BREAKING Out Of Wisconsin- Bill Passed To Make The National Anthem REQUIRED Before Sporting Events!



Our nation finds itself upside down, where we have to pass legislation to play our nations National Anthem before sporting events.

The cancel culture and “woke” clowns have crippled our nation and have used fear to turn people and businesses into cowards who do not stand up for what is right.


A Wisconsin bill to require the national anthem to be played before all sporting events at fields and stadiums that received public funding passed in the state Assembly in a 74-22 vote Tuesday, with strong bipartisan support, Fox News reports. 

Such sites include major, taxpayer-subsidized venues where the PackersBucks and Brewers play, as well as public schools and other facilities that were built or upgraded with taxpayer funds.

The bill will go on to the state Senate, which Republicans control, where it could be sent to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ desk.

“I think their next session is in June,” the bill’s Republican sponsor, state Rep. Tony Kurtz, told Fox News Tuesday. “So I think they would take it up, and maybe the governor can sign it on July 4. That would be pretty great.”


Our nation should be a nation where every American loves America, a nation whose President and Congress support our allies, where domestic terrorists and the elite criminals go to prison, all citizens are allowed to speak their own opinions, babies are allowed to live, the internet doesn’t control our lives nor is it controlled by power hungry oligarchs, Hollywood goes back to making movies and stays out of politics, illegal aliens get deported, police departments are respected for protecting our communities, armed neighbors are friendly neighbors that have each other’s backs and God is still the one we trust.

THAT is what our nation should be but it’s NOT!

It seems like just months ago we were on our way to making all of it happen and then the democrats illegally took over The White House and well, here we are.

Fox News continued:

Kurtz, a 20-year Army veteran, said he came up with the idea in response to the Dallas Mavericks’ decision earlier this year to stop playing the national anthem before home games. Another catalyst was when the Green Bay Packers chose to sit in the locker room during the song before a game in September.

The Mavericks have since resumed playing the song due to NBA rules.

“The national anthem, the flag, it’s very near and dear to me,” Kurtz said. “To me it’s something core to who I am, I know that might sound silly, but that’s just the truth. It’s something I truly believe in.”

The legislation does not define what constitutes a “sporting event,” raising questions about whether the anthem would need to be performed before a pickup basketball game or casual sports, but Kurtz said the intent is for major sporting events like professional and NCAA Division I games.

“I don’t expect you, if you have a scrimmage, to play it before for a scrimmage,” he said. “But I do expect you play it for a [University of Wisconsin-Madison] Badgers game.”

We should all put together such legislation and gather the signatures to have it introduced at each state level and then go full throttle until it is signed.

This is a military vet leading the way, showing Americans what we should all be striving to do and taking a legal fight to the democrats.

During an emotional floor speech before the bill passed the state Assembly Tuesday, Kurtz argued that the national anthem is one thing that can help unite the country during a divisive political climate.

“This country, for all the good we have had, for all the bad we have done – and we have – we are still one country,” he said. “I want people to remember that.”

Democrats who oppose the bill have argued that it’s a political stunt or a solution in search of a problem – even as the measure is largely symbolic and imposes no penalty for venues that fail to play “The Star-Spangled Banner” before an event.

Kurtz dismissed those criticisms – noting that it was institutional actions, like Mavericks owner Mark Cuban choosing on his own to stop playing the song, that prompted him to draft the legislation, not Colin Kaepernick kneeling.

“I want people to do this voluntarily,” he said. “And if they still want to sit there, that’s fine. If they want to get on one knee, which I disagree with, they can. So I don’t want to put a penalty, because I think that is crossing the line, to be honest with you. My goal is just kind of to reiterate to people the importance of this and why it matters.”

“The Star-Spangled Banner” became the national anthem in 1931 – but it had already been played at some sporting events at the time, including the 1918 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs in a season shortened due to World War I.

A band played the song during the seventh-inning stretch during Game 1 – and Babe Ruth threw a complete game shutout, according to the Hall of Fame.

What’s more American than that?

It is amazing to hear that some people still hold our nation dear to their hearts and brothers and sisters who served still remember what it used to mean to be an American Soldier!

Yes, our nation has taken some serious abuse and we have allowed it to happen and now we have a regime that seeks to completely defeat her, but so long as American Patriotism, freedom, free will and people are willing to stand at the ready in defense of American freedoms, then we still have hope.

Under Trump the nation was healing from 8 years of Obama and his Marxist agenda. Obama fanned the flames of racism and created a powerful anti Law Enforcement movement that is strong as ever.

It is clear that our government cannot and will not be able to right the wrongs and put our nation back on course and unite the people, that falls on all of our shoulders.  So take a hard look around you and when you see evil in our nation, speak out against it, unite each other and be steadfast in having each others backs!

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