BREAKING: Texans On HIGH ALERT As Nation Of Islam & New Black Panthers Arrive To Start RIOTS…

Photo credit-  J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times

Photo credit- J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times


Well, it looks like Texas has some angry black people coming to start a riot! I am speaking of that wonderful group of animals otherwise known as the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam! LMAO little girls, TEXAS is one place you DON’T want to mess with!

Go back to Ferguson. To Baltimore. Or better yet, GO TO HELL!

These idiots are in McKinney, Texas to start up ‘protests’ over the ruckus at a pool party where blacks crashed the party and ruined it by turning it into a drug and alcohol fest as well as getting out of control with the neighbors.


Look, anyone that thinks those kids were behaving themselves in a respectful manner needs their heads examined. Witnesses have said the blacks were extremely aggressive. I believe it.

Meanwhile, Officer Corporal Eric Casebolt has been placed on administrative leave and is now in hiding with his family due to threats from these blacks. Now protesters are blocking the streets and bitching about the police department. “We can’t swim, you can’t drive, McKinney!” said one person identified as a professional agitator. LMAO bro learn how to fricking swim then! And learn how to behave yourselves and have some respect for people that aren’t black. Do you understand? Nobody is intimidated by your BS- make NO mistake! Now get off the streets, people need to go to work and come home from work. 


Joe Newby at reports: And, Twitchy added, posting pictures from the area, members of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party “are in town.” One person responded online by saying that members of the radical groups “are walking through the neighborhood right now!” “That should fix everything,” one person said on Twitter in response to the news.

According to the far-left Think Progress, “thousands” turned out Monday to protest pool policing. But a growing number of people are coming forward to say the story being presented is not the whole truth. “Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok! posts a story showing only 7 minutes of a 30 minute ordeal, makes it racial and all the activist come a running,” talk show host Benet Embry said on Facebook, according to the Daily Caller. “Look, I LIVE in this community and this ENTIRE incident is NOT racial at all. A few THUGS spoiled a COMMUNITY event by fighting, jumping over fences into a PRIVATE pool, harassing and damaging property. Not EVERYTHING is about RACE. WE have other issues [sic] that NEED our attention other flights of made up make believe causes.”

The post, and Embrey’s page, appear to have been removed by Facebook and is no longer available. As a result of that post, the Daily Caller said, activists are demanding Deep Ellum on Air fire Embry. According to activists, Embry is a traitor to his race for the statement. CEO Jedi Jantzen, however, says there are no plans to fire Embry.

“Let me be clear. The subdivision I live in is not a racist community. It is a diverse subdivision, black, white, Hispanic, East Indian, American Indian, all living together in friendship,” Embry told Sean Hannity Monday night. “Going back to the incident at the pool. It was a pool party out of control there. Out of 130 kids only seven caused a whole bunch of confusion.”

Now, it seems the activists and those wanting trouble have reinforcements. Farrakhan, head of the NOI, has called for violence to tear America apart and leaders of the New Black Panther Party have repeatedly called for violence against white people. One even called for murdering white babies by bombing nurseries. Here’s some video!

This country has gone to hell under Obama. Racism is at an all time high. Cop hating is as well. It’s just a huge mess. Look, it was a nice idea to elect a Black man as president but it was a massive mistake. I like black people. Mostly the older ones that are sweet and wonderful people. God Bless. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS 

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  1. shoot a big bunch o dem niggas

  2. DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

    Do the NOI and NBP not understand that Texas is a Gun culture! We are not Missouri or Maryland, you come looking for violence you are likely to be fitted with a toe tag. Texans will not stand for outsiders fkn with our communities!

    Semper Fi

    • Dave Nolan says:

      Go for it. I’ll mail you the Ammo if your short!!

    • Darrell Hayes says:

      Your not the only one who knows how to handle weapons

    • Neil Firkin says:

      Once a Marine…all way’s a Marine…bring it on bucko.

      • Brad Shattler says:

        don’t need to be an ex marine to wanna shoot these fucking idiots. lol

        • no such thing as an ex Marine bro

          • An X Marine is a Black Marine who has to experience this type mess being done to him and his family.

          • Nelson in Texas says:

            I am former Air Force, but will stand with my fellow vets.

          • …Navy and PA Army National Guard Vet here in PA…locked and loaded. Don’t come over my fence. I’ll be honored to lock arms with my brothers and sisters, Marines, Air Force and Army.

          • There is only one man I recognize as an ex Marine. John Murtha, former Pa. congressman. He turned against the Corps with charges against 6 Marines in Haditha. Said charges were false and the Marines were fully exonerated. But, it ruined their careers. He stripped himself of the honor of being a Marine for life.

          • Robert Grainger says:


          • turbomama says:


          • Right you are. OoRah.

      • david paul says:

        You got that right as a captain in the marine Corps and Black with force recon training ….I’ve been to war twice….so let’s don’t go there…

      • Is it true that the military and the police do not have to follow orders if the orders are against our constitution? I’ve heard stories of the military not following orders and saving the day and such. Just curious if the cops have a choice if martial law comes to be,

        • Nelson in Texas says:

          We actually had it drilled into us not to follow unlawful orders. But does that mean it will not happen. It’s not the same military it was 28 years ago when I served.

        • Justin Craft says:

          There is a choice in all things. May be consequences but those who have a conscience will know if an order or something goes against what they believe is right. Military and police should have the moral compass to judge these things. Not all will of course, but I hope most.

          • pattydiva says:

            I hope most have that moral compass also. Too many do not and follow like sheeple.

        • John Swinson says:

          pattydiva, A person in the US Military, are sworn to protect and uphold the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and some of us are have sworn to this oath several times. Look at it this way, it is unlawful for us to violate the constitution of the United States, so therefore it makes it unlawful for anyone to give an order that violates that same constitution. But whatever actions the persons takes requires that they be able to prove it in a court of law.

          • pattydiva says:

            Thanks John. That’s what I thought. I’m just hearing some police and military people saying they won’t follow orders that are against our constitution. God bless them, because O is hacking that document to death.

    • Randy Fackler says:

      Lock and load texas you know what to do lead by example! If this is the way these idiots want to handle this situation then so be it. Muslims and blacks? Are the blacks that dumb ? Dont they realize that Muslims to this day in certain parts of the world still have blacks as slaves! Do some history do some searching.

      • The fools who believe this crap don’t read, or can’t.

        • Ivan Price says:

          Just like 70 % of the Muslims on the planet. They are useful idiots. They will gp anywhere and riot for $$$$$$

          • If you add up all of the muslims that have ever been suspected or proved to be associated with a terrorist group you couldn’t fill a swimming pool you fucking douchebag.

            there are 1.7 billion muslims in this world. if they wanted you dead, you would be.
            You people are fucking stupid beyond belief.

          • You get the prize for the most stupidest comment of the day!.. Have you ever heard of ISIS? AS far as being dead, MOLON LABE…1.7 billion moslems and 800 million of them are illiterate, goat humpers..80 million of them in Europe, and 50 million of them are on welfare… When the moslems come for you, just show them your co-exist bumper sitcker.. That should do the trick…SMFH

          • gregory thomas says:

            what does “Muder” mean?

          • Dorf Munder says:

            As in your muder is a ho! Man you just can’t leave em hangin like that

          • LOL

          • Mr.Conservative says:

            I think it means “ALMOST” dead but not quite.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Christians have done everything on that list, so what’s your point?

          • Risner Kenneth says:

            not real christians

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            They’re just as real as the Muslims who did it.

          • Get your head out of your rectum and do some research instead of trolling in here with your lies!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, YOU do some research, and stop squeezing words like “rectum”, “gay”, and “ass” in as many comments as you can. Sick freak.

          • Jeesh Man, you sure know a lot of “stuff”?

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Allahu Akbar (Arabic: الله أكبر) is an Islamic phrase, called Takbir in Arabic, meaning “God is greater” or “God is [the] greatest”. Shouted right before every act of killing, or genocide.

            Fun fact about the Crusaders.
            Response to Islamic Jihad.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Do you really wanna go there, chief? Do I need to bring up the Knights of the Confederacy (which STILL exist), and Westboro Baptist Church. They both pray before terrorizing people. The Knights killed two men in TX just this summer. Stop trying to make “terrorist” synonymous with “Islam”, when Christians are equally savage.

          • Oh, tell me you DIDN’T just try to cite WBC as a legitimate reference! You try real hard, but you just keep missing the mark. I must now either downgrade my original estimate of your intelligence or conclude that you’re just intellectually dishonest. Either way, it’s not looking too good for you, son.


          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Rape is not legal anywhere, nor is pedophilia. Try again.

          • Both are legal in Islam.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Legal age of consent in Deuteronomy is 20 years old, and only through marriage.
            So by comparison, the whole Earth is committing pedophilia, according to Law.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            You are WRONG! Sharia law says a man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old. I do believe that falls under pedophilia. Now rape, a woman can not testify against her attacker if she is raped, and for the rapist to be convicted there has to be 4 testimonies require by 4 male witnesses to prove the rape. Now were rape is legal, a muslim husband can force his wife and it is not rape because they are married and that is his right. Rape is rape. So again you are WRONG. So now, you try again!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No where does it say that a man can marry an infant in Sharia Law. You made that up, you islamaphobic cunt. Stop lying to make your bigotry appear reasonable, it isn’t. The Bible declared women to be property, and that the father must sell his daughter to a man for marriage. I don’t see you mentioning that, slavery, or the murder of homosexuals, simply for being gay, all of which are in the Christian Bible. Like I said, you’re a bigot, and you’ll lie just to justify your illogical behavior.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Here you go stupid good for nothing POS. Now shut up and get a fucking life.


          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Pamela, you can call me whatever “playground insult” comes into your little brain, but you didn’t deny lying, nor can you dispute my criticism of Christian scriptures. This proves that Islam and Christianity are cut from the same cloth. And your islamaphobia is apart of some stupid war muslims and christiansare in. You chose to reply to me, so you get a life, and leave me alone, if you don’t want to talk. You’re still a lying, dishonest racist from Arizona. You have no credibility, and any idiot who would defend you is just a racist too.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Oh and right now, I am in San Angelo TEXAS. I have never lived in Arizona LOL You should make it your career of being a complete idiot, oh wait, your have!!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, I noticed that you skipped the portion discussing the Christian scriptures, and failed to even address my comment addressing your misinformation about Islam. Are you able to dispute the presence of condoned murder of homosexuals, objectification of women, and slavery in the Christian Bible?

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            This is going on today!! I bet it gets pretty stuffy with your head up your ass all day.


          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, I noticed that you STILL have not denied lying about Sharia law declaring that men can marry infants (b/c no where does it say that). You also haven’t denied that the Christian Bible condones the murder of homosexuals, objectification of women, and slavery, b/c it does. Calling me an “idiot” will not make it go away, just as your racist comments about the confederate flag are still on the internet, and you are still a racist for that. That’s beside the point. LOL

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Now you got it twice, what is it you don’t know how to open a link? Wouldn’t surprise me, you are pretty slow

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Dustin, I am not well, I am really ill, I don’t want anything to do with you, for me to get better part of it is no stress, I am not a young woman, I have health problems. Life it to short to be a ass like you are. You are not a good person, and if you are , you are not showing it to ANYONE here. What is it? Do you get your rocks off by being the biggest jerk? I can see why your on here all the damn time, your always alone, nobody wants anything to do with someone like you. You are just a complete ass hole . Why don’t you start looking things up and stop making a ass of yourself. Grow up, If your so unhappy with your life that you feel you need to TRY and put people down all the time to make yourself feel better, go get some help, get on some meds. Do something good, get involved in some charities. Your like this dark cloud, that lives in a past none of us were even a live to see. I say you are a muslim, a Christian would not glorify, defend, Islam. I love all races, it certain kinds of people I have no time for. People like YOU!! Go be unhappy somewhere else. Get involved in your own country, Oh wait, your one of them, so you think things are going great. Why not try and grow a heart, a soul, your empty, hollow, dark, the most unpleasant person I have ever thankfully never met and never will!! Now I am so done with you, you go and say whatever you want, you don’t matter to me, your nothing to me, your a waste if time. You just live your unhappy life.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            What is calling me a cunt? Well first time I went off on you. What your talking about is the past, we have evolved unlike Islam. I live in today, I don’t live in the past like you do. We learn over the years on what is right and what is wrong and we change. Islam doesn’t learn right from wrong. I am going to go and let you see everything you have said to people on here. Then lets talk about behavior little boy. You know a person can only take so much for a ass like you and I think I held out for a very long time. Your abuse has gone on for months, but then again that is how muslims treat women.

          • Jim Gillbanks says:

            Individual Christians, or maybe some of them were Atheist, have certainly done that, but the Koran orders the followers of the cult to do it. Big difference.

          • Thanks…I reacted to Cambell Dustin’s post before I saw yours. So much ignorance about the evil cult of Islam trying to pass as a religion. Islam’s Quran, supposedly the allah god’s word to Muhammad, has over a 100 hate filled verses against unbelievers…I’ve read the Quran and excerpted most of them on an excel spreadsheet. The Quran lies against the Gospels in that it says Jesus never said He is the son of God and that He did not die on the cross. Muhammad came 600 years after Christ and the Quran was assembled maybe a 100 years after Muhammad or about the 700’s AD I’ve read. Jesus says in the Gospels that Satan is the father of all lies. I logically conclude the allah god of the Quran is Satan…or Muhammad made up the biggest lie in history. Also Quran teachings of hate and violence against unbelievers are 180 degrees opposite Christ’s teaching of love and forgiveness to all. Islam is Satanic and a cancer on mankind. And Farrakhan and these dudes are Satan’s disciples.

          • Finally somebody gets it great post your on it

          • CheeringForAmerica says:

            Mediocre at best and not exactly Pulitzer

          • Grey Winters says:

            Lyin pos

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Prove it to be a lie, Grey. I’ll wait.

          • I see you have lots of time for “waiting”, in addition to trolling here 24/7. You don’t seem old enough to be retired, so I assume you’re jobless and living with your mother (in the basement probably). If your father was in your life he would encourage you to get a job.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Still waiting Grey. Tell your friends to help you, instead of riding your coat tale like cowards.

          • Derrick Howard says:

            You mean Catholics. They are not Christian. Get it straight or just shut up!

          • Catholics are indeed Christian, in fact they were the original Christians and for centuries the ONLY Christians (any other beliefs got burned at the stake), the bible was pieced together by the Catholic Church and without Catholics there wouldn’t even be the other Protestant branches. Learn your history or just shut up.

          • vivian greer says:

            they are a christian sect, but their were no catholics in christs time

          • there were no Baptists, Evangelicals, Lutherans, Quakers, Pentecostals, etc. in Christs time either, it doesn’t change the fact that they ARE all Christians

          • 5teverinohaye5 says:

            The only church there was in Christ’s time was the Church of Jesus Christ, or Church of God. These church names were mentioned in the New Testament.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Acts 11:26
            And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.

            Easiest way to win an argument with anyone concerning the word Christian. It was actually used by Paul, and Barnabas with the blessing of Peter, and Jesus Christ.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            There were no “christians” in Christ’s time either. They were Nazarenes, aka Messianic Jews.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Acts 11:26
            And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.

            Remind us where Christians weren’t again?

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Paul created the word Christian, with the blessing of Jesus Christ.
            Catholicism was created by ROME, by Pagans.

            33AD = Christianity, and claims to have been from Christ(ian)
            67AD = Catholicism, and claims to have been from Peter.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, you don’t know the difference between religious theology and denomination. Catholics are Christians b/c they reason the CHRIST to be a deity. It’s called a denomination, or sect of the religion, dumb ass. It’s straight, so you just shut up.

          • All religions have committed attrocities over time! The problem is Islam hasn’t evolved and still thinks it’s OK to be a terrorist in the name of Allah!
            And before get you panties in a bunch, this is coming from an Atheist! I think all you organized religion are evil with Muslim’s being at the top of the list!

          • 5teverinohaye5 says:

            As followers of Jesus Christ, I mean the true ones, we tend to follow passages like “Love they neighbor as thyself”, and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and “forgive our trespassers”, and “judge not that ye be not judged”, and “let he that hath no sin cast the first stone” (in which I will not follow Islamic law and cast any!), and what a peaceful world this would be! If your an atheist and still follow these principle, then, that’s good! I’ve known some cool atheists, like my Grandfather was.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Everything in the Bible is in the Qu’ran.

          • That’s not true lying, deceiver!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You haven’t read the Qu’ran ,and I doubt you’ve even read the entire Bible. You don’t know.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You’re the deceiver. Is Ishmael (origin of Islam) in the Bible, yes or no?

          • vivian greer says:

            yes it is. son of abraham and a concubine named hagar. ………

            ISHMAEL ().

            By: Isidore Singer, M. Seligsohn, Richard Gottheil, Hartwig Hirschfeld

            Table of Contents

            —Biblical Data:

            —In Rabbinical Literature:

            —In Arabic Literature:—Biblical Data:

            Eldest son of Abraham by his concubine Hagar; born when Abraham was eighty-six years of age (Gen. xvi. 15, 16). God promised Abraham that His blessing should be upon Ishmael, who, He foretold, would beget twelve princes and would become a great nation (Gen. xvii. 18, 20). Ishmael was circumcised at the age of thirteen (Gen. xvii. 23-26). When Sarah saw Ishmael mocking her son Isaac, his brother, younger by fourteen years, she insisted that Abraham cast out Ishmael and his slave-mother. Abraham reluctantly yielded, having provided them with bread and a bottle of water. Ishmael was about to die of thirst when an angel showed his mother a well, repeating to her at the same time that Ishmael would become a great nation. Ishmael dwelt in the wilderness, apparently, of Beer-sheba, where he became a skilful archer; later he settled in the wilderness of Paran, where his mother took him a wife from Egypt (Gen. xxi. 8-21). Both Ishmael and Isaac were present at the burial of their father, Abraham. Ishmael died at the age of 137. He had twelve sons, ancestors of twelve tribes that dwelt “from Havilah unto Shur, that is before Egypt, as thou goest to Assyria” (Gen. xxv. 9-18).—In Rabbinical Literature:

            The name of Ishmael is an allusion to God’s promise to hear () the complaints of Israel whenever it suffered at the hands of Ishmael (Gen. R. xlv. 11). Abraham endeavored to bring up Ishmael in righteousness; to train him in the laws of hospitality Abraham gave him the calf to prepare (Gen. R. xlviii. 14; comp. Gen. xviii. 7). But according to divine prediction Ishmael remained a savage. The ambiguous expression in Gen. xxi. 9 (see Hagar) is interpreted by some rabbis as meaning that Ishmael had been idolatrous; by others, that he had turned his bow against Isaac. According to the interpretation of Simeon b. Yoḥai, Ishmael mocked those who maintained that Isaac would be Abraham’s chief heir, and said that as he (Ishmael) was the first-born son he would receive two-thirds of the inheritance (Tosef., Sotah, v. 12, vi. 6; Pirḳe R. El. xxx.; Gen. R. liii. 15). Upon seeing the danger to Isaac, Sarah, who had till then been attached to Ishmael (Josephus, “Ant.” i. 12, § 3), insisted that Abraham cast out Ishmael. Abraham was obliged to put him on Hagar’s shoulders, because he fell sick under the spell of the evil eye cast upon him by Sarah (Gen. R. liii. 17).

            Ishmael, left under a shrub by his despairing mother, prayed to God to take his soul and not permit him to suffer the torments of a slow death (comp. Targ. pseudo-Jonathan to Gen. xxi. 15). God then commanded the angel to show Hagar the well which was created on Friday in the week of Creation, in the twilight (comp. Ab. v. 6), and which afterward accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness (Pirḳe R. El. xxx.). But this was protested against by the angels, who said: “Why should Ishmael have water, since his descendants will destroy the Israelites by thirst?” (comp. Yer. Ta’an. iv. 8; Lam. R. ii. 2). God replied: “But now he is innocent, and I judge him according to what he is now” (Pirḳe R. El. l.c.; Gen. R. l.c.; et al.). Ishmael married a Moabitess named ‘Adishah or ‘Aishah (variants “‘Ashiyah” and “‘Aifah,” Arabic names; Targ. pseudo-Jonathan to Gen. xxi. 21; Pirḳe R. El. l.c.); or, according to “Sefer ha-Yashar” (Wayera), an Egyptian named Meribah or Merisah. He had four sons and one daughter. Ishmael meanwhile grew so skilful in archery that he became the master of all the bowmen (Targ. pseudo-Jonathan to Gen. xxi. 20; Gen.R. liii. 20). Afterward Abraham went to see Ishmael, and, according to his promise to Sarah, stopped at his son’s tent without alighting from his camel. Ishmael was not within; his wife refused Abraham food, and beat her children and cursed her husband within Abraham’s hearing. Abraham thereupon asked her to tell Ishmael when he returned that an old man had asked that he change the peg of the tent. Ishmael understood that it was his father, took the hint, and drove away his wife. He then married another woman, named Faṭimah (Peḳimah; Targ. pseudo-Jonathan l.c.), who, when three years later Abraham came again to see his son, received him kindly; therefore Abraham asked her to tell Ishmael that the peg was good.

            Ishmael then went to Canaan and settled with his father (Pirḳe R. El. l.c.; “Sefer ha-Yashar,” l.c.). This statement agrees with that of Baba Batra (16a)—that Ishmael became a penitent during the lifetime of Abraham. He who sees Ishmael in a dream will have his prayer answered by God (Ber. 56a)..

          • Jason Crowley says:

            So Jesus being the Son of God is in the Qu’ran?
            Even his death on the cross?
            Even the establishing of Jesus 1000 year reign over the world?

            Don’t be an advocate for ignorance.
            Allah has no son.
            Allah’s prophet did not die on the cross, he sent someone to die in his place.
            Allah has no need for a son to rule his kingdom, and will have his Avatar rule in his stead, to kill all that don’t believe in Islam.

            Don’t be an advocate for ignorance.
            Jesus is the Son of God.
            Jehovah’s Son died on the cross for your sins, so you could live.
            Jehovah desired his Son to rule for 1000 years, so you would know what true peace is like, where no man is denied what he asks.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            What is the name of the God of Israel?

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Lol, your still here!
            Now to your comment here, everything in the quran is not in the Bible, you forgot to add that.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You’ve got the be the first idiot I’ve met from Austin, TX, Pamela. Yes, I know who you are. You’re a confederate flag-waving, white supremacist who tries to argue that the flag has nothing to do with racism or slavery, when the Confederacy was formed when the south succeeded after a ABOLITIONIST president was elected. This is the same “nation” in which the KKK was formed. Let me guess, the KKK isn’t racist, either, right, Pamela?

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            I’m not from Austin, the KKK is racist, I don’t support them, hell I don’t even know anyone in the KKK. All you are is a troll with to much time on your hands. You think your better then everyone, your wrong about everything you think you know, your a American wannabe. Texas is in the works to secede now, it’s not succeeded also. What I said is true, everything in the quran is not in the Bible. YOU know nothing about REAL LIFE in America. You are a hateful, lonely POS.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You are originally from Arizona, and moved to Austin, TX. Stop trying to deny it, I know you, Pamela. I’m not a troll, stop trying to pretend that i’m lying for the other idiots on here, b/c we both know that I am not. I am not assuming that i’m better than anyone on here, I know i’m better than you. Texas will never secede from the Union, they cannot financially survive as a single nation in 2015. Only an idiot who doesn’t understand basic economics would even entertain such a stupid suggestion. I know that you’re a traitor to America, b/c Old Glory is the only flag an American should fly, or suggest being flown over government property. You dixiecrat losers need to get over the civil war, and join everyone else in 2015.

          • Texas is the only state that can. You are wrong AGAIN were I am from, you are so WAY OFF LOL. you don’t know me, just like I don’t know you, You are not a nice person on here at least. Why you feel you have to such a ass, I have no clue, but you are not a happy person, you come on here to take it out on people who can’t really hurt you. I was born and raised in Olivia, Minnesota a a small rural town,.I now live in Fort Worth, but Ray and I travel for his job. Right now I am in San Angelo Tx. You need to remember Texas has everything, we are self reliant. That is fact, Just like I was right about Sharia Law, Just like I was right that the Bible does not have everything the quran does.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            “Texas is the only state that can.”

            Post a direct quote from me saying that Texas isn’t the only state that can break from the Union? LOL Lying bitch. Just b/c they can doesn’t make that wise. Texas is not financially capable of being independent in 2015. I’ve already explained that.

            ” You are wrong AGAIN were I am from, you are so WAY OFF LOL.”

            I wasn’t wrong the first time, Pamela, you’re just in denial, b/c you have no way to fooling me. I remember you and Tammy from 6th street. You both are racists.

            “That is fact, Just like I was right about Sharia Law”

            Not all Muslims follow Sharia Law, you idiot. Do all Christians follow all of the Levitical Laws? No. Stop trying to make a case that you’re not qualified to make.
            “Just like I was right that the Bible does not have everything the quran does.”
            That has nothing to do with anything I just said. You’re changing the scope of the argument b/c you can’t dispute it. LOLThe Qu’ran has everything the Bible does, b/c Ishmaelites came into power after Israel.

          • Pam, you have responded impeccably to that Campbell Soup guy, but he is a troll, after all, and is just trying to get under your skin. You don’t have to prove anything more to that troll. Of course, if you enjoy trouncing him in his attempt to “debate” with you, then by all means lol.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Aleks, it’s not working, chief. The whole “everyone’s against you= you’re wrong” rhetoric doesn’t work on a cyber forum. Try posting facts, that’s all that will work.

          • “Try posting facts” which would be great if you would, but so far I’ve seen little from you but poorly formed opinions that I suspect you don’t even believe yourself.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Fact: Everyone thinks your just a POS who hates his life. You have never proven one this, hell you even had me living in Arizona, claiming you know my sister, were do my sisters live? What are their names? Who are their husbands? Come on, I want to know this, please make a ass of yourself again.

          • I’ve been tring to get him to put up his ugly mug lol, he has no balls and won’t. I’m also waiting for him to cry like the menstruating woman he is. ?

          • Read this, Dustin, you are not here, you can in no way know how I feel about something that is going on. I am SO NOT RACIST. I helped one of my employees get his citizenship, he was from Mexico. His family pretty much adopted me, when I was in Minnesota they were my family. My Granddaughter is Mexican/ white, she is my heart. I have black friends, Native American friends. I had people from all over the world intern at my farm from Russia to to Hungry, South Africa, China,Bulgaria, Turkey,Czech Republic, Mexico, Honduras, All over the world. I only had problems with one country and I fired all of them and that was South Africa. The men would not work with my black employees or my Mexican employees. I canned them on the spot. I don’t put up with that. I’m going to let you read now. I don’t have the energy for you anymore. I wish you the very very best. I hope you can find some kindness for people. Anger is going to eat you up and life is way to short to hate like you do.

            New Immigrants

            From: “David LaBonte”

            My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of the OC Register which, of course, was not printed. So, I decided to “print” it myself by sending it out on the Internet. Pass it along if you feel so inclined.

            Dave LaBonte

            Dear Editor:

            So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statute of Liberty because the people now in question aren’t being treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry.

            Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today’s American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer.

            Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new; American households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home.

            They had waved good bye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture. Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity.

            Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out. My father fought along side men whose parents had come straight over from Germany, Italy, France and Japan. None of these 1st generation Americans ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from. They were Americans fighting Hilter, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan.

            They were defending the United States of America as one people. When we liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or the German American or the Irish American. The people of France saw only Americans. And we carried one flag that represented one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country’s flag and waving it to represent who they were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so much to be here.

            These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an American. They stirred the melting pot into one red, white and blue bowl.

            And here we are in 2006 with a new kind of immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. Only they want to achieve it by playing with a different set of rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a guarantee of being faithful to their mother country. I’m sorry, that’s not what being an American is all about.

            I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900s deserve better than that for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally searching for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags.

            And for that suggestion about taking down the Statute of Liberty, it happens to mean a lot to the citizens who are voting on the immigration bill. I wouldn’t start talking about dismantling the United States just yet.

            Rosemary LaBonte

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Lincoln freed slaves from the South, during construction of the Union. He was still a racist who said: “there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”
            Lincoln only freed the slaves, b/c it benefited his interest of getting what he wanted. If the Mexican gentleman wasn’t your employee, the “help”, you wouldn’t have used your white privilege to make him a citizen. You’re not considered a racist b/c you don’t want Mexicans to be granted citizenship, you’re a racist b/c you are a white supremacist, who believes that whites are superior to everyone else.
            Prove me wrong.

          • Dude, Pam has totally destroyed you. Just give it up already…accept that you lost another one and move on. Maybe trolling just isn’t your thing?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Nice try, but we both know that you’re only saying that b/c you’ve just another enemy with shared interests with Pamela. She hasn’t proven anything, and can’t dispute my comments about Islam. Nor can she dispute my comments about the suggested murder of homosexuals, objectification of women, and slavery in the Christian Bible, proving my position that Christianity is equally savage as Islam. You’re right, trolling isn’t my thing, which is why i’m not doing it. Calling me a troll, out of desperation doesn’t defend your position, either. It weakens it, and proves that you’re destroyed.

          • LOL, calm down son. Enemy? Who….you mean you? lol More extreme outbursts, but that’s between you and your therapist (I assume you have one). Well, if you think of me as “the enemy” then you just look more foolish than I first thought. I’m not your enemy, son. I don’t even know you well enough for that. Nice try (I guess) denying your trolliness, but some of us can tell by the troll language you unconsciously use. Me destroyed? (typical troll talk btw) Funny, coz I actually feel just fine. So I think “destroyed” doesn’t mean what you think it means. But then, that’s just you being you.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I rest my case. Thank you for proving my point. You will now be ignored.

          • First of all, you failed to make a legitimate case, and second, we both know you can never let anything rest. Third, you’ve proven no point since you never successfully made one, and forth, we’ll see if you can keep to that lol.

          • You know what your problem is, Campbell? You just need a nice cuppa warm soup for your tortured soul.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            🙂 He lives in his own little dark never never land, where he is the brightest star in the sky. The loser isn’t even a American lol. He needs to fill his lonely, bitter, friendless life, and hate because he was picked on as a kid and has never gotten over it. Hell his mama had to tie a pork chop around his neck to get the dog to play with him even.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Afghan Women Protest Marital Rape Law; Men Spit and Stone Them

            The US government and Mr. Karzai mostly rely on Northern Alliance criminal leaders who are as brutal and misogynist as the Taliban.”

            Rady Ananda

            Last month, the new Afghanistan parliament passed the “Shia Family Law” which legitimates marital rape and child marriage for Shia Muslims who make up ~15% of the population. At least 300 women protested the law, with their faces exposed. Nearly 1,000 Afghan men and their slaves turned maniacal and stoned the protesters. Police struggled to keep the two groups apart, reports the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA).

            A girl being stoned

            2005 Stoning

            Supporters of the law redefine ‘rape’ to fit their narrow patriarchal views. Forced sexual relations, to them, is about loyalty to the husband. One counter-protester reportedly described rape as marital infidelity – by the wife!

            “Rape is what you see in the West where men don’t feel responsibility for their wives and leave them to go with several men.”

            Well, honey, that is not the definition of rape. That’s called cheating. Afghan protesters object to insane Taliban views that promote stoning women to death for perceived affronts to their masculine godview:

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You know nothing about Islam, and you know nothing even about Christianity. Stick to sucking dick, Pamela. And tell your sister that she is still a thief. I remember what she did 2 years ago on 6th street.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            You need to get off the drugs LMFAO. Do you even know just how dumb you are? My sister on 6th st? What State may I ask? You know nothing about Sharia law. Tell ya what troll, I dare you to put up a picture of yourself. You won’t tho, because your a coward with no balls. I am right, about it all.

          • Chris Corl says:

            Men have in history committed atrocities in the name of religion. A true follower of Christ un labeled will reflect Him. Many muslims adhere to the koran as do so many so called Christians rely on yhe bible only when it justifies thier bad behavior toward fellow humans or to judge.Ignorance is to ignore truth and cling weak minded cliche.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You’re so brainwashed. I’m not even going to bother with you. Have you looked up the Oklahoma City bombing? McVeigh was a Christian terrorist.

          • Have YOU looked it up? McVeigh DISAVOWED his Christianity.Stop smoking your pot and clear your head.Oh wait, you might be part of the gay movement.That explains everything.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So disagreeing with you makes someone gay? LMAO I see logic isn’t your thing, Ken, just like telling the truth. Tim was apart of a whit supremacist Christian organization. Deal with it.

          • Sorry, That’s Bullshit!

          • Jason Crowley says:

            He made an assertion based on your logic.

            “Tim was apart of a whit supremacist Christian organization.” – Thus verifying your hatred, and amplifying the iniquity you show toward Christians.

          • Kevin Sharp says:

            Bullshit! McVeigh was an atheist. Any more points you want to discuss?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            McVeigh and Nichols were both members of a white supremacist Christian organization. You can deny it all you want, it’s not up for debate, b/c they is simply what they were.

          • 5teverinohaye5 says:

            So Campbell,… you actually think all Christians are ‘white supremacist’? You need to get out of your small town environment and see the world! Maybe in that little town you’re sheltered in they are what you say they are,… but Christians are of ALL races, and ALL races love one another and get along well in true Christianity, the way it’s supposed to be! 😉

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Please post the quote where I said that all questions are white supremacists. B/c you can’t dispute what I? actually said. SMH

          • You said that in your above post snake.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, I didn’t. You’re lying, coward.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            “Christianity hasn’t evolved either. It’s still a white supremacist spin on an ancient Eastern philosophy, much of it came out of East Africa, where most of the scripture manuscripts came from (Egypt, Ethiopia, for example). Islam is no better, declaring war on Christians, only to rule the world too. Both religions disgust me, and have nothing to do with what their sacred texts stand for.”

            I can do this all day.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            “Christianity hasn’t evolved either. It’s still a white supremacist spin on an ancient Eastern philosophy, much of it came out of East Africa, where most of the scripture manuscripts came from (Egypt, Ethiopia, for example). Islam is no better, declaring war on Christians, only to rule the world too. Both religions disgust me, and have nothing to do with what their sacred texts stand for.” – Your welcome. Racist.

          • I must admit to the guilty pleasure of seeing you get your ass handed to you by many people here. Your feeble attempt at seeming erudite is laughable, and we can tell that you’re blissfully unaware that you’re being laughed at. The best part is that your false confidence fuels your repeated attempts and keeps you coming back for more humble pie in your face. You could go down in the Lolscow Hall of Fame.

          • How is being a non-practicing Catholic, being a member of a White Supremacist Christian organization?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, changing the comment, to unethically reconstruct my comment won’t work, b/c the original comment is still posted, and it is nothing like the one you created and said I made. anything else?

          • McVeigh? Lol You keep drinking the kool aid jackass.

          • He was brought up a Non-interested Catholic.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Another word for Atheist with Agnostic leanings.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Mao, and Stalin were Atheists.
            Ottomans were Muslim.
            Mao, and Stalin = 120,000,000 – Depopulation (45% Christian)
            Ottomans = 200,000,000 – Religious Cleansing (87% Christian)
            Oklahoma Bomber = <10 people, and he was mentally unstable.

            "One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Christianity hasn’t evolved either. It’s still a white supremacist spin on an ancient Eastern philosophy, much of it came out of East Africa, where most of the scripture manuscripts came from (Egypt, Ethiopia, for example). Islam is no better, declaring war on Christians, only to rule the world too. Both religions disgust me, and have nothing to do with what their sacred texts stand for.

          • vivian greer says:

            that’s really good news. if a moron creep like yourself hates Christians, then we must be doing something tight!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I’m supposedly the “moron”, yet you two idiots STILL are clueless of my actual statement. I also love how you’re attempting to be a “whistle blower” after displaying xenophobia. LOL So consistent.

          • Sounds like you enjoy hearing your own non sense.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Words don’t have sounds. Stop replying to me.

          • Obviously true, and by his typical replies it seems he enjoys trolling as well.

          • Errrrrr….ummmm….pardon me sir, but I think that “xenophobia” doesn’t mean what you think it means. Also, calling everyone you argue with idiots, clueless, xenophobic, homophobic, etc etc tends to diminish the effectiveness of those words, as well as your credibility.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, I used xenophobia correctly, Aleks, as I did the other titles. The fraud “gotcha” tactics weren’t effective the first time you used them, and if you actually had something, you would have posted it explicitly. The only thing you can do is latch on to old posts, and vaguely say “that’s not true” without any grounds, b/c none exist. You have no way of even contributing to the discussion. LOL Why are you still bothering me?

          • vivian greer says:

            i have no problem with people from other countries coming here.i do have a problem with people who want me dead coming here, and if you can’t read the writing on the wall,well, i just hope they come for you first.any rational. thinking person has only to watch what is happening in germany and france to see where this is going. it’s an infiltration pure and simple…….

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, you already are hostile with people who have done nothing to you, b/c others from their demographic have done foolish things to other people, in another country? Seriously? So, by your logic, all black people should hate all white people b/c a select few whites have discriminated against blacks, murdered black by hate crime, and fought to keep blacks at a disadvantage.
            Are you a New Black Panther? You sound like them.

          • vivian greer says:

            you are quite possibly THE most ignorant pos i have ever encountered

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            F*ck you, you’re ignorant. I don’t care if you don’t like me, Vivian, you just attempted to justify hostility based on stereotyping others based on religion, not for actions any individuals did to you personally. How is that any different from blacks hating whites based on the savage actions of a few?

          • 5teverinohaye5 says:

            You sound like you’re not aware that there are millions of black, asian, indian, and hispanic, and all kindreds of Christians. Our Holy Bible tells us to “go ye unto all nations, kindreds, and tongues and preach…”. Where did you get that idea that Christianity is all white?! Jesus wasn’t even white! He was of the middle east race, more specifically jewish!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Again, please post a direct quote where I allegedly said anything about all Christians being white supremacists. Don’t worry, i’ll wait.

          • Campbell Dustin, yer just an incognito wealth of information.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            “You sound like you’re not aware that there are millions of black, asian, indian, and hispanic, and all kindreds of Christians.”

            There are white Muslims (i.e. Dr. Oz). So what?

            “Our Holy Bible tells us to “go ye unto all nations, kindreds, and tongues and preach…”.

            No, the bible told the Israelites to do that.

            “Where did you get that idea that Christianity is all white?!”

            I never had that idea, and never said that. You don’t read well.

            ” He was of the middle east race, more specifically jewish!”
            “Middle Eastern” is not a race or ethnicity, and it really pisses people off from that reason when Americans say that, lumping them all together, just as they do peoples from Africa and East Asia.
            Galilee is basically northern Egypt. Look it up on a map. He was just black and Asiatic. Even today, natives from that region refer to themselves as “East African” and/or “black”.

          • The quality of your trolling seems to be on the wane, sir. Perhaps your trolling waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon?

          • vivian greer says:

            you don’t know very much about the bible do you?when jesus was rejected by the jews, he was told to go to the gentiles, we are the “grafted branch” the bible speaks of. as far as race or gender he said god is no respecter of persons. King James BibleAnd if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert graffed in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree;

          • Debbie Serpico says:

            As I have read farther down these comments, I have read that you ask where have I compared Christianity to white supremacists, here it is.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, I said to post a direct quote where I allegedly stated that all Christians were white supremacists. The person lied, and will not be able to do that b/c no such comment was ever made.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            “Christianity hasn’t evolved either. It’s still a white supremacist spin ……”

            This is where you stated Christianity was a white supremacist group.
            You’re an intellectually dishonest fool.
            Go join Islam if you love it so much.

          • Uh, Christianity exists in every nation in the world. More non-white ‘supremacist’ Christians than non.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            WTF are you talking about?

          • South America. Africa. Asia.

            White Christians are in the minority. Outside of the U.S. there aren’t many, relatively speaking.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            WTF does that have to do with anything I just said? Noah, get a clue, man.

          • It relates directly to your comment that I replied to:

            “Campbell Dustin Cindy • 21 days ago

            Christianity hasn’t evolved either. It’s still a white supremacist spin on an ancient Eastern philosophy…”

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            What color is Jesus depicted in nearly every church in the world? White (despite the geographic location and scriptural depiction of Jesus suggesting otherwise). What religion was forced on every civilization from Africa to Asia, justifying colonialism and slavery of indigenous peoples of the world. Christianity. What is the most popular religion of the western world? Christianity.

          • Dude, all great points but it doesn’t change the fact the the absolute majority of Christians are not white. Nor likely was Jesus or most of any of the early church.

            Most of Europe/Australia/Russia is no longer Christian, it’s declining in the U.S., but growing in Asia, Africa, South America.

            It’s been mostly controlled ‘culturally’ by Western influence, no doubt, but most Christians aren’t white and it’s growing.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Those were not points, they were questions. My point is that the majority of Christians are white. I realize that Jesus wasn’t a Christian, it’s made obvious by the fact that he is the deity in that religion. It is also false that most of Europe is not Christian. Among religious populations, it remains the most populous religion in Europe and the United States. Where specifically are you getting your information?

          • If you’re using questions you know the answer to, to make a point……….they are points.

            Most of Europe is now secular. Some may have an affinity for Christianity, but they’re not going to church. The church is dying in most places in Europe. It’s the most populous religion, yes, but it’s vastly smaller than it was 50 years ago.

            Only 5 of the top 20 per population are in Europe, one being the Vatican:

            Pitcairn Islands 100%
            Vatican City 100%
            Romania 99.5%
            Armenia 98.7%
            Equatorial Guinea 98.6%
            East Timor .98.4%
            American Samoa .98.3%
            Greece .98.0%
            Zambia .97.6%
            Moldova .97.53%
            Grenada .97.3% 53%
            San Marino .97.0% 97%
            Malta 97.0%
            Cape Verde .97.0%
            Puerto Rico .97.0%
            Papua New Guinea .97%
            Greenland .96.6%
            Paraguay .96%
            Haiti .96.0%
            Peru .96%

            The U.S. has 246 million. Brazil has 176. Mexico has 108. Next is the Philippines with 87 and then Nigeria with 80. Europe finally comes into play with Russia at 70-100.

            Africa itself has about 300+ million Christians. The global south has almost double the amount of Christians than the global north.

            Most of this information is from wiki, but the awareness of it is mostly from Seminary.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You just pointe out that I asked questions, so focusing on what you can confirm (that I asked questions) is all you have grounds to state. It’s not up for debate, Noah. Christianity is not exclusive to the church, so church going stats do not dispute the high presence of Christianity among the religious, nor does stating presence the secular population. Christians remain the majority among the religious populations in Europe and the Americas. You even stated that Romania is 99% Christian, which I remain skeptical of, in terms of your source of info. Secondly, the African nations you referenced were all colonized by European Christian missionaries, which further explains how a white supremacist philosophy could be practiced by non-whites. Colonial rule has done that.

          • “You just pointe out that I asked questions, so focusing on what you can confirm (that I asked questions) is all you have grounds to state.”

            What? (I don’t get what you’re saying) You asked questions, then answered some of them, to make a point.

            “Christianity is not exclusive to the church, so church going stats do not dispute the high presence of Christianity among the religious, nor does stating presence the secular population.”


            Yes, the majority of the religious in the U.S. and Europe. However, vastly declining in Europe.

            South America isn’t white. Spanish/Portuguese aren’t really ‘white’ either.

            They weren’t colonized by missionaries. They were colonized by governments who may or may not have claimed Christianity.

            You cannot change the fact that Christianity started non-white and more non-white people are Christians than white people. If it was a religion just for white people that wouldn’t happen.

            This is, and has been my whole point.

            You said: “My point is that the majority of Christians are white.”

            You’re unbelievably wrong.

          • It’s quite obvious what he’s talking about, sparky. Are you really that dense?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Then what is he talking about?

          • DJYahtzee says:

            My condolences to the families of victims of Christian terrorism………oh wait, that that was 700 years ago, wasn’t it? There aren’t any of those people around.

            700 years ago, a government controlled quasi-Christian religion went crazy and had an inquisition, murdering “non-believers”, men, women and even children sometimes in quite painful and protracted ways and for the smallest reasons. That was Christianity’s lowest point.

            700 years ago, (and 1500 years ago and back to earliest written history), Muslims were on jihad, stoning and beheading children, women and anyone else who disagreed with them. That was Islam’s high point.

            Today, Christians help the poor, educate those who can’t get an education, build orphanages, provide sanctuary for oppressed peoples. They teach respect and tolerance, honesty and kindness. The list goes on and on. Christians aren’t perfect but most strive for that impossible state

            Today, Muslims are still on jihad, stoning and beheading children, women and anyone else who disagrees with them. Their leaders are blood-thirsty control freaks and their most valuable adherents rape and murder children and women and kill indiscriminately, seemingly for the fun of it.

            That’s the point, Campbell Dustin, that’s the point. Support who you want, but know who you are!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So b/c it happened in the past, and not today (according to your opinion, not facts) that makes Christianity better than Islam. SMH LOL Wow, you sure showed me, chief. It’s okay to slaughter an entire civilization in the name of a religion, as long as it happened “a long time ago”.

            “Today, Christians help the poor, educate those who can’t get an education, build orphanages, provide sanctuary for oppressed peoples.”

            And let me guess, Muslims don’t, right? Do some research, you inbred hick. The UMMAH (United Muslim Movement Against Homelessness), Raksha, Inc, Zakat Foundation, and others are some of the many Muslims organizations dedicated to doing the same thing.

            “Today, Muslims are still on jihad,”
            So are Christians.

          • DJYahtzee says:

            No Campbell, Christians are NOT on jihad. My reply was meant to point out that Christianity knows of its savage past, when for a short time (in historical time frame) and in a limited geographical area, they acted as savage as Muslims, did and still do. In fact, the Inquisition was started to combat the warring and universal Islamic take over of the world, (which is still occurring, by the way).

            Christianity has gone back to its New Testament roots of “love thy neighbor” and “do unto others…”.

            World-wide, Christians of today would condemn this Inquisitorial splinter group as we do with the Westboro Baptists especially and, to a milder degree, Jehovahs Witnesses and Church of the Latter Day Saints.

            Simply, Islam still practices the savage and barbaric actions of the past. Christianity does not.

          • 5teverinohaye5 says:

            DJYahtzee – Westboro Baptist is way too small to even worry about, and it’s not growing a bit. You can’t judge Christianity by that small group of lunatics. Latter Day Saint,… it depends upon whether you’re talking about the small and not-so-kind group that has never spread much beyond the Intermountain West, or the large mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which has grown world-wide by several millions, and has chapels and temples all over the world. The large mainstream church practices Christianity as it should be,… love thy neighbor…, do unto others…., forgive others if we want forgiven,… and love others as Jesus loved us,… and Jesus died for our sins.

          • You are absolutely correct.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So the Vaticanic Holy Wars, which colonized several civilizations, and killed literally millions of people in the name of Christianity never happened? The Salem Witch Trials, and even the “Christian Conservative” battle cry for Christian agenda to prevail over Islam (and everyone else) like George W. Bush said, didn’t happen? You’re brainwashed, or you’re just another Christian trying to spin the conflict. SMH

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Catholicism isn’t Christianity.
            Catholicism was created by ROME to eradicate Christianity.
            Catholicism created Islam to eradicate Judaism.

            Look up when the Crusades ended, and then the date of the Ottoman Empires founding.

          • The Infidel says:

            Oh my! Mommys little boy calling names….

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            And the orphan is a tattle tale. No one likes a snitch, chief. mind your business.

          • The Infidel says:


          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You must be slow.

          • The only slowness I see (other than your own) in others is in accepting the nonsensical things you say.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Then you clearly can’t see well.

          • Perhaps you’re right about that. I shall heed your flawless logic and go out in search of better quality reading spectacles.

          • Muslims use the word “jihad”.The word means “holy war”.They have been on this crusade since the 7th Century.Notice how crusade and jihad mean the same thing?But you are so blind sided by your ignorance, that you fail to realize that Islam started it.Does JESUS bother you that much?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You didn’t read my post, Ken, you’re just projecting your insecurities on to me, and I don’t have time for it. Get a therapist, and go talk.

          • vivian greer says:

            so not going to answer the question , are you?

          • Kevin Sharp says:

            How can you defend these fucking Islamic animals?!?! How can you compare Christianity with islam?!?! Are you completely blind, or just a moron? Find another forum for your trolling, you’re not welcome here!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            How do you defend the white supremacists? Christianity and Islam are both religions, both seek supremacy, and both cause suffering. You’re blind if you don’t see that. This isn’t your forum, Kevin, you can’t tell me where i’m welcome.

          • vivian greer says:

            because that;s what most athiest snd muslims do

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Campbell Dustin is a Left Wing nut who believes Islam is the same as Christianity.
            Because he doesn’t get that Catholicism created Islam in its own likeness.

            Both were created by Rome to eradicate Christianity, and Judaism off the face of the Earth.

          • Kevin Sharp says:

            Why don’t you go suck a Muslim dick, since you’re so enamored by them

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Muslims have killed 45,000,000 worldwide since 1850.
            Muslims have killed 7,000,000 fellow Muslims since 1960.
            Muslims have killed 14,000,000 Christians since 2000.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            And how many of those Muslims killed American citizens? Jason, those numbers are about as fake are your cheap beard. Most of those casualties are from war in the Middle East. You changed the variables, you xenophobic hick.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            How many worldwide have Christians killed since since 1850. I’ll bet much more than the Muslims. Save the “Christians are better than Muslims” rhetoric, they’re the same in terms of hypocrisy, savagery, race supremacy objectives, and enslaving outsiders to their community. You have no grounds to insult one, without insulting the other.

          • Campbell, out of those ‘helped’ by the Islamic community, are white? or any other race other than Black? Yeah I pulled the ‘b’ card. If you ignorant morons want to call yourselves Afrikkan’s, then go back to Afrikka… I’m not buying you a ticket though, you’ll have to swim fucker…

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I’m not black, they are not Africans. And America doesn’t belong to white people. Leave if you have a problem with that.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Who said blacks were helped by Islam? And when did I call myself “African”? I didn’t. You’re stereotyping, b/c you’re a white supremacist expecting people to take sides based on race. Go back to Africa? This isn’t your country, either. LOL Not all blacks are even African, you uneducated prick.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Islam has taken the lives of 350,000,000 since 1300 AD
            Catholicism has taken the lives of 75,000,000 since 67AD
            Christianity has taken the lives of 0 since 33AD

            Islam was created by the ROMAN Catholic church to eradicate Judaism in the East, because Rome was too buys trying to exterminate Christians in the West.

            On top of that, the Crusades were started by Christians (war), in response to Islamic Jihad.

          • Wow. You sure don’t know history or religion, make up numbers, etc.

            Catholics are Christians. This is non-negotiable. Christianity spread to Rome and the empire became Christian. Eventually much of it ‘became’ Catholic. Roman Catholic.

            Protestantism, which I think is what you call ‘Christianity’, didn’t exist until the 1500s or so.

          • CheeringForAmerica says:

            Only one person has been killed by the Roman Catholic Church … and it was an accident … it was a chap in 1753 that was runover by a stage coach … very well documented in the Chronicles of Rip Van Winkle.
            Protestants killed the American Indians to a tune of 350,000,000.
            Muslims have killed 1 billion hindu, 3 muslims, 25 jihadist, 500 million catholics and 3 mormons.

          • Cool story, bro. If you want to make it seem more real, you could drum up some “evidence” that sounds convincing. I think most people are a bit too savvy to buy that bit about the Pope establishing Islam, though.

          • Angl0sax0nknight . says:

            Well you just can’t fix stupid!

          • They stoped 500 of years ago so whats your point asswipe?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, they’re still doing it, asshole.

          • You are a typical leftist idiot.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You are a typical right wing loser. No one likes them, they’ll never win another election in the U.S.

          • I guess it’s not that you’re a bad person but, you know so many things that just aren’t so.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Thus proving you’re a left wing nut, and solidifying that believes whatever he’s told by other left wingers, instead of using a simple Google search of History.

          • “No one likes them”
            The “no one” you refer to are actually just those voices in your libtarded head. Your therapist didn’t explain to you that they’re not real? Have you ever heard of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? It could help you with your mental problems, but people like you often don’t want to be helped.

          • Christians that may have done those things WERE NOT following Christ’s teaching in the Gospels….

            Muslims who do those things ARE following the supposed allah god’s revelations and exhortations to Muhammad in the Quran and are doing what Muhammad taught and did.

            NOW do you see the difference?

          • Whether or not Christians have engaged in this level of barbarism is a matter of debate. What isn’t is that Muslims are actively engaging in this barbarism TODAY. Much of it against Christians. That’s the Fn point. Open a book and learn the true history of Islam.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, by your logic, a man can rape someone or murder an entire village, as long as he did it years ago. And let me guess, Christians didn’t colonize the entire world, Asian, African, North and South American indigenous populations chose openly to be forced into colonialism. Don’t tell me, you’re a Christian. SMH Zombie.

          • No. I said it was a matter of debate. Do you really want to have that debate? I’ll be your Huckleberry.

          • DesertStormVet1 says:

            You forgot one: Female Genitalia Mutilation.

          • oh, you kiss your momma with that mouth?

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            Thanks for outing yourself as a brain dead idiot!

            Semper Fi

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Thank you for outing yourself as an idiot pretending to be intelligent

          • DON’T TREAD ON ME was talkin to xnerd, not you Campbell

          • When someone has done wrong they will manufacture wrongs on someone else to make themselves feel right….

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            He’s a big boy, he can speak for himself.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Campbell Dustin’s second account is xnerd.

          • You’ve been doing that this whole thread.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            You are fucking insecure aren’t you dipshit?
            Thanks for outing your second account.

          • John Coelho says:

            doubt it…

          • Paul Etheridge says:

            So true white western propaganda And brain idiots and fuck Isis and please to all pieces of shit …leave Africa alone

          • DavidBehar says:

            You are a terrorist collaborator. What is your real name? You should be on the arrest list after the next major terror attack, as all collaborators should be.

          • Damn good thing they don’t want me dead cause if they did it would be a hell of a lot less of them

          • Watch out, we got a badass over here

          • Jim Zawalich says:

            Ya : Not All Muslims Are Terrorist But All Terrorist Are Muslims!!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, the OKC bombing and Wisconsin Temple shooting weren’t Christian extremist terrorist attacks? SH Brainwashed American. Stop watching fox news, and do some research.

          • Jim Zawalich says:

            Ok Ya ONE! MCVEY GOT THE NEEDLE!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Actually, I gave two examples of many worldwide, and they prove you wrong.

          • Stop smoking crack, you dope.McVeigh declared himself an atheist.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            People like Campbell only care what people WERE in their lifetime.
            He doesn’t care what people ARE.

            It helps him lie more easily, and live with himself.

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Atheists that grew up in religious households.
            Learn your facts.

          • 5teverinohaye5 says:

            Most of this 1.7 billion muslims are living in poverty, and not well indocrinated in their own faith, and not capable of mass genocide of the rest of us! That’s the only reason we’re not all dead yet. Look up Sharia Law in Google.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            How is that any different from the clergy laws from the Vatican?

          • Jason Crowley says:

            Clergy laws are willing, and if the oath is taken, and disobeyed… you get kicked out of the Church.
            Sharia is punishable by death, if disobeyed.

            But excommunication is the same as beheading in your liberal mind, isn’t it?

          • Want a pork sammich?

          • The Infidel says:

            As far as I know there have been thousands of goathumpers suspected of terrorist ties/association. Seems to me that you suffer from A.O.P. (Anal Orifice Packification)!

          • You are either the most ignorant person in America or you are a Muslim trying to mislead us infidels…Which is it? Since Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers like us to further their religion, I can’t believe your answer assuming you are a Muslim…a devout one at that.

          • DesertStormVet1 says:

            OK. You say there are 1.7 Billion muslims. If they claim Islam is the Religion of Peace, where are the mass marches denouncing ISIS and other terrorist acts done by fellow muslims?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Spoken like a true redneck with a 4th grade education. Stick to wrestlin’ gators and eating crawfish, yah hear?

          • Ivan Price says:

            Enlighten me Campbell. What does the NBP have that I need? Are they going to point out the fact that my ancestors were their ancestors oppressors? You reckon they know that their ancestors were sold by muslims? Slaves can still be had in the markets of muslims. You want a sex slave? They sell em with the mullahs getting a piece of the action. Useful Idiots!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            ” What does the NBP have that I need?”
            Numbers, forerign government allies, military supplies, and advanced training.
            “Are they going to point out the fact that my ancestors were their ancestors oppressors?”
            Not all black American ancestors were slaves, you racist bitch. To know this would require you to have friends outside of your race, which I am sure you do not.
            “You reckon they know that their ancestors were sold by muslims?”
            You reckon, those slaves were still bought by Christians, which make Christians equally evil?
            “Slaves can still be had in the markets of muslims.”
            As in the red light districts and brothels of Christians. Your point?
            “You want a sex slave?”
            No, I have your woman for free instead.
            ” They sell em with the mullahs getting a piece of the action.”
            So, that’s where you are, while I’m fucking your woman. No wonder she’s so lonely.
            Fucks for the information, Ivan.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            You really think you are something special dont you? Hell, your not even man enough to answer my question to you. The NBP’s are a joke. They live on hate, a hate they claim is because of something they have never lived thru. All they are is big whining babies. They are a waste of space, good for nothing, don’t add one good thing to any community. Really big men yelling how they are going to kill white babies, right their in its self shows they are not human. I am a Texan, they have been here, and they left here. We have more fire power then them, keep in mind all the Military Bases we have, the average Texan does not have only one gun, we have many. You talk big, I am in Fort Worth, if your ever in town, let me know, would love for you to meet some real men, learn what good people are all about. We have hearts as big as Texas here.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            LMAO SMH You talk a lot, but still manage to say absolutely nothing of value. I could mock you, and explain how you speaking from your emotions, and not from factual evaluation of things, basically resulted in you sacrificing yourself for slaughter in a debate, but you don’t matter that much to anyone with a fully functioning brain. Texas is a state, not a country, and it no longer has the “bad ass” power it once did during the 19th century. If it did, you guys would have left the union the first time you threatened to do that. You guys didn’t b/c you don’t have the juice you once did. You’re just a state full of Mexican slave laborers. NBPs live in Dallas, and I haven’t seen rednecks do shit to them yet. I never will.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            All I have seen you do on here is talk shit about something you know nothing about. I love the part about slave labor and the Mexicans here. Would you like to come and talk to some? I could set it up so you could talk to some. Some even have their own business. You have no clue what a Redneck is, you think they are Cajun lol. I have a feeling that you lie a lot, about your education, where you have been, bet you have never been to Texas little boy. I am not afraid to say where I am from. You are a big tough man on here. All I see from you is noise, you think way to much of a little hate group that can only come up with words like pig, oink,pink,kill, All they are is a bunch of uneducated, no jobs, feel sorry for themselves, and why? For something that never happen to them, and something we have never done. I also love how you say our Military has no juice, that’s right, we give juice to the babies here. We have ready showed ISIS what we will do. That is facts Texas 2 ISIS 0. keep talking big little man, keep calling names, lying about where you went to school, you can always come and meet me face to face, but you have no balls. We never would hurt you,just prove everything you think you know about Texas is not true. We are proud of our state and country, after all Texas is in America. Like I said before, all you are is noise.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Pam, you don’t seem to get it, sweetie. You and I are not discussing anything. You aren’t worth anyone’s time.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Are you even from America? I see how much you know, nothing at all. I’m so not your sweetie, I prefer real men thank you. I love how you will not answer questions, that in its self proves you know nothing. Facts are living people who live here and work here, that sir is facts. Your heros NBP, knowing Texas is much much bigger then them, is why nothing happened. Why not go worry about Europe, after all that is where you claimed to have gone to school, right?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Pam, why are you still talking to me? I’m pretty sure I’ve told you multiple times that your little emotional outbursts re not facts, an I don’t give a shit what you think. Keep moving, sweetie.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Again, I’m not your sweetie. I as a American have freedom of speech, as a Texan, I don’t take orders from some foreigner. You have not answered anything I have asked you why is that? You said The new black panthers have military weapons, you think with all the Military bases we have here, the NBP’s could take on our Military and Law enforcement? Like I said before, your just noise. I am sure I am not the only one here that would love to see you move on. Europe has their own problems, you should worry about your own.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            “I as a American have freedom of speech,”
            This isn’t America, this is a “” forum, sweetie, and I honestly don’t give a fuck what you think you have, you have nothing of value to discuss, so we have nothing to talk about. deal with it.
            ” as a Texan, I don’t take orders from some foreigner.”
            LOL Wrong again. The entire U.S. takes orders from China. The federal government owes them over a trillion dollars.

            “You have not answered anything I have asked you why is that?”
            The answer to this question is in the previous comment. Even a retarded child could comprehend it at this point.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            This really gave me a good laigh. Mexican sweat shops that is really funny! I guess that is why they want to come here so bad, your a moron. I don’t take orders from China, they have never given me any to speak of, again, proven yourself to be a idiot. Have you forgotten what this is all about? Ok, being you are not the brightest star in the sky, I’ll remind you, Texas,USA. Now to give you the meaning of racism, when one race feels that a WHOLE other race is inferior to them. I can’t say if your trash, never met you, a idiot, yes, moron, yes, Your not even from America, you have no clue on what we are even like here. My boyfriend don’t beat women, and he would never beat me, and why would he never beat me? I’m a good person, caring, loving, selfless,kind. I don’t live in a trailer, so trailer trash is kinda out lol. Even if someone does live in one, big deal, doesn’t make them trash. If you are such a big man, come from off behind the safty of you keyboard, say the shit you have to everyones face that you have on here. You are not man enough to ever do it, you would curl up into a little ball and cry. Stick to your own country, ok. Or get a life. You still haven’t gotten under my skin, but I see I have yours lol.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, far you haven’t made a single sentiment, on any side, about the actual subject, which proves that you’re completely clueless about it. A good “laigh”? LOL I speak English, not Trailer Trash. There’s nothing funny about sweat shop labor, but given that you ancestors found it funny to experiment on African and Asian peoples, i’m not too surprised by you. Your boss takes orders from China, b/c China owns the company that they work for. This is my point, you speak completely from emotion, and have no clue what you’re talking about. You’re not fit to discuss anything else. Move along.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            OMG hit the i instead of the u any moron could figure that out. I laugh at you, went thur here and saw that you cry about what people do to you, when you do the same to me. Tell ya what, get a life! I find it so funny how so many feel we have to carry the sins of ancestors, well i do know not one person in my family first owned any slaves, but my mothers, mother side being Irish, were slaves themselves. It is what it is, nobody’s at fault for it today. Obama is not my president, I never voted for him, my President, is natural born, American meaning also, both parents are American. All you are doing on here is looking for any kind of attention, being positive or negative. I have given you facts, Even invited you to come and speak with some of my Mexican friends. You never an back up anything, You ASSUME way to much! Like what my ancestors have or have not done, ASSUMING I’m trailer trash lol, I find people like you grab at things like that, have nothing else to go on. I can’t call you trash ect. reason why, I really don’t know you at all ok. But I’m very bored with you, you go right ahead and feel your supervisor to me if that makes you feel like a big man. Now you have fun being a ass to people, calling names, ect.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            OMG you’re still here. I’m not “assuming” anything, sweetie, you’re proving that you’re the pure essence of trailer trash. Not my fault, nor my problem. Of course you want a white, I mean “natural born” president, in a country made up of immigrants. You’re either an indigenous woman (Native American), or you’re an idiot who does realize that your family came to the U.S. as immigrants. I don’t want to talk to you Mexican, slaves, I mean “friends”. You’ve probably forced them into saying whatever you deem appropriate. Stop trying to discuss with me, you’re not intelligent enough, you’re a white supremacist, and nothing you’ve said thus far is logical, factual, nor ethical. Go cook for that “real man” of yours, who hides behind you.

          • 5teverinohaye5 says:

            You do make trashy judgements on people you know nothing about, I guess because they are white! …which makes you racist yourself! I suggest you look up “Racist” and “Racism” in a Webster’s dictionary, before you make any more rush-to-judgement on people of ANY race, black, white, or brown.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Guess would be the key word, dumb ass. So, if you guess something, why are you speaking as though you are certain?You just “rushed to judgement”, you stupid hypocrite. Get over your skin color, you insecure, self-absorbed prick. It’s not your skin color, which would be nearly impossible to be certain of on a cyber forum, that disgusts me, it’s your values and delusional mind that annoys me. Get therapy, stop being ashamed of your white skin, and grab a snickers.

          • Camel Dust, Please go find your Meds quickly before you hurt yourself.

          • Your picture has got to be right next to the word Dickhead in the Webster’s….

          • Grey Winters says:

            You’re right, Ms. Campbelle has a bad case of penis envy.

          • Grey Winters says:

            Only pussies talk like you do Camp Belle.

          • Jaymes Smotherman says:

            Already in the military

          • Grey Winters says:

            Feman only talk big on the internet

          • 2197_uxo_1 says:

            The NBP is nothing more than wannabes. I am willing to bet that I and ten of my vn veteran friends could eliminate them in about 24 hours max!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Doubt it. And what makes you so important to them?

          • Grey Winters says:

            Hear is your cowardly Black Pussy Party Ms Campbelle.

          • Grey Winters says:

            Careful Ms Campbelle is really Lorena Bobbitt

          • Grey Winters says:


          • Camel Dust, Yer gittn mighty uppity there boy.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            I would love to hear what you think a Redneck is? What kinda person do you think a Redneck is? You claim to be so smart, lets hear it.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            I will let you know tho what you think is a Redneck,is really a Cajun, from New Orleans, Louisiana. You could never come close to being 1/2 the man of a Cajun, or a Redneck.

          • Risner Kenneth says:

            technically speaking pam, i read somewhere one possible meaning of the word redneck is a hard working farmer that gets sunburned growing most of the food haters eat. lets just starve them out till they can show some respect

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            But all the haters get food stamps! We’re going to have to cut their welfare benefits off first.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Most people on welfare are white, you idiot.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            What? White people can’t be haters also? Go away little drama king, you once again brought color into it. All you are is a American wannabe. Now move along little one.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Color has been in “it”, you stupid cunt. Read the article. Any why did you bring up “food stamps”? Why do all of the “haters” get food stamps? Better yet, who are the “haters”, Pam?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Do it, and you’ll loose your land, Gramps.

        • Jo Ellen Ham says:

          I suppose it didn’t happen in Ferguson either huh?

      • Campbell Dustin says:

        LMAO The NBPs have military weapons. The NOI has forgein government militias in their pocket. Texas is one state. If these men wanted to take people out, they would have, and no one would have a clue they did it. This isn’t 1850 anymore, Randy. Texas has no juice anymore.

        • Jim Smith says:

          You don’t think Texans have the same weapons? You’re ignorant.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            We have millions of hungry wild hogs too though dont know if they would turn their noses up at such filthy food as those idiots……

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Those weapons belong to the federal government, dumb ass. They are not authorized to touch them without approval from Obama, and well, if you think he’s going to turn those filthy rednecks loose on federal property, you’re a complete idiot.

          • Juicer4life says:

            You are a POS. Who is supporting the NOI??? They are nobody, just a group of NIggas that can state how much they hate and no one will say anything because of the double standard. Isn’t that old ass nigga, Farrakkkan dead yet? If anyone spoke as he did, they would be ostracized and probably hunted down by certain groups that find it justifiable to do so, even though it is your right.
            Again, you are an idiot

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            And again, I don’t give a fuck what you think. If the NOI could be hunted down, they would have been by now. They haven’t. Fuck you, and fuck for dirty trailer. Trash, no one cares about you, and affluent whites are ashamed of you.

          • OldNYFirefighter says:

            You must have found some good weed as you are in a different world than the rest of us. Either that or you are drunk.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Or maybe you’re on meth, as in you’re delusional, despite the facts being presented. Fuck off.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Yes, a “different world” called reality. And no, sobriety is required for it. When you are finished with your delusion, perhaps you’d like the join the even larger majority of us who accept it.

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            Where are you?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Right here, bitch.

          • Don’t blow the top off yer Fro there Camel Dust!!!

          • It’s Faracoon I think.

          • skydivepaul says:

            Quannel X

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Really, Trailer Tom? You said “coon” instead of “khan”. You’d be shitting bricks if you saw him in person, so cut the boring, over-used “coon” jokes. They don’t even offend black people anymore, b/c they know that they aren’t.

          • Now, Don’t get upset there Camel Dung.

          • 423 Chattanooga Boomin says:

            You are the realest NIGGER in these comments. You da reealest nigger like Bill Cosby he fucks all the white hoes

          • Boom chcakalka…….. Boomchacklaka

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            Minister Louis Farrakhan is probably the most brilliant, wise man in the country, even at his age. You couldn’t score a point on him if your life depended on it and from the way you’re talking it looks like it could come to that. You don’t want the NOI to hear you threatening the Brother Minister’s life. That would not be healthy for you.

          • skydivepaul says:

            Well then you are a fucking idiot. Don’t you have a jihad to be committing? Go blow yourself up already.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You’re an idiot Do you realize that Farrakhan has had people killed, and the stories never made press? You’re lucky that your safe behind your laptop, b/c you wouldn’t be breathing if someone from NOI heard you. All of the “im a Texan” tough guy bullshit would not save you. Talking about the NBPs is one thing, but you’re an idiot if you’re talking shit about NOI. They have foreign governments in their pocket, you idiot. Wise up.

          • Yer right, nobody can touch him. How could anyone get to him when he’s up there flyin around in the mothership???

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            Since you think so highly of those racist cowards. Check out how Pasadena sent the a message!


            And all they did is run away like the cowards they are, cause Here In Texas that shlt don’t fly.

            Semper Fi

          • Jessie Phillips says:

            ohhh you mean the one that thinks that there is a mother ship flying around the earth

          • survivalone says:

            Is that a threat? Wow I do not have any respect for that so called minister. Anyone who preaches others to hate is not going by the bible of does not have the truth in him. I have heard him speak and read some of the articles he wrote. It is all sad because he does not care about anyone but his own race. If he cares about them. He brainwashes others to believe in his lies. Yes it is lies because God is not coming back just to destroy white people. Can u imagine if there was a white preacher who said the things he is saying? My goodness he would have been arrested already! You can believe what you want but I just wish you to understand that teaching others to hate someone because of skin color or because of something that happened so long ago that him or you has not had to live that way and any white people now had nothing to do with. I do not see how anyone can respect a man like that. God is love he does punish yes but after we face judgement and it will be based on the individuals relationship with him and believing his son died on the cross. Nothing to do with skin or the past that people had no control over. God is fair, he is trust worthy he is ultimate judge. He is the only one that can look at the heart. He says he looks not on the putter appearance but the heart. Please do not threaten anyone. You do know that is also against the law to threaten someone’s life right? Just checking to see if you did know that.

          • You are a sick little Bitch aren’t you? Piss on Brotha Minista. He’s one of the biggest criminals out there and should be taken out

          • You are a fool. Go home, your drunk

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I am home. I own your house too.

          • Kenneth Dreger says:

            Campbell- I guess you have not seen out “Gun Collections” here…..! We don’t have those little pansy gun safes that most of the country has, we have fortified ROOMS!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Do some background research on NOI military allies, foreign alliances with NOI, and NBP military training programs. It doesn’t matter what guns you think you have, you can’t fight. Going to the range 3 times a week doesn’t amount to shit when you point them at a trained soldier.

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            Wow the amount of stupidity that spews fourth from thy mouth is insurmountable! I am surprised that you are still alive swimming in your own idiotic shlt rantings.

            SEMPER FI

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Yea, I can definitely tell that you’ve never fucked a woman before. LOL

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            See you again out yourself as an Idiot! If you think even for a second that I or anyone else needs that traitors permission to do what is our civil duty to protect fellow Americans, then you are not to bright upstairs!

            Go ahead say something provocative little one.

            Swift, silent, deadly, do you have a clue as to who recites that?

            Semper Fi

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Read the Constitutional laws, dumb ass. A state submits to the federal government, especially when state actions could lead to national crisis. Your an American, and you don’t even know your country’s laws. Stop trying to sound tough over the internet, you intimidate no one.

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            You are delusional!!!!!!!!!!

            The founding fathers gave the States the true power over their direction, the federal government was never intended to be what it Is today. If you would not only read tell constitution, but also the federalist papers that were written to explain to the 13 colonies what the intent of the constitution was. Then you will see that what the demonrats along with Rinos have done to this country in the name of the constitution.

            And as for trying to intimidate anyone, you are wrong again. I wish to convey that strength of my resolve so that I can draw out Idiot’s like you. Because you are a reactionary not a thinker. I am a thinker and will kick your a$$ every time.

            Semper Fi

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            “The founding fathers gave the States the true power over their direction,”
            And the outcome was chaos, which was what led to the complications between states and the civil war.
            “the federal government was never intended to be what it Is today.”
            Yes, it definitely was. The Union was the intended outcome, in order to unify all states. That is why it is referred to as the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
            “If you would not only read tell constitution, but also the federalist papers that were written to explain to the 13 colonies what the intent of the constitution was.”
            This was BEFORE the civil war. After the Union resolved national crisis during the civil war, the constitution applied to all states of the union.
            “Then you will see that what the demonrats along with Rinos have done to this country in the name of the constitution.”
            Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN, genius. LOL He brought about the expanded union, the federal government as we would recognize it today, to unify all Union territory.

            “And as for trying to intimidate anyone, you are wrong again. I wish to convey that strength of my resolve so that I can draw out Idiot’s like you.”
            LMAO You have lost the right to call anyone else an “idiot”, chief. You are completely uneducated of the history of your own country, you lack cultural competence, and you’re annoying.
            “Because you are a reactionary not a thinker. I am a thinker and will kick your a$$ every time.”
            Despites the fact that you have yet to do that. You’re not intelligent, dude, and you talk a lot of shit, all to still be a bitch like the rest. What was your address again? I’ll say everything to your face, just as you wanted.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            The founding fathers were against corporate control of gov and greed.

            “Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men” -John Adams (Founding Father)

            The Founding Fathers were in favor of welfare programs for the poor and underserved.

            “To provide employment for the poor, and support for the indigent, is among the primary, and, at the same time, not least difficult cares of the public authority.” -James Madison (Founding Father)

            The Founding Fathers would be completely against the GOP’s view of government reform.

            “The very idea of the power and the right of the people to establish Government, presupposes the duty of every individual to obey the established Government.”

            -George Washington (First president and Founding Father)

            So, in conclusion, your political views are in complete opposition to what the founding fathers wanted, and those you oppose are completely aligned with them.

            Don’t worry, I found a guy who agrees with you.

            “The very idea of the power and the right of the people to establish Government, presupposes the duty of every individual to obey the established Government.”

            -Benedict Arnold (American Traitor, and GOP Founding Father)

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            So you have read some about our founding fathers.

            Now as to my political views, how do you know anything about them since I haven’t stated them. I simply stated that the founding fathers gave states the power over themselves and that the federal government was never intended to be what it Is today. I also directed you to read the Federalist Papers which are a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to explain the Constitution.

            You need to get your mind right boy! Before you want to attack me about my beliefs or about what this country was intended to be. I will gladly take you to task and school you and I’m pretty sure you won’t Iike it.

            Now stop take a breath and think before putting your mouth or fingers into gear! I do not support either political party or the Oath breaking career loafers that are currently occupying the people’s buildings in DC.

            Now if you want to continue to attack me, then you better pack lunch and dinner little one! Cause so far you have only accomplished showing your a$$. And maybe you should quit before you hurt yourself!

            Semper Fi

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            “So you have read some about our founding fathers.”
            And I proved that your views have nothing to do with what they established, by using their exacts words to do this.

            “Now as to my political views, how do you know anything about them since I haven’t stated them.”
            Yes, you did. You gave me that ridiculous “independent state government” rhetoric, which the Founding Fathers didn’t approve of, I even quoted Washington saying that. Get over it.
            ” I simply stated that the founding fathers gave states the power over themselves and that the federal government was never intended to be what it Is today.”
            So, you did provide your views, as I said, and you are completely wrong, given that they were desiring to unify the colonies, and feared that sovereign independent state governments would be chaos.
            I also directed you to read the Federalist Papers which are a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to explain the Constitution.

            “You need to get your mind right boy!”
            You need to stop lying on the Founding Fathers, girl.
            “Before you want to attack me about my beliefs or about what this country was intended to be.”
            It’s not up for discussion that is just what it is.
            ” I will gladly take you to task and school you and I’m pretty sure you won’t Iike it.”
            LMAO you’re too uneducated to school anyone.

            “Now if you want to continue to attack me, then you better pack lunch and dinner little one!”
            I even packed snacks, little one.
            Cause so far you have only accomplished showing your a$$. And maybe you should quit before you hurt yourself!

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            You continue to out yourself as a brain dead IDIOT and a LIAR!

            You need to get out of your 300 sqft hole, The lack of oxygen is killing you and your goat! Why don’t you get some delicious BACON it is good for the Soul!


            Semper Fidelis

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            what have I lied about, in regards to the subjects of this thread. And please post a direct quote. Don’t worry i’ll wait.

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            Really, you really think you can dictate how or what I can respond to. Good luck with that!

            1) you lied about me not being a Marine, that is something that you have ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge of!!!!!!!!! I severed may years before Iraq and Afghanistan even before the 1st bush Iraq war. I bleed and killed for this country as a Marine.

            2) You lied about my countries Constitution and the founding fathers intentions for the states.

            You seem to think that I am uneducated about my countries history and what the founding fathers had in mind when they started all of this. You are sadly mistaken!!!! See I listen to what people speak and then do my own research to see if they really do know of what they speak.

            And you are a LIAR AND AN IDIOT! That I can say by your own comments! My suggestion would be to educate yourself before opening your mouth and removing all doubt about your lack of intelligence. With that being said, I expect you will dismiss my suggestions and continue to out yourself!

            Semper Fidelis

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, it looks like I haven’t lied about anything related to the subject, you simply hate being corrected, and you’re mad that I don’t believe you’re a marine.
            “) you lied about me not being a Marine, that is something that you have ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge of!!!!!!!!!”
            Doubting you isn’t lying, it’s accusing you of lying. What was your rank Where were you stationed?

            “You lied about my countries Constitution and the founding fathers intentions for the states.”

            So, not only did I simply post direct quotes from each of the Founding Fathers, but I corrected you on the foundation of a unified federal government. It was not the Union that was defending individual states rights, but the Confederacy. I have already explained that. You don’t have a clue of the difference between the United States perspective of Federal government, and the Confederacy’s perspective of independent state governments.

            So, why wouldn’t I conclude that you are uneducated of your nation’s history, you just proved it. That is your fault. Calling me an idiot will not change that. Get your source from a textbook, not a Tea Party site.
            So far, I have no lied about anything related to the subject. Anything else?

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Hey Darlin, Campbell Dustin isn’t even from America, he’s from Europe. He is just a big talker behind his screen, in support of the NBP’s . He is just a little nobody trying to be a big man knowing he will never have to face any of us here. You have a wonderful weekend

          • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

            Thank you Pam, didn’t know he was from Europe but that makes sense. As for him not facing us, typical of most cowards to hide where they think they are safe. However most are wrong on all accounts, hope he has a dog.

            You have a great weekend yourself.

            Semper Fi

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Coward? I’m right here, chief. You’re the one hiding behind a woman b/c you’re too weak to own up to the fact that you can’t prove anything you say, and that you are completely clueless as to my views on any level. I never said that I was from Europe, not that I supported the NBPs. I never even gave away my race to be affiliated with any demographic. You’re a typical white supremacist, stupid, assuming, and unable to tell the truth in a conversation. Lying must be disease among your kind.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            When did I say I supported anyone, Pam? I didn’t. You se, this is why you’ll never be apart of the debate, you assume too much, talk with your emotions, and have no ability to form the argument. “Don’t Tread On Me” just happens to be desperate for an ally, b/c he lacks the ability to dispute any arguments I’ve made thus far, and is too weak to debate me one-on-one. This alone proves my superiority to him. ; )

          • Camel Dust, you sure do like to talk and post a lot of Bullshit

          • Nor do you, turd.

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            You forgot to mention that the NOI and other Muslims are united as brothers. Start something with the NOI, you’ve started it with the entire Muslim population of the country. The NOI will not be the aggressor but they will mop up afterwards.

          • skydivepaul says:

            Bring it fucking doon coon.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Again, you sound so scary behind your laptop. You would never say shit in public. LOL

          • skydivepaul says:

            Hiding in anonymously like a scared little bitch. Shouldn’t you be on the corner sucking cocks to score some crack rocks for your momma?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            B/c “skydivepaul” is your birth name, right.? LMAO You’re anonymous, you idiot. I use my full name, you don’t. I’m not on the corner, i’m at my house with your woman on my dick. I send her back to you satisfied, and this is the thanks I get? You ungrateful little bitch. Go play with your shot gun, chief. You don’t have military weapons, you just play on the internet. You scare no one.

          • skydivepaul says:

            What does a pussy liberal know jack shit about ‘military grade weapons’. You dont know the difference between a charging handle and buffer tube. Just stick with what you know. Being a scared little bitch hiding behind your keyboard.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Scared? Send me your address, tough guy. I’ll say it all to your face. Everyone’s a “liberal” to you, b/c you’re an extremist, dumb ass. Being “liberal” isn’t an insult on those grounds. LOL

          • Dorf Munder says:

            send me yours ! no?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Sure, i’m at 2214 Mind Your Own Business Drive, Obama Owns, Texas. Stay out of it, bitch.

          • PUSSY!!!!

        • Justin Craft says:

          Hahaha is this guy serious?

          • skydivepaul says:

            Campbell Dustin. It’s almost 900 miles across. Over 180 Million firearms in Texas. How many in the NBP? Honestly it’ll be like Forrest Gump.

            I’m sorry I ruined your black panther party.

            It won’t even be remotely close. But you can join them and get your ass kicked just the same.

          • Paul. I’m on the same side as you, believe me. It pains me to do this but I think your numbers are wrong.

            The 180 million firearms us a national figure.


          • jarhead1982 says:

            LOL, 37 million residents and you dont think they are all armed with 5-6 guns each on average, really….

          • The ONLY way your numbers work is if every man woman and child has 5 or 6 guns.

            Are you sure this is what your asserting?

          • jarhead1982 says:

            English comprehension isnt your strong suit is it, cause anyone living in Texas knows the majority of gun owners dont just have 5-6 measly guns, they have 2 or 3 times that number, so averaging out over the population does = 5-6 guns, comprende…

          • Easiest way to settle this, is to cite your source.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Yeah, living in Texas for over 2 decades and involvement in the shooting sports doesnt count eh, wrong answer….Easiest way to prove it wrong is cite your source…oh wait, your kind never does, dismissed…..

          • So you have no source.

            Got it.

          • How do you source something that is unregistered and untraceable? There is no way of knowing exactly how many guns there are in that state, or any state for that matter, since not all guns are registered.
            Hell DMV couldn’t even tell you how many cars are in the state because most cars fall off of their computers after 7 years of being unregistered…

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            Exactly!! Most people are not going to tell you how many, or any guns they own. So the average is the best bet at this point. There is no way to cite it; other than personal experience.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You can’t average anything if you don’t have fucking numbers to base your estimation on, you idiot. Take a statistics class. Personal experience? You would have to “personally” collect data. If no such data exists, then this just proved that he was lying. Damn, you’re such a dumb ass.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Hey, dumb ass, do you think our Military has firearms? What about Law Enforcement. Then you can add in the citizens of Texas dumb ass

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            WTF are you talking about? You don’t have a clue what is being discussed. LOL It’s about someone fabricating a stat, you stupid cunt, not how many imaginary warriors you think will fight in the race war that will never happen. Get a clue, the federal government has authority over military weapons and action, and they won’t waste tax dollars on this stupid nonsense. Go fry something.

          • Relax Shithead, don’t blow a gasket. So touchy! Jeesh!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            If it’s unregistered and untraceable then such numbers wouldn’t be qualified in the first place, so he still lied.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            So you never had a source other than WAAAH DATS NOT TWUE CAUSE I SAID SO got it!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, you don’t have a source, you lying piece of shit. You’re insult attempt wasn’t funny, and we all still realize that you lied. You’re not a marine, you’re in the reserves. Stop trying to fake it, poser.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Hey, where you from, where did you go to school?

          • jarhead1982 says:

            WAAAAAAH DA TWOLL SAYS yet again, you ever going to grow up pervert?

          • Rita M Castro says:

            At home.. 3 adults and 2 teens. We all have licenses. The arsenal started with 2 … AK-47 as the entertaining ones for the teens! So, bring it on!!!

          • Yea right lol

          • Rita M Castro says:

            We’re speaking the same “Sarcasm” language!

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            And can you intelligently verbalize exactly what it is you’re bringing out your AK 47’s to fight about, Rita M. Castro? Exactly what is it that you’re all ginned up to murder people over??

          • Rita M Castro says:

            Have you ever read “sarcasm” in your life?

          • The same bullshit that “Brotha Minista” is spouting off about. Remember? Kill Whitey?
            Short attention span, eh?

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Besides, about the only ones not armed lived in about 27 square miles surrounded by reality, they call it austin….

          • lol, good one. I love my home town, just not the lib’s there

          • jarhead1982 says:

            They say the same thing about Ann Arbor MI, and we would literally part the red sea walking down the sidewalk when we open carried. The cops were used to us and we would actually walk a beat with them sometimes, man the confused looks on some of those marxists…….A few illiterates would jeer us, and then we would challenge them to an open debate on rights…..we never lost, and the losers would always resort to hate insults and lies and we would always part ways stating quite clearly, you need to ask yourselves, if we were so violent, why are those who disagree with us and cant disprove our position and data still able to walk away…….

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, they don’t, you lying cunt. Once again, your stupid ass is lying. Ann Arbor has the original university campus there, it’s the saving grace of Michigan.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Poor widdle twoll, you walked right by me all those times, me concealed carrying, and GASP my gun didnt jump out and shoot you, didnt need to rob someone to get your meth fix then eh…

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Austin is the only reason people care about Texas. You owe that city your life, bitch. You owe them your bastard-bred life.

          • OldNYFirefighter says:

            It is also called a Liberal Sh#thole!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You don’t know that, you lying piece of shit, you making shit up. stop lying, and pulling shit out of your ass, it is not working. Please send me your address…SENT IT!!!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Check the platt maps out for ann arbor sweety, it is indeed 27 sq miles, and having been there many years ago when the Nectarine Ballroom (your favorite gay hangout) was the Second Chance, a 3 decker party bar with chicken wire above the stage, watching george thourogood and the destroyers and many other local acts…man you progressives had to ruin a good thing, like everything you touch, becomes corrupted and unclean…

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, you hang out at gay bars. That has nothing to do with anything I just said. Typical conservative, you got exposed s a liar, and you’re trying to cover it up by changing the subject.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            No quit going there when they changed as didn’t like getting my butt grabbed by perverts like you…..especially as my knuckles were getting sore from beating the Shiite out of you perverts who wouldn’t take no for an answer…..

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            So, you go to gay bars, and get your butt grabbed by gay men. Again, you’re private life has nothing to do with the subject. You have proven yourself to be a troll, and homophobic, by your previous comment, and continue to go off-topic because you can’t dispute any arguments related to the subject. Anything else?

          • Yer so wacked out your losing the ability to spell.
            Maybe you’ll bust a vessel. That would be great!!
            I see that you pussied out and wouldn’t send YOUR address?
            What happened? It’s pretty safe there behind your keyboard.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No you’re losing the ability to spell, and posting cute little pictures just to attempt to insult me is desperate. We’re done.

          • mkonto. What the F difference does it make how many guns? They have a lot of weapons in Texas, period. Why are you trying to distract from the potential problem? The NBP and NOI are trying to intimidate the citizenry. That is the problem. Jarhead is merely stating they are outnumbered and outgunned. Semper Fi Jarhead, you go brother.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Read the thread you idiot. Someone made up a fucking stat, and was exposed as the liar they were. That’s a stupid fucking question. SMH

          • Obsessive-Compulsive…. How many times do you turn the lights off and on???
            YOU are a sick puppy.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            This isn’t a rap battle, chief. Petty little insult attempts don’t sub for facts. so far, you’ve posted none. Stop replying to me.

          • It’s not that far fetched. I have more than that myself and I live in gun unfriendly CA…

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            He said firearms, texas had a few military bases, and more law enforcement then ya’ll go and read what he said, he sais FIREARMS. If Texas came under attack by some group, law enforcement and Military would be the first in it. Starting to make sense now….. ya think?

          • Ken Darby says:

            Wanna Bet Gun Sales jumped 800% in Texas in the last few days! Just for “Wabbit Hunting” of course!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Heck as big as dem jack rabbits are down here, takes at least 3 hits from a .300 win mag to put em down, just sayin……

          • Semper Fi Jarhead!

          • My neighbor is 70 years old and has 5 guns, so I don’t think your figures are too far off!

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            And one person can shoot how many guns at a time??? Stupid, it’s not how many guns you have, it’s how many people you have with guns.

          • We have guns-a-plenty to take care of your small little asses.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Texas has 27,695,284 people, you idiot. Only 6 million Texans own guns. Of that 6 million, less than 1% are even interested in getting involved in this stupid protest. Stop making up shit, you lying sack of shit.

          • skydivepaul says:

            Show your souce. Or are you lying. Dont worry lil buddy. It’s not your fault you have to suck dicks on the corner to support your welfare family. Soon enough those food stamps will come in and you can buy ramen noodles.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Campbell Dustin isn’t even a American, he’s from Europe somewhere. Our lil buddy don’t have a life is all i can come up with.

          • thats true. Only 1% identify with the whackjobs…

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Hey dumb a** you add Military and law enforcement in there? Yep, i didn’t think so.

          • I live in Wisconsin and 1 friend of mine had over 300 guns – and that’s just one friend… texans do things bigger so I’d say his numbers are probably pretty close

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            The utter stupidity and lack of anything civilized coming from you folks is Texas sized, LOL LOL

          • That’s all you got? Name calling? Then i win- thanks for Aylin’s and have a nice day! I’ll send those who want to do harm your way then you can tell them how utterly stupid they are- hope it works out for you

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            The people laughing tend to forget the number of Military Bases the number of law enforcements we have also. They can laugh, if anything would ever happen with Muslim terrorist, we will see who is laughing. People don’t understand what all Texas really has, Lets just say, we have everything, every state needs.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Did you stop to think about how many Military bases we have here in Texas? Thats not counting the National Guard ect. Law enforcement. They all have firearms, and if Texas ever came under attack, you think they would just sit by. Maybe you need to stop and think.

          • Come say that to a person with over 300 guns- you’ll be peeing yourself for weeks

          • Yeah, coming from a real braintrust such as yourself. You have really hurt my feelings. Could you go be fat somewhere else??

          • Edward Sion says:

            No its 300 million in the U.S.

          • Campbell Dustin says:


          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Exactly. Typical conserva-douche, lying to sound tough, but exposed as a liar all the same.

          • OldNYFirefighter says:

            Blacks are only about 13% of the US population of that, only about 10% of that 13% have any #alls at all. Whites are about 58% of the population & most conservatives own weapons & can protect themselves, including the females. Most blacks won’t help them, the young thugs will. That means they are outnumbered about 20 to one & anyone knows blacks hit what they aim at about 1 out of 10 try’s. If they start it, it will be over very quickly.

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            Sounds quite cowardly to me that you’re so gun ho about gunning it out when you outnumber your opponent 20 to 1, don’t you think? Would you be so gung ho if they outnumbered you 20 to 1? Or even if they were of the same number as you? Mob mentality coward!

          • Tell that to the cop that was shot in the back of the head by some black coward, then you can talk “cowardly”

          • You are correct sir!!

          • hes a fucking idiot. there are only six million people that own guns in the whole state.
            LA county and Detroit has more guns.

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            He thinks TexAs style.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Of that 180 million, less than 2% support your views, which is why every four years, people with your views lose an election. If the NBPs were going get their ass kicked, it would have happened by now. I’ve seen the Klan get their asses kicked several times, but never the NBPS. The NOI has been around since the 1920s, even the federal government hasn’t stepped to them. Take your “backass” charade, your cheap little shotgun, i’m sorry, FIREarm, and shove it up your ass. Have a nice day, cupcake.

          • skydivepaul says:

            tough talk from a anonymous keyboard cowboy. Bring your bitch ass to my front door and talk that.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            What’s your address? I’ll be right there.

          • skydivepaul says:

            Oh your mom let you borrow the family station wagon?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, i’ll have your woman pick me up. She knows where I live. Post the address, tough guy. Let’s see how much shit you talk when we meet face to face.

          • skydivepaul says:

            You live in the marcy projects in brooklyn right? I’m suprise they have internet access there. It’s quite a long drive to texas from there. Are you sure you can suck enough dicks along the way to pay for bus fare?

          • skydivepaul says:

            It’s painfully obvious you know absolutely NOTHING about texas. Less than 2% of texans support my views? Stick with what you know…smoking poles and licking buttcracks.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Yes, less than 2% support your view. And It’s smoke pipes and fucking your woman. Her pussy was delicious. That’s why she’s always too tired to deal with you.

          • skydivepaul says:

            Your moms pussy was delicious? Calm down son it’s not your fault. You were born this way.I know its hard to deal with mental retardation but crying about something you will never have the courage to do wont get you anywhere.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You’ve been fucking your mom, man? That explains why your woman is a good fuck.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            ROTFLMFAO, he pulled 2% from his wrecktum or his master leaned over his should while cornholing him and told him to say that, which is it cornholio…..

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Why are you talking about my ass, man? Keep your mind on the topic, you nasty prison bitch.

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            Guys, guys, give our pal Campbell’s Chunky Choked Chicken in the Rump a break; he gets gang raped up the only pump- action he owns on a schedule. It’s bad too, bastards make him shit the bed, and clean it up. I’m surprised his roids ain’t preggers yet.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Bitch, we’re not friends, and after all of the dicks you’ve sucked, you’re in no position to even mention the word “pump-action”. We all know that was you getting gang raped in prison. Don’t try to pretend as though it wasn’t me fucking your woman, while you got fucked by Nazi Mike, from Cell block D.

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            I wouldn’t allow my dog near you…let alone my own body! Your a disgusting fag magnet who gets excited at the sight of a monkeys cock!!! Go fuck yourself!!!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Jean, shut the fuck up, before I fuck you new girlfriend. Not even an old saggy prostitute would fuck you, man. That’s why you just brought up monkey genitals. Nasty savage.

          • skydivepaul says:

            This is my shotgun. Bring it little boy.


          • Madeline Brashear says:

            Geeez! You folks are some of the most vile sounding, mentally challenged, primitive “things” I’ve ever heard! Your family trees have got to go straight up!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, honestly, this is how men are when we ask the ladies to step out of the room. Sorry you have to read this, but it is going to get ugly.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            That’s not a shot gun, dumb ass.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            ROTFLMFAO, ROTFLMFAO, ROTFLMFAO, ROTFLMFAO, this is what we do with pests…..

            Bikers drown out activist’s Missouri City press conference


          • Campbell Dustin says:

            LOL Yep, you’re definitely gonna get your ass kicked. Thanks for helping me prove why.

          • skydivepaul says:

            I just went on disqus and read your posts. You are the ultimate keyboard cowboy hiding behind your computer. But just like every other liberal out there with no survival training you won’t do shit. Just like the NBP.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Hasnt happened in ages, and being too old to run, I am armed, so make sure to kiss your crack ho momma goodbye in the morning when you try, as all who go to commit violence and crimes like you should always say goodbye when they go in harms way of getting shot by their intended victims….now lets see if you have the balls to try and cash the check kitty kat….

          • skydivepaul says:

            I got your less than 2% right here boy.


          • Madeline Brashear says:

            I see NOI members, some in suits and ties, peacefully walking forward, not engaging anybody so what’s all this mob of white folks running behind them acting like a wad of uncivilized ape vomit? What’s the logic of the USA chanting? Don’t they know the NOI are also Americans? That mob of white folks are demonstrating that they’re totally uncivilized animals.

          • skydivepaul says:

            It’s painfully obvious you aren’t from houston and have no idea what’s going on. Quannel X is a piece of shit that comes around when black thugs get shot doing something incredibly stupid and he always says its the white peoples fault. We aren’t taking it anymore.

          • skydivepaul says:

            And if you don’t like it don’t come to Texas.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            The funny thing about this, girl, is that if the NOI actually felt threatened, they’d have men armed with military weapons surrounding the protesters, and as usual, those little boys on bikes would do nothing, just as they did here.

          • Stop making up statistics derpwad.

            there are only six million people that own guns in texas, and that is including the margin of error.

            you are embarrassing yourself. 180 million LOL!!! you can only shoot one at a time derp

            If the 1.7 billion muslims wanted you dead you would have been dead long ago.

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            My ass – the camelhumpers are nothing more than cowards. Chris Kyle took plenty of those camelsackswabbers out when he was alive…including their little wannabe sniper – frigging pussies!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            That’s what this guy said, right before he got his ass kicked, as you can see here…

          • skydivepaul says:

            Mohammed was a child molester. You defending muslims must mean you are a pedophile too.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Pope Alexander IV had sex with his own daughter, raped several women, and stole money from the sacred church.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Little man, how about today, 2015, would a muslim marry a infant? Yes, then he will start having sex with her at 9. They do this today. If they are practicing muslims, and feel sharia law is what should be followed, they are not peaceful people.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Hey, read what skydivepaul said, 180 million firearms, 1st the ave. Texan does not own 1 firearm ok. We have many millitary bases here. Who do you think they would defend? The NBP’s or the wonderful people of Texas? People really do underestimate Texas. Ya’ll can talk s*** on us, but would never have the balls to say it to our face.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You’re asking me a question about myself. SMH You’re a dumbass to the max power. don’t breed.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            If we keep the goats away campbell cant breed either.

        • jarhead1982 says:

          Call the mambulance, this idiot has overdosed on illicit narcotics and koolaid…..or its diaper is just full…..

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            “Mambulance”? You have lost the right to attack anyone’s intellect b/c this is the SECOND time I’ve busted you for not being able to speak basic English. Learn to read and write English, then you can dish out insults. LOL

          • OldNYFirefighter says:

            He just called you a moron & you are to ignorant to realize it!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I give no fucks about what he thinks about anything, and you’re too ignorant to realize it!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Here is an example of why speaking with proper grammatics is irrelevent….

            O lny srmat poelpe who aer por rgihts can raed tihs. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The 
phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. 
Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was
            ipmorantt! if 
you can raed tihsit maens you aer sarmt eoungh to udnersatnd gvoermnet fcats and data so psas it on yuo dmumtoehrfckuer atniguntrud!!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Here is an example of why nothing you say has any credibility…You think that speaking with proper grammatics is irrelevant, and don’t realize that “mambulance” is not a real word.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            When lecturing a progressivekuntfairy, proper grammatics is irrelevent as they have a 0 IQ level and cant understand even basic data, facts or legal concepts, hence they cant retain anything but thier hate, bile and lies like all instinctively 7 times more violent animals do…

            But mambulance is an appropriate title for someone who sucked on their mommas teet or in your case obamas lower teet for too long…..

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I’m not American, you idiot, Obama is not my national leader, he is yours. “Mambulance” is not a real word, either. Stop trying to sound tough on a blog site, no one with an IQ above 60 believes you.

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            Actually, I think he’s owned your ass several times here…so stfu bitch!!!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, you’re just dick-riding him. If you think a guy who makes up words and lies, compared to a person who does not, and disputed the lie with an eye witness account, then your a dumb ass, you don’t think, and your opinion means nothing to a person with a fully functioning brain.

          • Camel dust, Who has a functioning brain? You??? Bwhaahaahaa!!!!

          • Camel Dung

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Youre the one defending the obamabagger pvement apes policies oh 0 IQ troll…..

          • I have never heard of grammatics but I have heard of grammar.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            B/c you’re American. LOL

          • Madeline Brashear says:


          • DailyAlice says:

            Neither is grammatics.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Yea, it definitely is. Learn English.

          • DailyAlice says:

            You are probably referring to academese. (Not a word; should be.) That is a subdivision I wouldn’t wish even on a very rich person. Why bow before such an atrocity?

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, i’m referring to “grammatics”, which is why I used the word.

          • Omg I read and understood it all… Now I understand my granddaughters reading style and I won’t stop her from doing it anymore’ thank you sir

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            No, that would be IT’S mouth “is full of shit”! Just look at it falling out of ITS mouth – ewe!!!

            Cabell Dustin is some troll sitting in his mommy’s basement screaming for a napkin to clean the hot pocket off his greasy fingers!!!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            It’s Campbell, you stupid hick. It’s written properly on the screen, and you still can’t spell it right? Your insult attempt isn’t even funny, nor would you be in any position to even know about where I live or how I live, b/c the forum is completely confidential, you stupid a of shit. You can’t dispute my statements about the TX incident, so now you’re trying your hand at insult attempts. You suck at that too. The best thing you could do is log off.

        • Edward Sion says:

          The Black Animals and the Nation of Pedophiles are a joke. They have no backing whatsoever. I wish I could be in TX to watch the fireworks. I’ll just have to wait until they come to my neighborhood, but that is unlikely to happen. If they do decide to come here I don’t think they will ever cause a problem.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Eddy, shut the fuck you, dude. You scare no one, you’re old and useless. The NBPs weapons are better than your old shot gun, and you’re too out of shape to leave the couch. You won’t do anything, just like you didn’t the last time the NBPs were in TX. They do what they want, and you won’t do shit to stop them.

          • Seasoned_reason101 says:

            Dustin – you idiotic troll – shut the F up. You like to portray the NBP and NOI as if they were actually anything but racist idiots like yourself? Are you kidding? Bunch of Girl Scouts dressing up in their little outfits to convince themselves they are about something. They’ll be running home crying about their civil rights being abused before it’s all over. Go talk to some of your other racist asshole hoodrats who actually give a shit.

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            Yeah, that why we keep stomping their camel humping asses, right!!!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            We? Texas didn’t do it alone, the U.S. didn’t, either. No, bitch, your allies are doing all of the work. And if the organizations still exist in such high numbers, the victory has not happened.

          • their are 1.7 muslims in this world. if they wanted you dead you would be dead you tinfoil hat wearing retard.

          • Another cogent point from an idiot… Is that all you can say? 1.7 billion and about a billion of them are idiots because of inbreeding. When was the last time you heard of a huge medical breakthrough coming from a moslem country?…. ANY new invention.? Please name just one… If these people didn’t steal their weapons they sure aren’t smart enough to manufacture them.. How are they going to take us over, sticks, swords, rocks..? Please tell us how enlightened these koranimals are.. Educate yourself, about islime, before you go making the same stupid comment over and over again..

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            Bring it on bitch! I’ll blow them away like the tick on a hogs ass that they are!!!

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            This is what you call “Talking down at the big gate.”

          • most of them can’t pick their nose without assistance

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            What? You’re in a nation of pedophiles? We’re talking about the Nation of Islam. Stay focused.

        • Juicer4life says:

          You aren’t the brightest, are you? What foreign (and learn how to spell, idiot) gov is gonna back the Nation of Idiots against the USA? Grant, Barry may just let them in, but that candy ass is out of office, not a chance. The New Black Niggas have military weapons? Ok, and how many new Niggas are coming and think they are gonna do anything?
          You are a fool.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            The New Black Niggas? I love how tough you sound in the safety of your home, on your mother’s laptop, but I’ve never seen anyone talk shit to their face, and I know you definitely won’t. So, as much as a “fuck you” would satisfy me, you’ve insulted yourself by post the comment you just did. LOL

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            You haven’t met Texans then…they will definately be “your huckleberry!”

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I’ve met plenty, which is why I can call your bluff. You talk a lot of shit, and still get your ass kicked.

        • You are ignorant. Very ignorant. Get some education on the heart of a Texan.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Really? You want me to get some “education” about you feelings? If you think that I or anyone else cares about your emotions, you’re obviously ignorant.

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            It appears that the heart of a Texas is a pretty vile thing owing to centuries of devolution toward neanderthalism.

          • Madeline Brashear, you look a little lose in the bucket yerself there sugarlump!

        • Ernie Combs says:

          You can’t forget……….the NBP and the NOI have Obama and Lynch in their pocket, or is it the other way.

        • Don Lenamon says:

          Campbell Dustin you can go right ahead and believe that. The date on the calendar has nothing at all to do with it. Texans have been sleeping but don’t you for 1 minute think we aren’t wide awake now.No one and I mean NO ONE comes to our land and threatens our citizens.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Except for MS-13, La Famila, La Cosa Nostra Italian mob), Mexican Carel, The Triads, FBI, the New Black Panthers (twice), and the NOI. Texas has o juice anymore. Maybe in Georgia, that “battle cry” would apply, but Texas? Nope. LOL

          • Don Lenamon says:

            Ok. You’re a troll and I’m done with you.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You never had me to begin with, you weak, feeble-minded dimwit. Run along.

          • Madeline Brashear says:

            That’s the knuckle dragger in you talking. Neither the NOI nor the NBP’s would come to Texas, or anywhere else, to threaten their citizens. Your paranoia is astounding!

          • Don Lenamon says:

            I guess your head is buried up your ass. Has to be if you can’t see the pictures right in front of you. Black Panthers calling for the deaths of white people, threatening to bomb nurseries to kill white babies, walking through neighborhoods with guns daring someone to stop them. If the situation was reversed and gangs of whites were walking through black neighborhoods armed with guns, you don’t think there would be an outcry about racism? If you want to call me names as is the liberal way, go right ahead, but I will not be silent about the double standard and will protect myself and my family against all who wish to bring harm.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Guilt will do that to them. After 2 centuries of African slave trading, almost 4 centuries of occupation of Native lands, almost a century of Latino sweat shop use, and almost 20 years of fascist border patrol, that’s what you’d expect from him.

          • That’s funny, I don’t feel guilty??

          • Yer the one getting all defensive, sweetcheeks

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Yes, I’ll believe the truth, Don. Texas is asleep, and they’re not waking up, b/c of all of the grilled pork. And even if every Texan had a gun and opportunity to fight any rebel army, they’re so fat and out of shape, they wouldn’t last the first to hours of combat. People come to Texas all of the time and threaten you, and you all, i’m sorry, Y’all, have done nothing to stop them. Put you dick away, chief, no one is interested, no one believes you.

        • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

          You are a troll of the lowest order, keep flapping you suck mussel little one!

          Semper Fi

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You’re the troll, you fake posing little bitch. you’re no marine, and you won’t do anything to stop me from speaking my mind. You can either watch me, or walk away. That is all you are allowed to do.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Lol, I’m having fun now, I will not go awzy, you can watch me or walk away, That is all you are allowed to do little man lol

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Or I could just block you. Welcome to the 21st century. : )

        • Madeline Brashear says:

          Don’t you idiots know the NOI is a peaceful organization. They start nothing with anybody. But if attacked, they WILL defend themselves.

        • Dorf Munder says:

          Here is a product of public schools

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I finished from one of the most prestigious private prep schools in Europe. Don’t bother to reply, you are not fit to discuss anything else. LOL

          • Dorf Munder says:

            Bullshit you GD fag you talk big behind a screen but you would not say any of this if front of me and you know it

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Sure I would. Send me your address, and i’ll say it all to your face, and i’ll bet you will not do anything. You know absolutely nothing about me, outside of what I allow you to know. such assumptions only prove me right about you. You’re an idiot.

          • Pam Dworshak says:

            Gee, you called me a redneck racist, trailer trash, ect. So now I have proven you are a idiot lol. AND my boyfriend said you can come say all of this to me in front of him to.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, you didn’t, b/c you never set out to prove anything, you just talked about yourself the entire time, while completely avoiding any sentiments related to the subject. You’ve proven yourself to be an idiot, who can’t speak English beyond a 4th grade reading level, and speaks from emotion, without logic and reason.

            “AND my boyfriend said you can come say all of this to me in front of him to.”
            Well, your “baby daddy” is an idiot for selecting you, as opposed to the many greater options of the trailer park. Please, send me your address, and i’d be happy to speak to him, face-to-face.
            And please tell him that if he has a problem with me, to address me himself, and not speak through his trashy, talkative, obnoxious “baby mama”. Now, run along, sweetie. We’re done here.

        • Camel Dust, I still like the odds. 77%White….13%Black
          Bring it Shithead!!

      • skydivepaul says:

        Look what happened in garland. Dead Terrorists 2 Dead Cops/Civilians 0

      • Paul Etheridge says:

        Fool no Muslims got any blacks as slaves ….Muslims just wants to chop your white as head off….lol I’m proud to be Baptist and not a racist cracker

      • Campbell Dustin says:

        They have whites as slaves too. Go tell Turkey that they shouldn’t embrace Islam. “Muslim” isn’t a race, you Xenophobic slob, Islam is a religion, and every racial demographic in the world practices it, just like Christianity, also a relgion featuring a group of people who had black slaves, and now have Hispanic ones. Can we say sweat shops on the TX border? I’ll bet you can, Randy. ; )

      • Tammie Marshall says:

        ‘the blacks”? that’s your damn problem

    • Thomas Brown says:

      Semper Fi ? another racist Marine core veteran, who would have thought that our military would be the training ground for right wing racists.

      • Richard Luttich says:

        Thats right. Semper Fi you little punk. You’re not even buff, put your weak ass arms down before you come to Texas and get slapped like the bitch that you are.

        • SentinelOptimusCunt says:

          Richard Buttich is Semper Fiddling his kins butt-holes.

        • Campbell Dustin says:

          Texas will not do shit. LOL NOI and NBPs have the respect of the Latino and Hispanic communities. The alliance goes back 40 years. If Mexicans get pissed, that leaves white Texas vs everyone else. NBP has military weapons. Put your little dick back in your pants, before you get slapped with a real one. LOL

          • Oh…you think so?! Well I’ll tell you this….there are A LOT of us that are retired Veterans and Veterans, down here. A LOT of us have mil-spec weapons here, too. Furthermore, we outnumber the NBP and the NOI. I would LOVE, to see you come down here and put your money where your mouth is…in fact, I triple dare you.

      • Legal Immigrant says:

        Hm, I only see one racist here Thomas, that is you. I also see you are putting that fine public school education to good use.

        • You are speaking like a 70’s free love hippie! Be sure to toss in the words like the “man” and the “establishment”. How does the weaponized criminal black population and the “industrial prison complex” differ? Liberals have ignorant blacks working on uncle sams plantation and lack the intelligence to understand they are hated and being used as merely a tool to accomplish the socialist agenda. Just wait until we get to Jan 2017 when rat ba5ta0rd is supposed to leave office! When it arrives and you look back to today, you will not believe whats happened in our country during the past year and how far things have fallen.

        • Campbell Dustin says:

          If Thomas is racist, you missed the class where “racism” was explained, and therefore have no clue how to use the word properly.

      • Mark Derscheid says:

        He didn’t say anything racist, Libtard.

        • Campbell Dustin says:

          The racism is in the context of his message, Conserva-douche. He’s alluding to shooting up blacks in a race war, you idiot. Pull your head out of his ass, and pay attention.

      • Were you, Thomas Brown in the service? If not keep your comments about OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN to yourself, because we will back a MARINE any day of the week. If you were you must have been one of the ask don’t tell portion.

        • CptSmashy says:

          Even when that Marine is a racist piece of shit instigating violence against other Americans?

        • That was pretty sexist Wendy. Are you saying that gays don’t make good marines? Bet that you wouldn’t say that if you were involved in a fire fight and were surrounded by nothing but the “don’t ask don’t tell” division of fighting warriors.

          • as a doc in the army, part of my job at one time was to do mental evals on marines assigned to protect nuke sites and assigned to protect the embassies and white house. factually, I did not meet one marine in over 20 years of service who was both male and gay. I suppose they may well exist, however if they do, they sure keep quiet on the whole. However,as gays only occupy approximately 3.5% of our population, and less then 1% of our population serves in the active military. it may not fit everyone’s assorted fantasies, but gay military men are both rare and few, and very far between.

      • soundnfury says:

        Someone forgot to flush. This black turd keeps circling the toilet bowl.

        • Campbell Dustin says:

          And your the ass wipe I just rubbed my balls with. You may be a white tissue, but you’re too dirty and gross to be in the box with the fresh clean ones. You belong in the toilet too. : ) I’ll flush when I am done wiping my ass. LOL

      • thomas yo sir are an ignorant AH and yes SEMPER FI mf

      • Juicer4life says:

        And maybe the Semper Fi can start killing the most racist group, New Black Panthers. Take out the radical Muslims too.

    • WHich is what started the nonsense in the first place…. a group of IDIOTS think everyone black in McKinney lives in section 8 housing and can’t swim in thier white only pool

      • Michael Earnest says:

        Actually, the real story is some of the kids in the group were trying to get into the pool area which is an area you have to pay for or have a pass to get into. Either way the cop was a jackass by ruffing up the girl and so far has left the police dept. I can tell you this, if you start crap in Texas with a racial movement, you’re probably going to get killed. Don’t blame a white cop for the whole white race. There’s a lot of whites being killed by cops also and there’s a lot of blacks killing whites for no reason at all. All this shit needs to stop!

        • My husband pointed out that by resigning, that cop can now go get a job anywhere else in the US w/ NO “black marks” – so to speak – on his record. Are we all happy he resigned now? I’m not. However, I agree w/ you fully that he was a raging jackass who has no business holding a gun, much less owning one. And this shit DOES need to end!!!

          • His leaping front roll was tactically brilliant!

          • On one hand, yes it was. *I* was suitably impressed! Hubby said he learned it in boot camp… I wonder if the person holding the camera (phone, whatever, I’m too old for this shit!), didn’t actually trip him? If, in fact, he DID get tripped that was a helluva save.

            However, my husband, a leo, said it was a show off move, that he was out of control BEFORE he got to the kerfluffle (my word, not his! *grin*), and he was insanely OUT of control the rest of the time. (IOW, he shouldn’t have been running so wildly that he fell, or allowed himself to be tripped.) Hubby said he would NOT have wanted to work side-by-side w/ a hair-trigger fool like that. Even the two cops who went running past him, you could tell one of them seemed to be saying/acting, “hey dude, slow down, these are just kids”. Tho anymore…ya know? smh

            I’m SO glad hubby is long since retired!!

          • Lying about what? What MY husband said to ME? Or now that the cop resigned (which he has, I realize you need videos because you can’t read but you’ll find out soon enough when you finally turn off the video games and catch a little bit of your daddy’s news show) he can be hired on anywhere – and will be – w/ no disciplinarian notations on his record? What am I lying about?

            Your link had not one whit to do with ANYTHING! I don’t give a shit why the ruckus started or who did what to whom. I mentioned 2 things you YOURSELF cannot tell me is a truth or a lie – what my husband said to me and whether or not that man will ever work as a cop again. In case you hadn’t noticed, cops are in short supply all over the country – it’s not a very popular career right about now, mainly because of lunkheads and bib-dribblers like you. Oh you’re right, I don’t know you, maybe calling you a lunkhead was the lie. Perhaps I should have called you a dangerous ignorANUS?

            Either way, that cop will get a job again, many times over if he wishes. It’s not only cops who can have a bad rep and still get shuffled around with no one saying anything to the next boss – bad doctors and killer nurses/CNA’s do it all the time!!

            Now fuck off and leave me alone, your level of stupidity makes my brain hurt.

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            When you post a comment on a public forum, you are subject to public scrutiny. If that’s a problem, perhaps you shouldn’t comment on a public forum, hmmm.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Here ya go malcomx, take some responsibility for your thuggstas being thuggstas…


            more violent democrat thuggstas….


            More violent demokrats….

          • jarhead1982 says:

            So when are you going to accept responsibility for your thuggsta culture, you know, that perception based on HOW VIOLENT YOUR CULTURE IS eh malcomx…


            DOJ report…..LOL


            This post was co-authored by Oren Nimni, a civil rights attorney in Boston and member of the National Lawyers Guild’s executive board.

            In the city of Ferguson, nearly everyone is a wanted criminal.

            That may seem like hyperbole, but it is a literal fact. In Ferguson — a city with a population of 21,000 –16,000 people have outstanding arrest warrants, meaning that they are currently
            actively wanted by the police. In other words, if you were to take four people at random, the Ferguson police would consider three of them fugitives.

            That statistic should be truly shocking. Yet in the wake of the Department of Justice’s withering report on the city’s policing practices, it has gone almost entirely unmentioned. News reports and analysis have focused on the racism discovered in
            departmental emails, and the gangsterish financial shakedown” methods deployed against African Americans. In doing so, they have missed the full picture of Ferguson’s operation, which reveals a totalizing police regime beyond any of Kafka’s ghastliest nightmares.

            The Department of Justice’s 102-page report is a rich source of damning facts about the Ferguson criminal justice system. But tucked halfway in and passed over quickly is a truly revelatory set of figures: the arrest warrant data for the Ferguson Municipal Court.

            It turns out that nearly everyone in the city is wanted for something. Even internal police department communications found the number of arrest warrants to be “staggering”. By December of 2014, “over 16,000 people had outstanding arrest warrants that had been issued by the court.” The report makes clear that this refers to individual people, rather than cases (i.e.
            people with many cases are not being counted multiple times). However, if we do look at the number of cases, the portrait is even starker. In 2013, 32,975 offenses had associated warrants, so that there were 1.5 offenses for every city resident.

            That means that the city of Ferguson quite literally has more crimes than people.

            To give some context as to how truly extreme this is, a comparison may be useful. In 2014, the Boston Municipal Court System, for a city of 645,000 people, issued about 2,300 criminal warrants. The Ferguson Municipal Court issued 9,000, for a population 1/30th the size of Boston’s.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            We know all about the marxist race baiter financing these BS protests….


            george soros has a special spot in hell reserved for his evil!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Man the perception of your culture being so violent, racist and intyolerant just keeps getting reinforced more and more every day, you really need to clean your own house there al sharptongue…


            In 300 robberies I san Francisco, in 85% of the physical assault crimes, the victims were asian and the attackers were black demokrats!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Man your culture is racist and violent old jesse pimp daddy jackson…



            A birthday party for High School students, at a home in Fort Bend County, Texas,was crashed by a huge group of uninvited adult black males. As many as fifty uninvited people showed up at the same time and began forcing their way into the home. The uninvited guests found out about the party on social media.

            Once inside, the perps began menacing a white teenage female who was an invited guest. The victim immediately left the party, but the thugs followed her.

            A seventeen year old black male, who was an invited guest, came to her aid. The perps told him “We black people
            aren’t like you black people.”

            The seventeen year old black male was horrifically lynched by the mob, who kicked him over and over while he was on the ground. The white female victim was punched in the face and choked.

            Four adults and two juvenile have been arrested and charged. Police are looking for an unidentified ringleader, whom they believe is between 20 and 23.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Funny thing about math, you have to understand it, anti gun advocates don’t.

 The number of violent crimes committed by whites, versus blacks in totals, is about the same sweety, example……


            243,928 whites arrested to 157,384 blacks arrested

 for violent

            243,928/224 mil x 100k = 108.9 per 100k

            157,384/40 mil x 100k = 393.5 per 100k

            Thats not a two to one ratio whites committing more crimes due to poverty now is it….hmmmmmmm.

            In fact it is a near four to one ratio that blacks/demokrats are arrested for violent crimes………..yet they are 1/2 the number of whites in poverty….hmmmmmmm

            Thought you claimed poverty drove crime………

          • jarhead1982 says:


            One study in 1998 showed just over 548,000 gang members…

            White 12%

            Black 34%

            Hispanic 46%

            ASSESSMENT 2011, they show over 1.4 million gang members
            now sweety……


So lets see…

            1.4 mil x 12% = 168,000

            1.4 mil x 34% =476,000

            1.4 mil x 46% = 644,000

            Wow 1,120,000 /168,00 = demokrats are 6.67 times more likely to be violent gang members…typikal!

            So why shouldnt the cops be more wary and agressive around
            blacks/latinos = demokrats, your poven more violent!

            Oh and one thing you should remember about FBI UCR data sweety, they hadn’t separated whites, from Latinos, until 2013!

fbi-to-track-latino-arrests-for-uniform-crime-report /

FBI to Track Latino Arrests for Uniform Crime Report

            Huffington Post, June 25, 2013

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Isnt it amazing how malcomx wannabe here cant remember history of what the demokraps did to his kind, yet here he supports their BS like a good useful fool does…


            The original targets of the Ku Klux Klan were Republicans, both black and white, according to a new television program and
            book, which describe how the Democrats started the KKK and for decades harassed the GOP with lynchings and threats.

            An estimated 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites died at the end of KKK ropes from 1882 to 1964.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Malcomx here is spewing WASCISM, when the it should look in the mirror and beeitoch slap itself…



            How demokrats destroyed Detroit w 52 years of corruption and incompetence!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Yeah, malcomx really needs to address his borthers thuggsta culture and blatant racism before commenting in public again and looking as foolish as it has…


            Demokrap racism defined


            Obama officials as racist as they come!


            2 centuries of racism courtesy the Demokraps!

          • jarhead1982 says:


            Politicians cooking the books eh, ROTFLMFAO, typical leftists.


            More cooking the books in Chicagostan!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Even Anti gun rights activists, the vast majority of whom are white guilt demokratic racists, serially ignore America’s appallingly high death by illegal use of a gun rates to its black population in furtherance of their agenda. Nationwide, the black homicide
            victimization rate in 2011 was 17.51 per 100,000 and among white Americans, the homicide victimization rate was 2.64 per 100,000.


            How can this be?

          • jarhead1982 says:

            See, the USDOJ also provides GOVERNMENT DATA showing how 30% of the population, not white, commits 87% of all the violent crimes!

            What is even funnier, is how more-ons like you, cant prove that
            95% of greater of that 30% of the population, not white, doesnt vote predominantly demokrat!

            Making you demokrats, the 7 times inherently more violent subset of our culture!

            Truth is if we banned demokrats, it would reduce violence

            Doubt the USDOJ, google the 10 most dangerous cities, funny how hey have one common denominator, large % of DEMOKRATS!


            10. Newburgh, NY – 19.4% white, 32.96% democrat/black, 48.3 democrat/Latino
            9. Oakland, CA – 25.9% white, 28% /democrat/black, 25.4% democrat/Latino
            8. Chester, PA – 17.2% white, 74.7% democrat/black
            7. Bessemer, AL – 28.93% white, 69.55% democrat/black
            6. Detroit, MI – 10.6% white, 82.7% democrat/black
            5. Saginaw, MI – 43.5 % white, 46.1 % democrat/black
            4. West Memphis, AR – 42.16% white, 55.93% democrat/black
            3. Camden, NJ – 17.59% white, 48.07% democrat/black
            2. Flint, MI – 37.4% white, 56.6% democrat/black
            1. East St. Louis, IL – 1.23 white, 97.74% democrat/black

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Isnt it amazing how when one pulls up the US Bureau of Justice
            data like these articles did, we see how demokrats are the predominantly violent sub species of our society!


            Ethnicity # of Inmates % of Inmates

            Black 80,228 / 40 mil pop = .002
White 128,882 / 224 mil pop = .00057
Hispanic 75,728 / 50 mil pop = .0015

            .002/.000575 = 3.47 times more likely democrats/blacks
            felons than whites

            .0015/.000575 = 2.63 times more likely democrats/hispanics
            felons than whites

          • jarhead1982 says:

            The US Census declared hat in 2010, 15.1% of the general population lived in poverty:[40]
9.9% of all white persons, 26.6% Latino…………….
28.4% of all black persons.

            224 mil x .099 = 22.176 mil
            40 mil x .284 = 11.36 mil
            50 mil x .266 = 13.3 mil


            It looks like poor whites outnumber poor democrats/blacks by a factor of 2.

            If your “blame everything on poverty” theory is correct, poor whites should commit twice as many murders as poor democrats/blacks do.

            And yet democrats/blacks commit 50% of all murders.

            How come?

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Bureau of Justice Statistics

            Filename: htus8008f18.csv
Report title: Homicide
            Trends in United States
Data source: Supplementary Homicide Report
Authors: Erica
            Smith and Alexia Cooper
Refer questions to: (202) 307-0765

            Date of version: 11/16/11

            Figure 18. Homicide offending rates, by race, 1980-2008

            Rate per 100,000 population

            Year / White / Democrat/Black

            1980 / 6.4 / 49.8

            1981 / 5.9 / 45.8

            1982 / 5.6 / 41.2

            1983 / 5.3 / 36.3

            1984 / 5.3 / 33.1

            1985 / 5.1 / 34

            1986 / 5.3 / 37.9

            1987 / 5.2 / 36.6

            1988 / 4.9 / 41.3

            1989 / 5.1 / 42.1

            1990 / 5.6 / 46.5

            1991 / 5.6 / 51.1

            1992 / 5.2 / 46.5

            1993 / 5.2 / 48.5

            1994 / 5.1 / 44.5

            1995 / 4.8 / 38.4

            1996 / 4.4 / 34.9

            1997 / 4.1 / 31.2

            1998 / 4.1 / 26.9

            1999 / 3.5 / 24.5

            2000 / 3.5 / 25.2

            2001 / 3.6 / 25.4

            2002 / 3.6 / 24.8
2003 / 3.5 / 25.2

            2004 / 3.6 / 24
2005 / 3.5 / 26.6
2006 / 3.4 / 28.4

            2007 / 3.4 / 27.4

            2008 / 3.4 / 24.7

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Amazing how this information is straight from the FBI
            and the CDC

            Since demokraps are 13% of the population, then 13% of all serial killers should be black/demokraps

            250 caught/convicted serial killers 2014

            Rate per 100k/ Population / # serial killers / race

            0.065756141 / 223,553,265 / 147 / white
            0.210638 / 38,929,319 / 82 / democrat/black
            0.031697232 / 50,477,594 / 16 / democrat/hispanic
            0.009509798 / 14,674,252 / 3 / asian
            0.028430683 / 4,263,000 / 2 /native American

            So since sane and intelligent people understand the crime levels are based on rates per population, it is indeed true that blacks are twice as likely to be serial killers than whites, 6 times more likely than Hispanics.

            But since you idiots insist Hispanic’s are white, then the real rate difference is 3.20 times more likely blacks are to be serial

            Of course, we see where multiple forensic psychologists have already identified serial killers and pedophiles having the
            same exact set of habits, personalities, etc, etc…

          • jarhead1982 says:

            A few years ago, The Chicago Sun-Times pointed out that young BLACK men are their own “worst enemies” killing each other at a rate that dramatically dwarfs Ku Klux Klan Lynchings. “The Tuskegee Institute recorded 3,446 Lynchings of
            blacks from 1882 to 1968, over 86 years”.

            Yet, back in “Sweet Home Chicago”, in just 18 years from 1991 to 2009, Black males murdered 9,500 other Black males? That’s Nine-Thousand, Five Hundred, or 3 times what the KKK did in 86 years.

            In that city of “brotha-ly” love, Philadelphia, in just 3 years from 2006 to 2009, Black males murdered 1,196 Black males.

            In case you haven’t gotten the memo, what about Al Shop-tin and Jay-Z’s Brooklyn, or Charley Rangel’s Harlem; Maxine Water’s WATTS & South Central LA?

            Then there’s Sheila Jackson Lee and Beyonce’s Houston, another classic:

            Focusing on the period between 2000-01 and 2006-07, the study found Houston at the TOP of a list of 28 U.S. cities, with a 139 percent increase in the number of young Black males murdering others Black males.

            Then, there is that famous Civil Rights Icon, and Congressman, John Lewis’s Atlanta:

            In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary. Source: APD Uniform Crime
            Reports: Apr ’11 to Apr ’12.

            The list of ‘total hypocrites” goes on, so called “Black community leaders” spouting nonsensical rhetoric, while their “very own communities” murder young Black males.

            Hard core stats destroying Black areas, but all America hears is WHITEY WACIST, please fool, insult other peoples intelligence, no one believes your BS….

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Between 1976 and 2005, African-Americans, 12.6% of the population in the last census, committed 52.2% of all homicides.


            That is, over the 30-year period, African-Americans committed murder at about 7.33 times the white rate. (Whites here include Hispanics.)


            Of homicides committed by strangers, on average, 18.77% involved blacks killing whites, while in 5.08% of the cases, whites killed blacks. African-Americans were therefore nearly 3.7 times more likely to kill a white than a white to kill a black


            To provide some raw numbers, DOJ statistics are available FOR EXAMPLE 2005, 10,285 African-Americans committed murders. As 8.8% of these were “black on white,” there were, assuming only one death per murderer, 905 whiteskilled, almost 2.5 per day. In the same year, again assuming one killing per
            perpetrator, 267 blacks were murdered by whites (3.2% of 8,350 killings).


            Crime is a young man’s métier.

            The vast majority of the 52.2% of U.S. murders committed by African-Americans are the work of the roughly 2% of the population who are black males between the ages of 15 and 25.

            Would these figures, courtesy of Eric Holder, surprise most Americans?

          • jarhead1982 says:

            More proof of the social engineering failures of the demokraps marxist mania…


            In 2010, Chicago was 32.9% Demokrat/African-American,
            28.9% Demokrat/Hispanic, 31.7% White, and 5.5% Asian:

            In 2010, Demokrat/African-Americans accounted for 65.7% of arrests for criminal sexual assault and Hispanics accounted for 27.7% of arrests for criminal sexual assault in Chicago. In other
            words, 93.4% of arrests for criminal sexual assault in Chicago were Demokrat/African-American and Demokrat/Hispanic.

            In 2010, Demokrat/African-Americans accounted for 85.5% of arrests for robbery and Demokrat/Hispanics accounted for
            10.8% of arrests for robbery in Chicago. In other words, 96.3% of arrests for robbery in Chicago were Demokrat/African-American and Demokrat/Hispanic.

            In 2010, Demokrat/African-Americans accounted for 74% of arrests for burglary and Demokrat/Hispanics accounted for
            18.7% of arrests for burglary in Chicago. In other words, 92.7% of arrests for burglary in Chicago were Demokrat/African-American and Demokrat/Hispanic.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            I notice that your link didn’t exist, and how your post has absolutely nothing to do with the fucking article. And any idiot that is stupid enough to think that skin color automatically makes one more likely commit crimes, as opposed to socio-economic status (the real cause), is more desperate than Anna, who lied about the TX incident, and was also exposed as the dishonest racist she was. LOL
            Hey, i’ll bet people with purple sweaters run faster than people with yellow ones. LMAO Dumbass.

          • jarhead1982 says:

            We notice it proves how you demokraps are 7 times inherently more violent racist POS’s…..welcome to reality troll!

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Yes, and only an idiot who wants bad publicity would hire him.

          • John Urias says:

            Then your husband is an idiot, that is not how it works at all. To work anywhere in the “US” he would still have to get re-certified under that state to be an peace officer in that state, that alone takes a year to complete. and whats this about “black mark” doesn’t exist he resigned because of the politics behind the scenes.

          • Yeah? what does that take? Getting the book of laws, studying it ahead of time, a few bucks to pay his test fee and sitting for the test? Why is this so all fired hard to understand??

            With cops resigning right and left because fucktards like the Baltimore mayor telling her own cops to stand down so that the looters have “space to destroy”, (gonna call me a liar on that one too?? Let Dean James school you on that, he’s got the video proof!), or fucktards that want to kill as many of them that they can before they get caught, a WHOOOOOOOLE LOTTA small towns and counties (w/ small town budgets and pay) are gonna scoop him up and say “yeah, whatever”.

            Why do they care about about a few – shall we say “dimples”? – on his record, who doesn’t? He shows get-up-and-go, spunk for the long haul, and not afraid to get into the middle of things and throw a few perps down, be damned who they are. Sheriffs and police chiefs are gonna get on their hands and knees and thank whatever deity they worship, just to get him!

            If it’s so damned hard for a cop, why is it so damned easy for bad doctors to go hospital to hospital w/ nary a word said – aye, yes or no? Most of America is no more “by the book” than they could even recognize the book, not *enough* ppl are sticklers that all the “forms and procedures” be followed! It’s all banana oil and fish bait.

          • No black marks? He’ll be lucky to get a job at McDonalds with this being a national media story his name and face have been scattered everywhere, no company or police dept is going to want to deal with that. That’s all assuming he doesn’t get slapped with any criminal charges once the investigation is done.

        • Campbell Dustin says:

          You made that up, you lying SOB. LOL

          • Oh, really, for one who’s too afraid to post his real picture. Were you there? From what I have seen of the entire incident, and listening to the ones that were there, including BLACK residents who live in McKinney, the girl that Casebolt was taking into custody had assaulted a mother of 3 young children… and the same girl was the DJ that set up an illegal set up, next to the community clubhouse pool that only residents can enter, through a scanned access card (like you’d use to get into your hotel room). She, nor her mother, had any permission from the community to do anything of this sort. She has been doing this at several private clubhouse community pools in the area, creating illegal parties, and then charging her followers $15/head to get into the pool. ALL of this was caught on video, but only the 7 minutes showing the officer taking the girl into custody, while she was resisting arrest, was shown to the public, and it went viral. You also didn’t see the two males that came up behind the officer while she was being subdued, and one of them reached behind his back, as if to take a weapon out of his waistband… THAT is what the officer reacted to… a threat against HIM!

          • Robert Grainger says:


          • Campbell Dustin says:

            You didn’t post your real picture, either, you stupid cunt. LOL It doesn’t matter where i’m from, Michael lied, and I posted eye witness accounts from both black and white residents. You and He got that “scared police vs. savage black teens” bullshit from a GOP blog site, and it’s completely made up. No one was charged, you idiot, the pool is in a subdivision. LOL You idiots are too desperate.

          • At least you know what I stand for. BTW, the name calling isn’t called for, and it just goes to show that you are NO better than those that were causing the chaos. If you posted ‘eye witness accounts’, that means that you were indeed a part of it.

            And for your information, I’m not fearful, but I am an ex-LEO. I get both sides of the story, and the facts, gleaned from MANY sources, before I jump to conclusions, unlike you.

            How do you KNOW that no one was charged? Ever hear of being released on your own recognizance (or ‘OR’d’), or being bonded out. The report was that everyone was released… nothing about whether or not anyone was charged. So, you’re jumping to conclusions there, yourself. And I can tell, by the background of the video, that this is a ‘clubhouse’ type community pool, where it is enclosed by wrought iron fencing, with brick foundations. It requires an access card that you scan to get into the interior. Only residents of the Home Owner’s Association would have these cards, as part of their homeownership. They are also limited as to how many guests they can bring into the clubhouse at any one time, which, in this case, is 2 guests. You see, I have been in these ‘subdivisions’ many, many times, in my nearly 58 years on this planet, to know the difference between a ‘public’ swimming pool that is run by the city, and a ‘private’ community pool used exclusively by members of the community. These teenagers invaded a ‘private’ pool, fool. They were climbing and jumping the fence, to gain access. That is why the cops were called, in the first place, by the employees of the HOA that were there at the pool.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            No, it’s definitely called for, only b/c of what you stand for, a lie created on a racist blog site. Congratulations, Adolf Hitler, you’re quite the self-righteous sack of shit every delusional moron is with a blog site account. LOL You’re scared of people different than you to the point that you’ll defend a lie, despite the facts of the matter being presented directly from the source, the people in the neighborhood. You embarrass America, and stand in opposition to everything the U.S. Constitution stands for. This isn’t Nazi Germany, i’s America. Get a clue.

          • You know what? You’re so full of hatred and anger, that there is just no getting through to you! One, I don’t have a blog site account. I am, by far, not a racist, not by any stretch of the imagination. I judge people by their character, not their skin color. Under the skin, we’re all the same… we bleed the same color, and the same amount, our guts are in the same place, etc. So, what sets us apart, besides skin color… which all that is that some of us are born with more melanin in our skin, so that reflects the darker skin color… big deal. What sets us apart is our character, our souls. You, along with the teenagers that are involved here, are sons and daughters of SATAN. That’s what I judge, through the Holy Spirit’s discernment.

            BTW, guess you weren’t aware… Adolf Hitler was NOT a Christian, but an occultist… that means he was a son of Satan, as well… so that makes you and him brothers.

          • Campbell Dustin says:

            Who do I hate, besides you, chief? Don’t worry, i’ll wait. You see, your posts make no sense whatsoever. I don’t hate you for the color of your skin, I hate you for the content of your character. You also can’t read. I called YOU Adolf Hitler, so that makes you the son of Satan, by your logic-less comment. I never said you were a Christian, and don’t care what you claim as a faith, you’re a racist who defends a lie, despite the facts being posted on here, and that is something only Satan would do. Fuck you, and your evil army of cowards. Nazi.

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            And I guess all the blacks who testified to what took place at that party are racist too, huh, dumbass! You’re such a sack of lying shit. You’ve got to be some damn 15 year old kid in his mommas basement!!!

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            What would you know about the Constitution? You said you were not an American, jackwad!!!

          • jarhead1982 says:

            Only desperation we see is from al sharptongue junior here, now go back to not paying your taxes thuggsta…

      • No not all Blacks live in section 8 and not all white folks do either instead of helping the idiots make this racial how about stand as a diverse state of many races and colors and push them out seriously the more we as a nation play the race card the more these idiots in DC win so the choice is yours be an American or be a radical idiot

        • Your facts are all twisted up. Everyone agrees that this situation started with some 40 year old woman fighting a 19 year old and making racial slurs. Noone is HELPING make this racist. The woman using the slurs and the cop who decided everyone black needed to be detained created this all by themselves. No,instead of posting nonsense that is in denial of the facts why not join the rest of us acknowledge the problem so we can start cleaning up the mess

          • Who is everyone? Where you present and privy to the intelligence you have alleged? What woman was using slurs and what was the nature of those slurs? Did the officer tell you or anyone else he had decided to detain blacks only? How did you arrive at your unsupported conclusions?

          • I’m privy to the videos the people who were there made. Those folks said in thier own words what started the incident. So I yes, this was started by a white lady attacking a 19 year old with racial slurs by the accounts of the people who recorded the incidents. They have all spoken publically. Once again instead of DENYING basic facts, Acknowledge what people there SAID started the incident. Then it can be cleaned up…. You have to accept a problem before you can fix it. Same is true here

          • Thank you for your response Mr. Johnson. As I was not present at the event I can only rely on the accounts presented by the various media sources, which all clearly have an agenda.

          • The 19-yo black girl assaulted the 40-year old white woman, first. The 19-yo grabbed the white woman’s hair, when she was trying to leave the pool with her 3 young girls, going to their car, when the 19-yo grabbed her hair and dragged her down. Can’t you hear the little girls screaming in the background? Come on, fool!

          • watch the video

          • Thank you, I have. I was attempting to address Mr. Johnson’s ambiguous comments.

          • WRONG! The OWNER of the facility/pool called the police! Have you NOT seen the interviews with black residents who WERE THERE? (fucking typical “white only” pool bullshit) It was PRIVATE party for RESIDENTS and someone sent out a flier that it was an open event. When people started arriving that were NOT residents, they were refused entry. Residents are allowed a MAXIMUM of 2 guests. Instead of having respect for the people who DO live in the community and pay to use the facility, these ASSHOLES started jumping the fence. That is why the police were called. Their assistance was requested! I just LOVE how stupid idiots display their ignorance publicly on the internet.
            That being said, when LAW ENFORCEMENT arrives, you’re supposed respect their authority for attempting to do their job. But just like the ASSHOLES had no respect for the residents, they had no respect for the law enforcement officers! She and everyone single one of those kids running around provoking the officers should be ashamed of themselves and I pray they all face consequences
            You REFUSE to acknowledge FACTS just so you can play the race card. You love racism and you want to keep it alive. All of this bullshit, and every other scenario we have seen where the you guys are crying racism, could have been avoided if you learn to HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR THE LAW!
            If racism is still alive, you are the reason…you and the fact that you can’t SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT AND STOP THINKING EVERY BAD THING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU IN LIVE IS BECAUSE THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN!
            It is convenient for you to say that black are victims…its like a little get out of jail free card, by pretending you’re targeted for being black. When in reality, law enforcement and much of the general population are so terrified of being called racist, they cower to what is RIGHT and let stupid shit like this go!

            You can bet your sweet ass that when I’ve had run-ins with the law, I sit sown and SHUT MY MOUTH and do everything I am asked. But obviously, every single incident I’ve had with the law…IF I was black, it would be racist, right? So what is it when the exact same things happen to white people? Just sweep that shit under the rug I guess. RACE CARD REVOKED!!!

          • You’re going to have to come up with something better than that

          • Yea, the one that sent out the flier that it was an open event, was the 19-yo who set up an illegal DJ set up next to the pool area, outside the enclosure. The reason why she was arrested is that she literally assaulted the 40-yo woman who had 3 young children, and they were trying to LEAVE the pool, because of what the 19-yo had created with her illegal party. The HOA did NOT give her permission to set up the DJ scenario. The WHOLE thing was created by the 19-yo, and THAT’s why the cop was arresting her. All of the 100+ black teenagers who showed up from OUTSIDE the community, and CRASHED the clubhouse pool, creating chaos, and that’s why the management of the pool (which are employees of the HOA) called the cops. To restore the order that was causing their residents to leave the pool area, due to this 19-yo’s illegal activities.

      • this was not black or white it was about people trespassing in an HOA pool and not obeying police commands All I know when I was that age and an officer told me to stand on my head I did it and I was not a good kid.

      • WRONG! The OWNER of the facility/pool called the police! Have you NOT seen the interviews with black residents who WERE THERE? (fucking typical “white only” pool bullshit) It was PRIVATE party for RESIDENTS and someone sent out a flier that it was an open event. When people started arriving that were NOT residents, they were refused entry. Residents are allowed a MAXIMUM of 2 guests. Instead of having respect for the people who DO live in the community and pay to use the facility, these ASSHOLES started jumping the fence. That is why the police were called. Their assistance was requested! I just LOVE how stupid idiots display their ignorance publicly on the internet.
        That being said, when LAW ENFORCEMENT arrives, you’re supposed respect their authority for attempting to do their job. But just like the ASSHOLES had no respect for the residents, they had no respect for the law enforcement officers! She and everyone single one of those kids running around provoking the officers should be ashamed of themselves and I pray they all face consequences
        You REFUSE to acknowledge FACTS just so you can play the race card. You love racism and you want to keep it alive. All of this bullshit, and every other scenario we have seen where the you guys are crying racism, could have been avoided if you learn to HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR THE LAW!

        It is convenient for you to say that black are victims…its like a little get out of jail free card, by pretending you’re targeted for being black. When in reality, law enforcement and much of the general population are so terrified of being called racist, they cower to what is RIGHT and let stupid shit like this go!

        You can bet your sweet ass that when I’ve had run-ins with the law, I sit sown and SHUT MY MOUTH and do everything I am asked. But obviously, every single incident I’ve had with the law…IF I was black, it would be racist, right? So what is it when the exact same things happen to white people? Just sweep that shit under the rug I guess. RACE CARD REVOKED!!!

      • brenda chafin says:

        Doesn’t anyone understand it was a PRIVATE pool ?? and the crashers didn’t live in that neighborhood,

        • We understand perfectly. You had 2 groups of people. ones that lived there and ones that did not. The kids that did live there were still detained by Mr Casebolt. Conservative media is only twisting the situation saying the only kids that were targeted didn’t live there. Conservative media is also not bringing up Tracey Carver-Allbritton who fought one one of kids and used racial slurs. Mrs Tracey Carver-Allbritton has also been suspended from her job due to the fight

      • turbomama says:

        There were blacks AND whites at the pool, dumbass! They were residents and got in the legal way with their poolkey…..These idiots were climbing the fence, assaulted two security guards, and were the ones yelling racial crap to the residents whose pool they were basically breaking into!

        • I wasn’t including those people cause they were not indicted in the mess. The only people indicted in this mess were kids mostly minorities . Once again a fight instigated the tensions at the pool. We have a name. I’m not posting her name again. She used racial slurs and the media is not mentioning her actions that caused the mess. The climbing over the fence stuff isn’t what prompted the unruly actions by kids. It was was a fight by by a white lady who used racial slurs. I e posted her name. Do your research instead of regurgitating conservative media

      • OldNYFirefighter says:

        It was a private pool for residents of the housing complex. The girl that started this whole fiasco didn’t have permission to even have a party because she didn’t ask, didn’t submit a $150 security fee or sign a contract. The DJ that was also there illegally tweeted invitations- again illegally, so over 130 kids showed up, white & blacks. They became unruly when security blocked them from the pool (illegal entry). One cop arrived after a resident called them. The kids were told to leave & most of them did. One white kid was detained but over a dozen blacks refused to leave & started fights with residents. The girl in question was a smart ass & harassed the officer & when he told her to sit down, she refused & continued to resist. Maybe if you checked the facts before shooting your mouth off & looking stupid. It is a mixed community of many races & residents of any color are allowed in the pool. Non residents are not allowed & these kids, black & white were not residents. They cam from other areas & housing developments. Trespassing was the problem, color had nothing to do with it. Now Sharpton & the NBPP will make it about race probably under the direction of Obama & Soros.

        • I live near McKinney and the problem was a nineteen year old girl posting a party she was not allowed to have, charging for entry, completely against the H.O.A rules. Bunch of entitled punks show up and get denied entry, start crap. The out of towners show up to push the agenda. Bring it! I have 19 guns and all the ammo I need. Campbell, come to my house and I will show you how to behave. Please.

    • Semper Fi Bro kick butt!!! id even help

    • Campbell Dustin says:

      LOL The NOI and NBPs have taken on the federal government and conquered. Texas is a fucking state. And they don’t have the juice they once did.

    • Ryan Hettenhausen says:

      I agree to an extent. The only reason things happened the way they did in Missouri was because they destroyed their own neighborhood and stayed there. Most people I knew were locked and loaded, waiting for them to spill over into our neighborhoods. All that media hype took place in a three block radius

    • James Chandler says:

      I’m with you, Don’t. Someone should print up a bunch of toe tags and go hand them out as these fools come by. When they ask “what they fo?” tell them “Just in case”.

    • Nelson in Texas says:

      I think that is actually what they want. They want open civil war in this nation. And unfortunately it is looking more and more like it will happen. Now maybe we know what Jade Helm is really about.

    • Thomas Kane Kraft says:

      I can’t wait to see if that is talk or true. I hope to hell Texas communities stand up for themselves and don’t let these punks riot on their streets. But I bet they do.

    • obadiahorthodox says:

      fuck you jar heads

    • Well if Texas needs some help. There are still a lot of Tennessee men that are well armed and not afraid to help.

    • Royalsfan67 says:

      Actually we in Missouri have a very strong gun culture. You have to look at where the protests took place. Their territory not ours. They don’t dare come to our neighborhoods

    • My thoughts exactly. Send them to allah.

    • Go for it Texans! Send these thugs to the beyond and rid our country of this trash!

  3. The NOI and the NBP are FBI stooges. This is a psy-op. But hey I’m kicking a dead horse. You people stil believe that obama is a socialist when he has shown himself to be as much of a conservative, manicured, tenderfoot wall street republican as any of the clowns you have put in office.



    • nevada_geon says:

      Yo. Moron. Have you noticed that no one wants to stick their head up your @ss? Between your own head, and the black helicopters, your rectum is full.

      • One of you “black heroes” come to my house and let’s discuss this. No malice intended, would just like to understand the entitled mind set. I can show you what multiple jobs and responsibilities will get the average, hard working person. You are brave being a keyboard coward, pm me and we shall meet. Please don’t show up to a battle of wits unarmed, it’s embarrassing for you.

  4. says:

    Texans do this peacefully at first. Only show up with football helmets, face mask shoulder pads, thigh pads for making some loud noise when pounding on them in unison, and finally baseball bats. If the black thugs show up with fire arms then bring out your biggest hardware to let the thugs and Washington’s District of Corruption know the Republic of Texas will not tolerate the thug invasion. Remember the Alamo!

    • There is no invasion just a bunch of paid actors grandstanding to blow the situation out of proportion and distract you from TPP, the freedom act, money wasted on israel, aid to ISIS and all of the lies surrounding these things.

      • says:

        You’re exactly right. However, they’ll likely demonstrate and possibly attack so what will you do then?

        • They will not attack. All they do is talk crap. Blacks are 15% of the population. In the unlikely event of a race war they would stand zero chance of winning and these assholes know that.

          • david paul says:

            But whites are 10% of the world….so you think it’s only us you have to worry about. …we aren’t the only tired of yall shit….

          • blacks are 13% of the USA, occidentals comprise slightly under 68%, Amerinds and Asians comprise about 8% and Hispanics the rest. the USA is a western European based nation. Western Europe has about the same statistical make up, by far and away the majority are white, with blacks a distinct minority and even fewer Asians. The enormous amount of Asians in the world skew any and all statistics, as they have more then 3 billion members. occidentals/whites/Aryans (continental India is comprised on Aryans genetically) comprise some 2.3 billion. Hispanics (Spanish and American Indian) comprise another 1.5 billion and black Africans comprise slightly less then a billion. Are you warning us (I am an occidental) about the Asians?

          • david paul says:

            You the dumbest crackas in the world….whispering are 10% …the minority and the Arab Muslim world are more than ready to help fucked yall coward as up…tiny lame dick mf

          • Jean-Marie Hendricks says:

            Bring it on you fucking camel jockey loving cock sucker!!!

    • WardDorrity says:

      Remember Rorke’s Drift.

  5. hardresetamericadotcom says:

    Gee, if they just weren’t wearing those black berets I would not be so intimidated by them.

  6. PaulBrosamJr says:

    You Texans need to take It to the streets and start cleaning house. We need to send a message to these people creating civil unrest through rioting that this is not going to happen. We white people have to put the brakes on this and stop the silliness. This is happening on a regular basis. Do we bring out the Klan to fight these thugs? I guess that is what it’s going to take to stop this.

    • Susan Stanley says:

      Stop what racist cops from hurting young kids that weren’t hurting anybody?? And the KKK days are over we don’t live in the slave days anymore you’re part of the problem.

      • Matthew Wilson says:

        obviously you have not seen all the tape. NBP are the black KKK stupid

      • Roger Sallas says:

        You my dear are in the dark. This was not a racist incident and has been turned in to that. This cop defended him self. The men approached aggressively, the girl on the ground had disobeyed direct orders, lawful orders for investigation of fighting and trespassing in a private pool. Key card entry required, this is not a public pool.

      • DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

        When you resist the police don’t be surprised when they put their hands on you! When you approach the police when they are trying to detain someone for resisting, don’t be surprised if they pull a weapon on you! When the media chooses to put forth a biased slant instead of an objective view! They become irrelevant! You and your nonsensical ranting prove your irresponsible contributions to an already distorted view from the powers that be!

        Semper Fidelis

      • Reggie Green says:

        Yet its ok for Farrakan and the nbpp to sit here and say attack white people.Racism is alive,and it goes both ways.i never was,but reading dumb things like bomb nurseries to kill white babies,well that makes me shift my pov.only pieces of these stories are told.nobody hasmentioned any real solutions.the cops have a job,and its not to turn the other cheek when theyre disrespected.

      • ronnie serafino says:


      • I hope you dont really think the KKK is over do you! Then you are a stupid blond!

      • wildturkey3776 . says:

        Going to make that biker gang shoot out look like a picnic

      • mud shark.

      • Pam Dworshak says:

        Do you really know what The NBP’S are? They ARE a black KKK. You need to watch some of their videos, if you are white, they want you dead also, or a slave. They are a hate group, not at all about love of some whites. Let me tell you how the Officers day started, he was only on duty for an hr before he had to come to that stupid pool party brawl. In his first hr of work he had a call to a suicide, a person DID take their own life. Then his 2nd call was to a suicidal kid that was on the roof of a house that he had to talk down, and he did. Right from that he gets called to this pool party, with kids that would not do as they were told to do. If you go and watch all of the video, the 2 boys he had to tell to sit down a second time, he went up to them and was very nice and explained to them why he got upset, and what and why they need to do as they are told to do. The young girl was told so many time to just go home, she just had to keep coming back, had to just keep her mouth running. What happen to the day when kids had even the smallest amount of respect for their elders? If she was my daughter, she would be grounded till she graduated. I taught my 2 girls they are to never disrespect adults, and to disrespect a cop! Kids today, not all but so many feel they do not have to respect adults, but adults are to respect them. Respect is earned, she didn’t even come close to earning any kinda respect. I wanted to slap the attitude out of her.

    • Darrell Hayes says:

      You missing the fact that a coward cop stepped on a little girl for no reason …..and if you did bring the klan what they gon do ….do you realize that the white race is the minority of the world ? All we gotta do is call south America or Africa or jamica or Cuba or so on and so on if we really wanted to fuck y’all up?

      • William Sullivan says:

        idiot. its called resisting arrest.

      • Richard Luttich says:

        LOL, Call whom? So you must know the whole country then? Hey, newsflash, nigger. Blacks in Africa LOOK DOWN ON U.S.blacks. Blacks from Jamaica look down on you too. Know why? Because THEY’re Black men and women. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A NIGGER MONKEY. Property of the white man. You keep on talking and acting like that, and thats all your ever going to be.

      • She was yelling obscenities at him and he asked her 13 friggin times to leave the area as she didn’t belong there. But no, she had her neck wagging foul mouthed “black attitude” on and continued to get in his face, and She got what she deserved.
        You obviously have an agenda and of course you don’t know jack sh!t on facts.

        The only problem with calling those countries you mentioned is…no one in those countries has the will or the way to even get here…much less stand in a line and fight. You Sir…are an absolute Moron. “Fuck y’all up”? The only thing we have to do to shut your your race down is turn off the electricity and stop the welfare checks!

      • Marilyn Sullivan says:

        Darrell Hayes,please don’t be silly.Those people aren’t giving a damn about what your problems are,they have enough problems of their own.These countries you named are in no way interested in what is going on over here,just because they have dark skin doesn’t make them your friend.

      • whites don’t need to call the Klan planned parenthood is wiping you out along with the democrat party your just too stupid to see it.

        • Planned parenthood is directly responsible for the deaths of more then 50 million black children since Roe V Wade was passed. 50 million children killed by their own mothers!
          think of what the US has lost as a nation, what musicians, what poets, what scientests, what engineers we have lost. Insanity in a race impacts it at all levels. given what we white see from the outside, blacks abortion rates (more then 75% of all black pregnancies end in abortion) black on black murders, black on black crime, black riots where they burn their own neighborhoods over the media hype of some new incident, its hard to view blacks as a group with out all that impacting your brain. black actors on TV and in magazines just do not alleviate the picture most of us have in the black community. Even Bill Cosby, who my generation has always respected, has of late been accused by more then 2 dozen women of drugging them and hen raping them. this young black girl who organized a pay to play pool party on line was trying to take advantage of the neighborhood party, and make some cash off of it. She was the girl thrown to the ground for not leaving or shutting up as the 12 officers were trying to take control of the fights in a neighborhood party. She absolutely was an instigator, and got so much more then she expected. now she is working the ‘black’ angle to gain support and notoriety. The recent attacks by blacks on the homes of the people who live in McKinney, the vandalized cars, the torn down street signs, the pool trashed have been unwarranted, and as a Texan, I can assure you this is a ‘fight’ this child woman can not win. she may in fact end up causing the deaths of people who have “come to Texas” to protect her. Sad, but highly probable.

          • Hugh Jass says:

            I have only had one close black friend he started off as my Jiu JitsuMMA coach 19 years ago he had honor and integrity the last time I saw him we got into a debate over affirmative action I said it was not necessary I asked him did it help him get through buds and become a navy seal he said he did not need it he could do it on his own I said exactly.he has not talked to me since then.

  7. William Sullivan says:

    Dead niggers.

  8. sam52054 says:

    Hope they have enough body bags on hand if they try to start anything. Texans don’t take kindly to people trying to burn down their neighborhoods. Those things whizzing by their heads will NOT be mosquitos.

  9. tommyroswell says:

    Time to go hunting for black pussy Kat’s and goat jumpers!!!

  10. Vernon Cunningham says:

    iF THIS IS TRUE, DEPUTIZE THE LOCAL MEN AND WOMEN. ARM THEM OR LET THEM BRING THEIR OWN, AND SET UP AND BE READY TO RESPOND TO violence. It should be lawful to shoot any who are destroying property and threatening the lives of tax payers. They are Militia, and can be called. let the cops take a day off. Their rules are different than the militia. Or, out of uniform, they can join as private citizens. The enemy should be easy to spot. They are wearing black berets, and are ugly. You can probably smell them coming.

  11. Bill Smith says:

    Well the Pink Pussy Panthers are in Texas! How many ISLAMO pig faces came down? How many will go back On their FEET?

  12. Mary Brown says:

    That is what I call a target rich environment! Texans are not the wimps out east!

  13. Paid for by oboma!!! They can do this shit then bring on the KKK !!!

  14. They start, then start shooting them and send a message!

  15. Oh lord these folks are in for a surprise.

  16. Mark Flaming says:

    Bring your stupid asses. Start a riot and I guarantee a blood bath.
    We won’t tolerate you pieces of sh*t acting up here.

    • Darrell Hayes says:

      Blah blah blah if a black cop did that to a little white girl you’d really go crazy ……We men and were going to protect our daughters against scary pigs like Eric who shouldn’t have on any uniform…..would you trust your life with a man scared of a. Lil girl you white people are funny

  17. Javier Gonzalez says:

    This has to be the most disgusting thread of ignorance I have ever read in my life. To think that millions of lives have died to the military prison police industrial complex and there is still this complete disregard for humanity. Blatant ignorance and racism. Created by the public education system of your slave masters. To think i gave five years of my life in the Militay police force in the marine corps. And to witness the trainning of my own fellow service members and federal officers create prespectives of domestic terrorism by the very population we are sworn to protect. Twice i have fought for my country. The second time i know who the enemy is. Ye who cast judgements of race and color. Are the most enslaved men of the world. Shills. Con men. Racist. Sexist. Indoctrinated by society to hate. by our ignorance you will know who you are. Worshipers of hatred. Worshipers of the Evils. Worshipers of satan.

    Semper fidelis.
    Enemies foreign and domestic.

    • I read comments in hopes of finding some semblance of an intelligent discussion, though rarely do. Most comments involve name calling and profanity on the intelligence level of a 12 year old child, (which I suspect most are and have trespassed on their parents computer). The to and fro blustering is a sad indictment of the state of this country today.

  18. Amy Gregories says:

    It clearly does not show what she did to provoke the officer to put her on the ground in the first place, but then it does show the other two coming at the officer from behind to get the attention of the other two officers to move and for him to quickly draw in a defensive mode. Never mind about colour, but kids should know to obey officers and not to provoke them and respect the law in the first place. There was a whole crowd of teens running around that area and they were not all black either and looked like a whole lot of confusion to me. why all jumping on the cops and let a non racist court make the decision about the actions of the police. No white haters, no black haters etc… Just to hear the testimony of the officers, as I said it is unclear to me by the video what made the officer pull her out from where ever she came from and what made the officer have to physically restrain her. As for the later pulling of guns I did see TEENS that looked to be confrontational towards the officer. As for the hearing of her yelling for Momma later is pulling at some heart strings, but let’s face it all is not known and it is possible that did something unseen, maybe tossed a rock, who knows towards the officers and she should have thought about her actions first before making an officer confrontational towards her. Yeah sure there has been bad cops and racist cops, but let’s get in ALL fact before jumping to conclusions and pretending we know the whole story. I cannot make out what happened on the curb side near the fence up the street. Has anyone heard what the Officer saw or heard leading up to that point. Officers do have the right to restrain people and make arrests. Even if someone did get shot and in this case nobody did there is always courts and further investigations. Now, if it were someone being told to get out of a car to be searched and following the demands of an officer and an officer threw the person down then I would say automatic guilt of the officer.

    • Marilyn Sullivan says:

      A lot of what is going on in this country now is that we are or have in the last 25 years,raised a bunch of BRATS,there is no spanking,no more groundings,most parents are afraid of their own kids.And these kids think they can do and say anything they want to and nobody can touch me.They have no fear of God,parents,school or police,all they know is that they want,and someone better give it to them.

      • Backto theolddays says:

        These new generations of children and young adults are scary. Most do not have any respect for society let alone their elders. My dad put the fear of God in me when I screwed up as a kid so I learned quick the difference between right and wrong. This is a new generation of liberals that have long forgotten what made this country great. What’s scary is what it will be like when they are leading this country 15 to 20 years from now. We need another working class generation. We have enough problems with the liberal tyrants in Washington today.

  19. alan_1969 says:

    In a situation like this, the gun owners from Oklahoma would come assist Texas.

  20. anthony mcmillian says:

    Thee honkeys still labeling blacks as thugs ..For all you Neanderthals know they could have been invited there .You white people will burn in the deepest parts of hell

  21. What “whites” dont under is your ego (white priviladge – white guilt) you white people think the world is yours, lay claim to anything and everything… and most of all think america is yours lmfao where did all of this white power shit come from any ways?? Oh yea FEAR, white people fear change, fear the loss of there culture (you never had one, lol river dancing and wooden shoes i guess).. the reason why the world will never see peace is because of white greed… smdh dont say black kill each other.. whites have been killing everything sence the begining of “WHITE history” wars.. whites started…. genocide.. whites started and provoke.., if you go back in time and take the white out of the equation. There would be peace

    • Donald Howard says:

      Hate to piss on your parade,but there is not a single race of people that have not abused there fellow man due to one predjudice or another.2nd black americans have allowed themselves to be fooled by white liberals into believing they actually care about you.They don’t,infact they have been the single greatest cause of the destruction of the black family.They convinced black americans into a victim mentality and convinced them that there is nothing black folks can do to succeed because the game is rigged aginst them and only the liberals and the democrat partyt can help them.Untill 1994 the democrats dominated both houses of congress for 40 yrs,if they really intended to help black folks why after all ths time even after a 40yr domination of congress are black people worse off than they have ever been since the 1880’s?.In America today,the greatest threat to black peoples lives are other black people,not whity,nott the police,but other black people.Of all the races in America today(not including native americans)besides white and Hispanic people,black people have been here longer than Asians,middle easterners,Indians(Asia minor Indians),black americans are still far behind even the most resent large group of innirants(south east Asians)who arrived in large numbers in the latter part of the 70’s.One needs to ask themselves why?Black Americas biggest obstacle to their success is black America,untill they look inward and start demanding better f each other and for God sake realize liberals see you as nothing more than a tool to beat this country over the head with black America will continue to be mired in the surcumstances they find themselves in.Theres a reason Dr. King was a life long republican and it wasn’t because he was a racist.Ironicly the only people who really seem to disregard black lives are black people.

    • Marilyn Sullivan says:

      Benny,first off that white guilt is something you want to believe in,I’m white and trust me I have no guilt over anything.Second anyone can get the same privlegdes that I have-I set my clock for 4:30 five days a week,i go to work,i come home cook dinner for my family,i make sure my kids have done their homework,i do a load of laundry,i make sure everyone has been bathe,we watch a little television and go to bed,just to get up the next day to do it all over again,so if that’s the privileged you were talking about,i am privileged out the ass.AS far as greed goes,theres none of that either,you see I live on what I make and pay all my own bills,IF there is something left over I buy what I can for my kids.———So you see anybody can have the same white privilegdes that I have.I’m sorry that you don’t like white’s,but you see, me for one, don’t really have the time to even be concerned about what the black person thinks of my race or anything else.I do suggest that if you will follow my post and do as I do,that you wouldn’t have all this time on your hands to be so angry,jealous or what ever you want to call it.

  22. And say what you want as i read this thread it only proves me right… how many people here are using dirogitory terms?? Talking about killing and what not, bt you guys are supposed to be the leaders of the free world?? Lmfao you couldnt lead racism out of a open door

  23. New_Apple_iHate says:

    The ni&&ers went FULL RETARD with this one… That cop didn’t even do anything besides making the mistake of placing his white hands on a Black “Queen”

  24. Ty Anderson says:

    All empty bravado – laughable really.

  25. Ken James Carlisle says:

    Cults! They should be taken apart as such! First arrest CS the rioters!

  26. Seems like Crakkka Texans are scared! Lmao…good you should be shouldnt you. Remember Slocum 1910? Well to be clear you don’t have to worry about Panthers & NOI. They are our distractions. However you need to be worried about the water rising a bit more & some land slides & scorching intense heat & solar rays perpetrating your pale skin. So stay focused on The BPP & FOI because Nature & Karma will uncover your sins & atrocities & destroy your denial. You’re flooded now but it will get worse. Your day of reckoning is upon you & I’m enjoying every bit of it, me & my ancestors! Lmao. We’re coming to the rest of the country too. California needs rain…

  27. Brian Diffenderfer says:

    Texas is the last line of defense, if Texans dont do anything, no one will… The NBP arrival coincides with Jade Helm ! Are the NBP gonna go rampant without anyone doing anything, and if Texans fight back, is jad Helm the thing that will squash Texans and help the NBP ???

  28. go ahead start something in Texas ill be waiting for the front page news and your obituaries , lock and load Texas

  29. Steven Arnett says:

    Oh god the monkeys are at it again some pls deliver a truck load of bananas to calm them down . So now they want to tear up and burn down someone else naighborhood they should just go home or get the hell out of america if it’s so bad for them here I’m tired of all there one side bs get a freaking life people

  30. Rhonda Eddings McIntyre says:

    First of all, the government wants us Texans to fight so that they can continue with their plans of Martial Law takeover in Texas. This is all by no means racial. This is only what they want you to see in order that they might start this racial war amongst ourselves. And eventually, EVERYONE will be in this war. You will be forced to side with GOOD OR EVIL, it’s fairly simple. CHOOSE YOUR SIDE. Also, don’t be mistaken, Hispanics are Christians, also. Many of them are. When this goes down they will be fighting with Texas against these troublemakers to keep this country. We don’t want that kind of trouble here. If you come to TEXAS LOOKING FOR A FIGHT, YOU WILL GET ONE. WE DON’T BACK DOWN, AND WE DON’T TAKE NO CRAP………………….. WE WILL DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, until the VERY END…………………………………..And, we still believe it in here………… GOD BLESS TEXAS, GOD BLESS AMERICA…………….. AMEN

  31. The Black Panthers and Nation of Islam are nothing but race hating thugs all wearing a homemade uniform who think they can intimidate regular people because they are black and in a group. They will soon learn how weak and ineffectual they really are when 200 gun owning pissed off citizens show up. They were driven off covering their heads in Garland , Texas. They will not end well here either.

  32. I hope you guys aren’t silly enough to believe this article. That photo looks more like DC that McKinney, Texas.

    • Rhonda Eddings McIntyre says: