BREAKING: This State Just SHUT DOWN LGBT Bullies, Took Major Stand For Christians

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Another state has taken proactive measures to protect the deeply held religious beliefs of its citizens, and the gay rights activists aren’t too happy about it.

Tennessee, led by Gov. Bill Haslam, is yet another state that refuses to allow a minority of people to dictate what the majority should be forced to do, and passed into law a major religious freedom bill that protects the rights of Christian therapists and mental health professionals, WND reported.

“I believe it is reasonable to allow these professionals to determine if and when an individual would be better served by another counselor better suited to meet his or her needs,” Gov. Haslam said in a statement.

“The substance of this bill doesn’t address a group, issue or belief system,” he added. “Rather, it allows counselors — just as we allow other professionals like doctors and lawyers — to refer a client to another counselor when the goals or behaviors would violate a sincerely held principle.”

Of course, no religious freedom bill goes unprotested by the LGBTQRWTF crowd, who fiercely opposed the “hateful” law with petitions and other activist measures. Opponents of Tennessee’s new law argued, “Legislators in Tennessee are trying to make it harder for LGBTQ people to get mental health care,” which isn’t true at all.

In fact, the petition argues that “The client should feel comfortable being totally open and honest, as that is when the best results occur,” and that’s exactly what’s happening. Think about it; if someone in the mental health field is religiously opposed to homosexuality, wouldn’t you want them to be up front about it so they can recommend you to someone who would provide better care?

Any sane person would, especially if that professional’s beliefs would interfere with the quality of care they provided. But alas, the intent of this entire argument isn’t to extend rights to the few, it’s to force the masses into submission and make them accept the abnormal as normal.

Forcing a therapist with deeply held beliefs against homosexuality to provide services against their will only serves to lessen the quality of care they receive, which is counterproductive to the alleged goals of those opposing the bill. With the relationship between a therapist and their client being so personal and intimate, everyone deserves to have the best possible therapist they could possibly get, and thanks to this new law, now it can happen.

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