Joe Biden had a great opportunity to show strength, power and to put Communist President Xi on the spot.

But China Joe didn’t of course-China has the goods against Biden that would get him impeached and thrown in prison.

We have all the proof that Joe Biden is as corrupt as they come and Republicans better take care of business.


There are several issues at hand right now with China, most notably this cold war that is brewing and the possible invasion of Taiwan.

By all accounts, Biden backed down to China, and now his critics are hammering him for it.

Again, the reason why he is kissing Commie ass is because they have MASSIVE dirt on him and his scumbag family.

Biden Is The Worst President Ever

Fox News senior strategic analyst Ret. Gen. Jack Keane expressed concerns about the lackluster outcome of the leaders’ first face-to-face meeting since Biden took office.

“The urgent situation we have is the threat of war, and that is the most dangerous situation the United States is facing,” Gen. Keane said.

“And, yes, the fact that we’re outgunned and outmanned in the Indo-Pacific region accentuates the real danger that’s here.”

“We’re having people who are in uniform saying if we go to war with China, we could actually lose that war,” he said.

Squandered opportunity

Keane slammed Biden’s “squandered opportunity” to assert America’s geopolitical power and strength, and make clear that provocation will be met with military force.

“He had the opportunity to look President Xi in the eye and tell him, ‘Listen, we are not the aggressor here,” Keane said.

“‘It is your aggression, your malign behavior, your intimidation, your coercion of Taiwan that is causing a destabilization across the Taiwan Straits.”

“And if you take further action to actually go into conflict with Taiwan, then you are forcing my hand to respond militarily and to encourage the allies to do so as well,” Kean said.

Hudson Institute’s Center on Chinese Strategy Director Michael Pillsbury also chimed in, stating, “I think there is a Cold War underway.”

“I think it’s nice that both sides want to defuse the harsh rhetoric, but nothing really is changed because of this three-hour meeting in Bali.”

Biden’s bullsh*t

“I absolutely believe there’s need not be a new Cold War,” Biden said Monday. “I’ve met many times with Xi Jinping and we were candid and clear with one another across the board. And I do not think there’s any imminent attempt on the part of China to invade Taiwan.”

“And I made it clear that our policy on Taiwan has not changed at all. It’s the same exact position we’ve had,” Biden continued. “I made it clear that we want to see cross-trade issues peacefully resolved and so it never has to come to that.”

Despite the president’s claims, Pentagon sources told former U.S.S. Cole Commander Kirk Lippold a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would happen sooner, not later.

“President Xi has been absolutely unwavering in his stance regarding what China is going to pursue with respect to a reunification with Taiwan.”

“Plus, we have to remember their projection of power into the South China Sea has gone unabated, and that the United States and other nations in the region have essentially done nothing, even though it’s been in violation of international law,” Lippold said.

“So we’re the ones that have compromised and have continued to give in. And nothing really changed  in President Biden’s meeting with President Xi.”

The bottom line here is that Biden has let us down and once again, portrays the United States as weak rather than strong.

Biden is a complete joke.

Anyone who voted for this demented idiot is a freaking idiot.?

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