BREAKING: Trump Drops Bombshell About Terrifying Detail In Iran Deal Nobody Has Read



Donald Trump has issued a warning about a hidden provision in the Iran nuke ‘deal’ that is quite shocking. It reads that in the case of Iran being attacked by, say ISRAEL then the United States is forced to intervene! We literally pledged to protect Tehran against Israel. I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true!

No wonder Netanyahu insisted this deal was dangerous! 

“You know, there’s something in the Iran deal that people I don’t think really understand or know about, and nobody’s able to explain it, that if somebody attacks Iran, we have to come to their defense,” Trump said on “CNN Tonight” on Tuesday.

“And I’m saying, does that include Israel? And most people say yes, they don’t have an exclusion for Israel. So if Israel attacks Iran, according to that deal, I believe the way it reads that we have to fight with Iran against Israel,” Trump explained.

Trump went on to call the deal “unsignable” and said he would have been a much tougher negotiator.

“I like the idea of a deal, but they should have doubled up the sanctions for another couple of months, and they would have come to the table and they would have been begging to make a good deal,” Trump said according to The Hill.

Conservative Tribune adds:

The more we know about President Barack Obama’s Iran deal — and its sundry caveats like side deals, Iranian self-sampling and limited controls on military expansion — the less America likes it. Now Trump has found a provision even more unctuous and dangerous than those.

For more than a half-century, the United States has assured the survival of Israel. Now, we may have entered a covenant which may require us to destroy it.

Let’s hope that we get a president like Donald Trump who knows how suicidal this disgusting deal is.



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