BREAKING: Republican Congressman Says Biden Arranged His ASSASSINATION!


Here’s a report that you will not see on the Communist Controlled News (CNN) and other liberal media outlets.

When you read this it will blow your mind and also will make your blood boil!

But it makes sense- this is how this DEMENTED SCUMBAG rolls.



Rep Markwayne Mullin is accusing the Biden Whitehouse of tipping off the Taliban of his whereabouts as he tried to rescue 4 Americans Biden had abandoned to the Taliban. Mullin, a former mixed martial arts fighter, who is now running for the Senate to replace retiring Jim Inhofe, traveled to Afghanistan in August of last year, in an effort to rescue 4 Americans trapped there. The Biden administration refused to back his plan.

He reportedly threatened American embassy officials in Tajikistan when they refused to let him enter Afghanistan with a large sum of money. The Biden administration said that his mission was “extremely dangerous”, but nonetheless he was successful. He complained that the Biden administration refused to open the gate to the airport to allow him and the hostages to leave. The administration took part of the credit for the rescue, but Mullin says that was a lie.

From The Daily Caller

‘Now, Mullin is going further, alleging that the Biden administration deliberately revealed his movements in a manner that put his life in danger. His travels in the region were first reported in a Sept. 1, 2021, Washington Post article. The article reported that Mullin traveled through Greece, Georgia, and Tajikistan, which shares a more than 800-mile border with Afghanistan.

“Without question, they tried to kill me,” he told Politico, speculating that the White House released the information about his location to prevent him from showing that Americans were left behind. A spokeswoman for Mullin clarified that the congressman referenced the fact that the White House made public Mullin’s travels in the region, as well as specific cities.

“All we were trying to do is just help get Americans out because we had the ability to do it. Why is that a bad thing?” He added.’

Both the Department of Defense and the State Department denied the accusations. Their denial and five dollars will get you a Starbucks coffee. This has been the most untruthful administration of my lifetime, led by Joe Biden and Cornpop.

Mullin was one of only three members of the House to travel to Afghanistan after Kabul fell to the Taliban. Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton and Republican Michigan Rep. Peter Meijer went to observe the withdrawal. They were also criticized for making the trip. The administration and congressional Democrats wanted no witnesses.

It’s no secret that The Biden Administration has done everything possible to prevent the evacuation of the people they left behind-and there were thousands.

Why- it makes him look bad.

Too late for that- Biden has screwed up everything he’s touched.

And he’s just getting started.

He is unfit for the job and all one needs to do is take a look around and see that our country is completely screwed up.



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