BREAKING: Obama Just Sent 63-Page Book Ordering Teachers To Help Criminals… Media SILENT


Obama has declared that ILLEGAL ALIENS have a right to a quality, taxpayer-funded education that prepares them for college and a career! Isn’t that wonderful? Our children will now be learning about ALLAH, Common Core, eating pig slop (thanks to Michelle) all while being inundated by ILLEGAL ALIENS.

How in the hell are OUR children supposed to get an education?

The Obama administration has released a 63-page guide titled “Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth,” which dictates to educators how to make children illegally in this country nice and cozy in the classrooms and focuses on the rights of illegal immigrant students and provides tips and best practice advice about how to be meet their needs.


Breitbart reports:

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“Embrace and value diversity and the cultural backgrounds of all students. Teachers (and other educational personnel) who serve immigrant students should understand the cultural and educational backgrounds of their students,” reads one tip for educators.


The manual also instructs institutions of higher education on how to best serve illegal immigrants.

“Develop services and resources that specifically support undocumented students. Case studies of undocumented youth in higher education have highlighted lingering feelings of stigma and fear related to their status, as well as instances of discrimination on campuses,” another tip advises such institutions.


While illegal immigrants are ineligible for federal financial aid, much of the document focuses on highlighting the ways in which illegal immigrants may qualify for reduced cost college education— namely detailing what kinds of tuition benefits are available to illegal immigrants in certain states, financial aid advice, and a list of scholarships for which illegal immigrants may apply.

The states receiving the most recognition in the guide for their illegal immigrant-friendly tuition rates include: California, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, and Minnesota.

According to the manual, 80,000 illegal immigrants turn 18 annually, an estimated 65,000 of whom graduate from high school. Just 5 to 10 percent, however, pursue higher education and “far fewer successfully graduate with a degree.” Overall, the manual notes that just 54 percent of illegal immigrants have a high school diploma (compared to 82 percent of native-born Americans).

Conservative Tribune reports:

In addition to all of these nuggets, the manual also provides what amounts to a two-page advertisement for Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which is being challenged by in court by 26 states.

In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s the pleasantly oblique title used to officially refer to a major chunk of the president’s unconstitutional executive actions on illegal immigration.

“Beyond reducing the stigma of being undocumented, recipients attest to the tangible impacts of DACA, such as access to internships, stable transportation and housing, and paid work experience,” the manual reads.

“Yet, some youth meeting the DACA guidelines have not requested consideration for DACA or for DACA renewal; hard-to-reach populations, such as migrant students and adult learners, have been underrepresented.”

Yes, not only is the president illegally bypassing Congress by implementing DACA, he’s using your tax dollars to get educators to enroll illegals in the plan. Wonderful.


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