BREAKING: Trump Drops A MASSIVE Bomb On Hillary Clinton… This Is Brutal [WATCH]



Donald Trump speaks the truth. That’s what we love about him. Trump unleashed on Hillary as NO other candidate dares to do. Another reason we love him! He called her a CRIMINAL. And she is. Would Jeb Bush say that? HELL NO!

In the video shot while campaigning this week Trump said, “Hillary is now officially under investigation for the emails- what she did is very criminal and very serious.”

But Trump did admit that most likely nothing will happen to her because “it’s all Democrats that are doing the investigation. That’s the way it is, right?”

And it’s true. Democrats cover each others a**es no matter what the ‘problem’ is. Just look at the Benghazi scandal. The IRS scandal. Fast and Furious. The Veteran’s Administration scandal. Bill Clinton. Bowe Bergdahl. Planned Parenthood for God’s sake. I would keep going but my fingers would cramp up listing all the garbage these idiots cover up. LMAO!

These scumbags are totally ruthless and seemingly without conscience. It really is sickening and very frustrating frankly.

Look, the bottom line is up until recently the Dems thought they had the next Presidency wrapped up. Clinton. A shoe-in. Golden. But she screwed up so bad that it doesn’t look good for her. I predict Uncle Joe Biden will throw his hat into the ring. Frankly, he scares me more than Hillary. Dude is ruthless as well. He pretty much schooled Paul Ryan during the debates- something I never expected.

Anyways, I got off track a tad lol.

During her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton violated the Federal Records Act by storing her emails on a private server. She also repeatedly lied to Congress and continues to lie by claiming that she never used her privately stored emails for classified material. (H/T Conservative Tribune)

That’s a flat out lie. Just like Slick Willie “Never had sex with that woman.” Give those of us with a brain a fricking break. Liars, plain and simple. One has to wonder how liberals fall for this crap.

Clinton thinks she is above the law. Well, she isn’t. No one is. She needs to pay for her crimes.

Here’s Trump. 

YouTube video via Curmudgeon Video

My fellow patriots, we NEED win this election. Our country can NOT take 4 more years under Democrat rule. It is just impossible. And that will require banding together and casting our votes for the winner. I’ve said that before and got hammered by people that feel it’s better to vote for their favorite candidate regardless of their chances of winning but seriously, that that vote is actually helping the Democrat candidate.


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