BREAKING: Obama Trying to STOP Army From Prosecuting Bergdahl!



The bottom line is that Obama is crapping his KENYAN pants over the latest Bergdahl revelations. I mean, the dude held a fricking WHITE HOUSE ROSE GARDEN ceremony celebrating his great deal.

Yeah bro, actually NOBODY thought releasing at least 5 ALL-STAR commanders of the TERRORIST group the Taliban for an OBVIOUS  traitor to our country was a good deal. And I mean NOBODY! Well, his paid minions declared that it was the right thing to do but that’s about it.

Good men lost their lives searching for this MUSLIM LOVING PIG! The only reason Obama made this trade was to help the Taliban. And to empty GITMO because either he is a tree hugging liberal or actually because he WANTS these TERRORISTS back in action! He doesn’t care about helping our military! He left Andrew Tahmooressi out to dry in a filthy Mexican prison. He didn’t give a crap about Chris Kyle or ANY of our Military HEROES for that matter!

Now, as expected Obama is ready to pull all the Marxist punches out and STOP the prosecution of this weasel- the traitor Obama affectionately refers to as “BO.”

CNN the failed Liberal Obama loving network is trying to defend OKenyan and Bergfilth by saying he left his post to “report what he believed to be problems with ‘order and discipline’ in his unit…” WHAT? So he goes to the TALIBAN to report that there are problems in his unit? LMAO man, this is right in line with EVERY SINGLE OBAMA DENIAL OF EVERYTHING THIS D-BAG HAS DONE!

It is ‘Ghetto Mentality’ and is the same as prisoners swearing “I didn’t do it. I’m innocent.”

So why did Bergdahl ship his belongings off ahead of his ‘departure’?

Why did Bergdahl write his parents final letter before deserting saying “These people need help. What they have is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid. I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting…”

Here’s the deal, Bergdahl WILL face the charges against him and there’s absolutely NOTHING the LAMESTREAM MEDIA can do to back their precious Obama this time.


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