BREAKING: Political Legend DEAD… Country In Mourning


Country music legend was a great man and wrote many political opinion pieces on his website but there’s another man with the same name- a politician who did a lot of good for the country.

This reports is about the longtime politician from Arkansas.

Unfortunately he passed away at the age of 83.

He passed away peacefully Sunday afternoon.

The cause of Daniels’ death has not been made public as of the time of this report.

So you might be asking who this Charlie Daniels is what would make us report on him.

It’s because he was old school and had the ability to reach across the isle and get things done- something we never see today unless RINO’S side with the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS which happens quite often.

Photo credit/ Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

While we obviously don’t agree with most of his Democrat positions, he was rational and willing to work with Republicans when they needed bipartisan votes for legislation.

Anthony Smith at NEWS HOUR FIRST reports that Daniels started his decades-long political career winning a local election for a school board, then he managed to work in both the Pryor and Clinton gubernatorial administrations.

In 1984, Daniels threw his hat into the ring for Commissioner of State Lands.

After he ran out of terms, he ran and won elections for Secretary of State and State Auditor.

He even embraced his namesake in the entertainment industry to win his first election.


Daniels stated, “My first radio campaign ad had some fiddle music in it from a person up in Mountain View. It went like this, ‘Charlie Daniels.’

“That’s a name that everyone knows.

“But this Charlie Daniels doesn’t fiddle around.

“This Charlie Daniels is running for State Land Commissioner.’ It was fun,” he said.

One of his biggest claims to fame was how in integrated the latest technology into every office he held.

He was a man truly ahead of his time, and now he is gone.

They don’t make democrats like they used to.

RFK Jr. is probably the most sane Democrat in the party.

Rest in peace, Charlie.

Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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