BREAKING: Trump Soaring In Polls Even After Hatchet Attack By FOX… Nice Try Megyn



A Wall Street Journal report indicates that in spite of Trumps critics predicting his poll numbers would fall as a result of the hatchet job FOX did on him, two early polls suggest that isn’t the case at all.

Time Magazine found that Mr. Trump took 47% of almost 55,000 votes.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) of Florida was in second place with just 10%. The Drudge Report’s poll found more than half of nearly 362,000 voters favored Mr. Trump, well above everyone else,” the Wall Street Journal noted.

After Frank Luntz’s made his opinion on Trump’s performance suggesting “tonight his act wore thin,” conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh stood up for Trump, and instead went after Fox News’ performance.

“I have never seen this kind of public backlash against Fox News personalities since the network launched in 1997,” the radio legend stated.

Even Bloomberg Politics went after Fox News host Megyn Kelly for her questioning comparing it to “something Rachel Maddow would ask.” (H/T Breitbart)

And Bloomberg reported:

A few hours before Thursday’s Fox News debate, a friend of Donald Trump’s confided to me that Trump was nervous. Not about the competition—he could handle them. No, Trump worried about Fox News, and in particular, debate moderator Megyn Kelly. She’d been hammering him all week on her show, and he was certain she was out to get him. He’d canceled a Fox News appearance on Monday night, the friend said, in order to avoid her. (Trump’s spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm or deny this.)

It turns out Trump was right. His toughest opponents Thursday night weren’t the candidates up on stage, but the Fox News moderators, who went right after him—none with more gusto than Kelly…

But Trump saw her coming a mile away and cut her off.


Whatever you might think about how well Donald Trump did in Thursday night’s Republican Primary debate, there is no question the billionaire businessman is winning the most important part of the process: the post-debate spin. The Narrative on almost all the morning shows centered primarily around how Fox News was gunning to take out Trump. If anything, debate co-moderator Megyn Kelly is taking on the most damaging post-debate water.

The very first debate question, asked by Bret Baier, was obviously aimed directly at Trump. For weeks, Trump has refused to dismiss the idea of running as a third party candidate should he lose the GOP nomination. When Baier asked the field of ten to raise their hand if they would not agree here and now to support whoever won the nomination, regardless of what you might think of the question, the whole world knew a target was being placed on Trump’s back.

That was sickening frankly. These are presidential debates for God’s sake. How dare they start off the debate with a direct attack on Trump. What was the point? Divide and conquer? FOX really screwed up unfortunately and have lost a ton of viewers from what I see.

Look, they want Bush. Or Clinton- who knows but they either took their jobs so seriously that they felt the need to be cutting edge and hostile instead of asking legitimate questions about the candidates idea’s and visions. They dug up dirt and confronted the candidates with what was totally irrelevant garbage. We need to focus on discussing REAL issues that are threatening to destroy our nation!

Very disappointed in FOX to say the least. That was ridiculous…


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