BREAKING: We Just Found The SMOKING GUN That Will Fully Take Down Biden- Hunter’s Emails With Ukraine REVEALED

The “Smoking Gun” broke this morning at 5 a.m. EST by the NY Post concerning Hunter Biden and his dealings with Ukraine, the energy company Burisma he was hired onto the board of. Questions have been asked repeatedly as to what Skills Hunter had that qualified him to be on the Board of Directors of a Ukrainian Energy company. Some of these questions include, did Hunter speak Ukrainian? What degree in business does Hunter have?


From what we know, Hunter received a dishonorable discharge for his addiction to illicit drugs. His inability to get control of his life cut short his Naval career. We have seen this behavior in the news NUMEROUS times from his story about returning rental cars with white powder substances on the dash board, to his stories of long nights in strip clubs and partying.


Joe Biden has been on record several times, one being the most recent in the Presidential debates against Donald Trump, denying his son’s connection to Burisma and his knowledge of any doings there. These recently published emails however paint an entirely different story! Imagine my surprise to find out Ole Sleepy Joe lied to us again.


Many questions out there are surrounding this story about how the emails got into the hands or the Post. From what we have read so far is, a laptop was dropped off to a computer repair store in 2019 for water damage repairs. The person who dropped the laptop off never came back though. The store owner claims they don’t know exactly who dropped the laptop off, and they also can’t confirm if it was even Hunter Biden. They did oddly mention that a sticker for Beau Biden’s foundation was on the laptop. Beau is the deceased brother of Hunter, and the son of Joe Biden. Oddly enough, the shop owner also made a copies of the hard drive and sent it to the NY Post and the attorney of Rudy Giuliani.



At some point later on in 2019, the store owner decided to contact the FBI about the laptop and what he had found on it. As we can all imagine, the FBI jumped into action to seize the laptop and any information pertaining to this case.


Seen below are the papers from Federal court issuing subpoena of the laptop obtained by the NY POST



The implications of these emails alone are so damning to the Biden Campaign. They are holding firm that there was no wrong doings by him or his son Hunter in Ukraine, and Joe was never involved in anything to do with Burisma energy. Now we see what we have suspected all along that Hunter was being used by Burisma to gain access to his father, the then Vice President of the United States of America.

This email release also confirms the theories of Joe and his infamous rant about his interference in the Ukrainian corruption investigation of Burisma. Joe claims the two events were never connected, but when you start putting the pieces of the puzzle together, you can see the whole picture of corruption from the Biden’s.

We can only hope at this point the FBI and Director Christopher Wray do the right thing with this information. To let these swamp creatures walk free, and never have to answer for their corruption is unacceptable! This country can’t continue to survive if these people walk free, never having to face a trial in courts.


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