BREAKING: Ted Cruz Just Made This HUGE Move Against The Muslim Brotherhood


Say what you will about Republican presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) but one thing he does more than most politicians is take on tough issues and fights to get legislation passed. Cruz has announced that  he and the Republicans in Congress are making a major push to officially list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

 Lawmakers in both houses of Congress introduced legislation on Tuesday that would formally classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, which would “require the State Department and other agencies to determine whether the Brotherhood officially meets the requirements to be designated under U.S. law as a terrorist organization,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The legislation outlines the Brotherhood’s long history of sponsoring terrorism and outlines congressional support for it to be designated a global terrorist outfit. The bill also would force Secretary of State John Kerry to explain why the Obama administration has been hesitant to label the Brotherhood a terrorist group.The Brotherhood’s political wing has been banned in Egypt, where affiliates of the organization overthrew the government and then violently cracked down on its opposition, the United States has avoided labeling the organization a sponsor of terrorism.


The bill, which includes a lengthy history of the Brotherhood’s links to radical terrorist leaders and violent incidents, concludes that “the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria for designation as a foreign terrorist organization.”

According to the bill, “if the Secretary of State determines that the Muslim Brotherhood does not meet the criteria,” the State Department must submit “a detailed justification as to which criteria have not been met” to Congress.

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I really like that part.


“We have to stop pretending that the Brotherhood are not responsible for the terrorism they advocate and finance,” Sen. Cruz told the reporter.


“We have to see it for what it is- a key international organization dedicated to waging violent jihad,” the Texas Republican added. “Since the Obama administration refuses to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ and Congress owes it to the American people to tell them the truth about this threat.”

“This bill puts the lie to the notion that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful political organization that can be a legitimate partner for America,” Cruz said.

“In 2008 the Justice Department successfully prosecuted the largest terrorism-financing trial in American history arguing that the Muslim Brotherhood directed U.S. affiliates such as the Holy Land Foundation to provide ‘media, money and men’ to Hamas.”

“That support was used for terrorist attacks against Americans and our allies in the Middle East,” The Senator pointed out, adding,  “When they are capable they will try to do the same thing here.”

Yet, the Obama administration has held meetings with the terrorists organization’s representatives.

And last year, the White House hosted a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and other representatives of the group have been granted entrance to the United States by Obama. The State Department has announced they wouldn’t be opposed to future meetings with the terror-supporting group.

Kudos to Cruz for leading the charge against Obama and his buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood. Why it’s taken almost 7 years to do, I have no idea.

We all know that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. It’s time to put the Kenyan in his place.

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