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In a world that is filled with Isis/Islam terrorist attacks & world leaders who seem hell bent on spreading Islam to every nation, there is far more vital intel the world and media should be concentrated on, WWIII…

Vladimir Putin has always taken a strong stance against Islam/Isis and he recently stated, “humanity now faces a danger of failing to withstand the fast-spreading threat of terrorism, just as it once failed to unite against the rising power of Nazi Germany.”

Russia has been boosting its combat-readiness against NATO, in response to NATO’s very aggressive actions along Russian borders.   On Wednesday, Putin stated, “Russia is open to discuss this crucial issue and has more than once shown its readiness for dialogue.  But, just as it happened on the eve of World War Two, we do not see a positive reaction in response.”

NATO has been further increasing its military presence in Poland, Estonia and Lithuania.  By increasing NATO military forces, they hope to deter Russia from any repetition of its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea in 2014.

The U.S. and Germany have been the main pushing force behind boosting NATO presence and these moves along with others, are critical in NATO’s agenda to beef up military troops, especially along their eastern flanks.  Allies agree that NATO will maintain four reinforced battalions in the region on a rotational basis from NATO alliance nations.   These battalions will strictly under NATO command, according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.  This will more than double the amount of troops that are already under NATO command along the borders.  The move will add an additional 40,000 troops and establish a spearhead unit that can deploy in 48 hours.


Putin sees NATO’s moves as an act of hostility and has warned NATO on several occasions that Russia will not tolerate being strong-armed along its borders.  Russia has been very active in boosting its military presence along its borders and has boldly been entering NATO controlled airspace in an act of defiance and a show of strength.

Vladimir Putin addressed Parliament on the 75th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union.  Putin was direct in his approach and Russia’s stance against the West, “The west sees itself as a modern, non-bloc collective security system.  On the contrary, NATO is strengthening its aggressive rhetoric and its aggressive actions near our borders. In these conditions, we are duty-bound to pay special attention to solving the task of strengthening the combat readiness of our country.”

In response to the NATO military forces, Moscow has added another three new military divisions (a Russian military division consists of about 10,000 troops). Two divisions will be placed in the country’s Western Military District and one in its Southern Military District.  As well as the  28th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade from Yekaterinburg is in the process of being redeployed to Klintsy in Bryansk, about 25 miles from Belarus and approximately 31 miles from Ukraine. At the same time, the 23rd Separate Motor Rifle Brigade is reportedly being redeployed from Samara to Valuyki in Belgorod Oblast, about 12 miles from the Ukrainian border.


As the tension builds and NATO continues to increase its military forces, clearly Vladimir Putin will not be intimidated nor will he back down.   The fact that Putin referenced WWII shows that Moscow is ready and not afraid to engage in WWIII.

Meanwhile the U.S. is being lead by a POTUS that is doing everything in his power to increase Islam presence in the U.S. and pushing sharia law.  We find ourselves in a pivotal time in our nation’s history, one in which the U.S. President endorses the global terrorism of Islam/Isis and the Russian Bear Putin is building military forces to stand against the terrorism.

Putin stated directly discussed what failures lead to previous World Wars and how those failures are still in place today:

“The world community did not show enough vigilance, will and consolidation to prevent that war and save millions of lives, What kind of a lesson is still needed today to discard old and frayed ideological disagreements and geopolitical games and to unite in the fight against international terrorism?”

Obama has spread the U.S. military extremely thin as he has cut funds and troops across the board.   Now we find ourselves in a military chess match with China in the South China Sea and with Russia along its western borders.  One cannot but help to feel like in this world chess match that can only end in World War, that the U.S. is being puppeted by a Islam supporting transgender, who only cares about the destruction of America.


Stars and Stripes



God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.





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