BREAKING: Texans On HIGH ALERT As Nation Of Islam & New Black Panthers Arrive To Start RIOTS…

Photo credit-  J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times

Photo credit- J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times


Well, it looks like Texas has some angry black people coming to start a riot! I am speaking of that wonderful group of animals otherwise known as the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam! LMAO little girls, TEXAS is one place you DON’T want to mess with!

Go back to Ferguson. To Baltimore. Or better yet, GO TO HELL!

These idiots are in McKinney, Texas to start up ‘protests’ over the ruckus at a pool party where blacks crashed the party and ruined it by turning it into a drug and alcohol fest as well as getting out of control with the neighbors.

Look, anyone that thinks those kids were behaving themselves in a respectful manner needs their heads examined. Witnesses have said the blacks were extremely aggressive. I believe it.

Meanwhile, Officer Corporal Eric Casebolt has been placed on administrative leave and is now in hiding with his family due to threats from these blacks. Now protesters are blocking the streets and bitching about the police department. “We can’t swim, you can’t drive, McKinney!” said one person identified as a professional agitator. LMAO bro learn how to fricking swim then! And learn how to behave yourselves and have some respect for people that aren’t black. Do you understand? Nobody is intimidated by your BS- make NO mistake! Now get off the streets, people need to go to work and come home from work. 

Joe Newby at reports: And, Twitchy added, posting pictures from the area, members of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party “are in town.” One person responded online by saying that members of the radical groups “are walking through the neighborhood right now!” “That should fix everything,” one person said on Twitter in response to the news.

According to the far-left Think Progress, “thousands” turned out Monday to protest pool policing. But a growing number of people are coming forward to say the story being presented is not the whole truth. “Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok! posts a story showing only 7 minutes of a 30 minute ordeal, makes it racial and all the activist come a running,” talk show host Benet Embry said on Facebook, according to the Daily Caller. “Look, I LIVE in this community and this ENTIRE incident is NOT racial at all. A few THUGS spoiled a COMMUNITY event by fighting, jumping over fences into a PRIVATE pool, harassing and damaging property. Not EVERYTHING is about RACE. WE have other issues [sic] that NEED our attention other flights of made up make believe causes.”

The post, and Embrey’s page, appear to have been removed by Facebook and is no longer available. As a result of that post, the Daily Caller said, activists are demanding Deep Ellum on Air fire Embry. According to activists, Embry is a traitor to his race for the statement. CEO Jedi Jantzen, however, says there are no plans to fire Embry.

“Let me be clear. The subdivision I live in is not a racist community. It is a diverse subdivision, black, white, Hispanic, East Indian, American Indian, all living together in friendship,” Embry told Sean Hannity Monday night. “Going back to the incident at the pool. It was a pool party out of control there. Out of 130 kids only seven caused a whole bunch of confusion.”

Now, it seems the activists and those wanting trouble have reinforcements. Farrakhan, head of the NOI, has called for violence to tear America apart and leaders of the New Black Panther Party have repeatedly called for violence against white people. One even called for murdering white babies by bombing nurseries. Here’s some video!

This country has gone to hell under Obama. Racism is at an all time high. Cop hating is as well. It’s just a huge mess. Look, it was a nice idea to elect a Black man as president but it was a massive mistake. I like black people. Mostly the older ones that are sweet and wonderful people. God Bless. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS 

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