothers screaming and babies died without ever being able to see their mothers.”


North Korea has a strict policy against mixed-race babies.  They are simply not allowed to exist.  She detailed how inmates were starved to death in one detention center and their dead bodies turned over to the guard dogs for food, estimating the current regime under Kim Jong Un has approximately 100,000 people imprisoned at this time . The third time Ji Hyeon-A was truly frantic to escape as she was three months pregnant at the time. She was caught yet again and described being forced to have an abortion against her will without medication or anesthetic at a local police station.  Her baby literally ripped from her womb.

“My first child passed away without ever seeing the world without any time for me to apologize.”

She tried yet a fourth time and was finally successful reaching South Korea in 2007.  Since that time she has been able to reunite with her mother, brother, and younger sister but there has been no news as of yet of her father. She and her family pray for the day when their family will be made whole and her father is able to join him.

“The North Korean regime’s system of guilt-by-association allows for up to three generations of family members to be imprisoned along with the accused.”

She described life in North Korea as “a terrifying prison and the Kim’s are carrying out a vast massacre and it takes a miracle to survive there” and spoke of the North Korean soldier that recently made his dramatic escape to South Korea.  He “represents a dash toward freedom which is a dream of 25 million North Koreans.”


Ji Hyeon-A was openly critical of the current Chinese government in their policies of sending North Koreans back to endure this horror, pleading with the Chinese to stop their policy of repatriating people back to North Korea to endure untold horrors.  She urged the U.N. and world leaders to fight for North Korean defectors and assist those that are forced to endure repatriation.

She ended with a poem entitled – “Is Anyone There?”

“I am scared, is anyone there?

I’m here in hell, is anyone there?

I scream and yell but no one opens the door.

Is anyone there? Please listen to our moans and listen to our pain.

Is anyone there? People are dying, my friend is dying.

I call out again and again but why don’t you answer.

Is anyone there?”

Her story was an echo of North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, who was also repatriated by Chinese authorities before making it to South Korea just three years ago.

The meeting was sponsored by the U.S. France, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the U.K. with Fox News and other media outlets detailing the worldwide response to the terror many are forced to endure at the hand of the North Korean regime. China, with the support of Russia and Bolivia, attempted to stop the meeting on human rights in North Korea, but ultimately failed to do so.

Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations, Matthew Rycroft, praised Ji-Hyeon-A for speaking at the event, and said the crimes discussed, which included, “forced abortions, summary executions, hard labor, rape: those are conditions that amount to crimes against humanity,” he said.

Earlier in the day China had tried to stop a Security Council meeting convened by Japan on the human rights situation in North Korea. China only had the support of Russia and Bolivia and failed in its attempt to stop it from moving forward.

 At the Security Council meeting, Haley said the full story of the North Korean people needed to be told.“The regime is using that power to develop an unnecessary arsenal and support enormous conventional military forces that pose a grave risk to international peace and security,” she said. “Their menacing march towards nuclear weapons begins with the oppression and exploitation of ordinary North Korean people.”

Haley said the situation was made possible “through the export of workers abroad to earn hard currency and the use of forced labor at home, the regime uses its people to underwrite its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.”

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