BREAKING: Sheriff’s Office Posts VIRAL ANTI-OBAMA MEME- You’ll Want To See What Happens NEXT

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The most based and red-pilled agencies in the country are operated by county sheriffs in the west and south.  Go to the links provided if you are unsure of what I mean by the term red-pilled. It will change your life and the way you look at politics forever.

This is a story about a hilarious meme that was published by the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office showing the former president spying on the current President Donald J. Trump.  Using an obvious and awesome reference to President Trump’s accusation of wiretapping, the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office hoped to warn the residents living in their jurisdiction that locking their doors was important to maintaining safety in the community.  Essentially, they’re telling homeowners that security starts with them.

In an effort to combat a growing rise in crime following a shortage of officers due to budgetary cuts, the office issued a suggested nighttime protocol: “The 9 PM Routine.”

Downey said they’ve been posting those memes every night for the last three months. “Obviously, there’s no meaning to be any controversial, regarding politics, we’re not into the national politics scene down here in Kankakee,” Downey said.  Downey said there’s no intention to offend anybody. Downey said the IT department creates the memes during their lunch breaks and off hours. “Quite frankly, it’s helped,” he said.  In Kankakee County, budget cuts have reduced the sheriff’s deputy count by a third, and property crime has shot up. So the social media campaign is designed to be crime-preventative.

Among the suggested practices was the ever-helpful and often-forgotten “see something, say something” rule.  The first line of defense for neighborhood security starts with neighborly treatment so the Sheriff’s Office simply requested that the residents look out for each other.  Pretty good advice huh?

Can you guess how liberals responded? They shouted “THAT’S RACIST! REEEEEEEEEEEEE [unintelligible liberal screeching]!”

They refuse to recognize logic and humor. Shame! Here’s what the post said:

It’s 9 pm Kankakee County! The days of leaving your doors unlocked at night are over, lock your doors, if you haven’t done so already. Help us spread the #9PMRoutine campaign.

Don’t make it easy on criminals! Make sure your doors are locked every night at 9 pm.

#LockYourDoors and report suspicious activity to police! Look out for your neighbors and don’t store your firearms in your unattended vehicle(s)!

Then they flooded the Facebook page with complaints and the office with calls making it impossible for the LEOs to conduct their work.  They were forced to take the meme down.

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