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Extremism. The new word of the day. 

Extremism has existed since the beginning of time if you think about it.


We have all seen brutal examples of extremism for years now. From the left. Not from Trump supporters.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have engaged in violent extremism for years but their destructive actions weren’t described as extremism- they were simply peacefully protesting.

That in itself is a complete joke. Peacefully protesting my a**.

I mean, these people burned down cities, vandalized federal property and private property, injured and/or murdered civilians and police officers on a daily basis.


But to the left, all of this is perfectly acceptable.


So these domestic terrorist groups, which are quite large in numbers get a pass because they are backed by the radical left and the democrats.

So now the focus is on extremist groups that are very small in comparison.

Why? In my opinion because they are white or at least these idiots think they are white.

The Proud Boys are being targeted and are considered a ‘white supremacist’ group by not only the communist news networks but by the ‘professionals’ in the highest Law Enforcement agencies in America.

NEWS ALERT- The Proud Boys consist of people of many races, black, brown, Asian, white and others.

So they’ve got it all wrong. Freaking MORONS!

That being said, let’s get to some details of the Capitol riot and the plan to target Trump supporters and I assume to harass and possibly arrest them on bogus charges of ‘extremism.’

From KSHB News:

New, disturbing videos of the deadly riot on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol emerged this week as lawmakers present evidence before the Senate in the second impeachment trial of former President Trump.

The videos show a mob breaking windows and breaching the Capitol, rampaging through the halls of Congress, and attacking police on the Capitol steps.

Some of the individuals from those images wore Proud Boys apparel or “Camp Auschwitz” T-shirts, while others who participated in the insurrection waived QAnon flags.

Wait- no mention of the BLM or Antifa thugs that instigated the whole damn thing in the first place?

It’s a known fact that Antifa infiltrated the group of Trump supporters by wearing MAGA hats and carrying Trump flags and the American flags.

But none of that gets mentioned by the MSM.

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It doesn’t fit their narrative.

The Capitol incident is being used to target and track down conservatives who supported former President Trump and those who still believe in the constitution, Bill of Rights and freedom.

It is important to note that hatred and racism are not accepted or condoned by most Americans yet the government is now causing further divide and using social media as part of their arsenal to track citizens.

As KSHB reported, The Proud Boys are considered a white supremacist hate group by the southern Poverty Law Center and the Auschwitz reference invokes one of the most notorious Nazi concentration and extermination camps, where historians say more than 1 million people died during World War II.

Again, there are many Black members in The Proud Boys and they are white supremacists? Freaking IGNORANT JACKASSES!

QAnon is a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory that espouses Trump was “waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping pedophiles in government, business and the media,” according to the BBC.

Experts tell 41 Action News the riot on Jan. 6 showcased how extremism is on the rise.

“The sheer amount of activity we are seeing right now is unprecedented,” Devin Burghart, the executive director for the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, said.

Burghart’s Institute is a nonprofit organization that tracks and monitors far-right extremist groups.

As soon as you go to the Burghart’s website, the 1st thing you will see is, “Black Lives Matter”.  So the “research experts” clearly do not consider Antifa and groups such as Black Lives Matter as extremist groups.

They also state the following:


We unmask movements, organizations, and individuals that threaten democracy and human rights. We support movements advancing human rights.


We use investigative research and strategic organizing to counter racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, nativism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry.

We are the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights

So it is ok to have organizations “investigate” citizens and report their findings to law enforcement, so long as it is just who they deem as a conservative or right-wing republican.
This is just one of the institutes that was listed in the KSHB report, one can only imagine how many others are doing the exact same thing.

According to KSHB, Social media also played a large role in radicalizing, organizing and mobilizing extremists by allowing individuals to consume endless content from a variety of sources and create virtual communities, our experts said.

“What used to take years for somebody to become more radicalized is now taking months or weeks and that is really concerning to us,” Burghart said.

Mainstream social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, have belatedly started to try and disrupt extremism by taking down pages or suspending accounts.

Parler, which went dark in January when Amazon Web Services pulled its support, and other social media platforms have been taken offline since the Capitol riot, but Burghart warns that it actually could make tracking extremist groups more difficult, as groups move their communication onto encrypted apps.

“I wish my job would get easier as we go forward, but there are so many threats we are facing on so many different fronts,” Burghart said.

You read that right, they want these large social media platforms to remain open so that they can easily track citizens.

Are there “extremist groups” in the United States, yes, but it is on both sides of the coin and only one side is being targeted by Biden’s executive orders.

This does not embrace “peace and unity” for all, just for those willing to bend the knee and remain silent.  The United States is in crisis and until the people figure out how to unite together and set aside their personal beliefs, we will continue to see things spiral out of control.



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