Here’s The REAL Reason You Should BOYCOTT BUDWEISER- And It’s NOT What You Think


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Budweiser Decided To Tell The Tale Of It’s Founder

There’s Just One Problem… And That’s Why #BoycottBudweiser Is Trending.

None of what you saw in the Budweiser commercial was remotely true.  In fact, it was arguably less interesting and less American than the real biographies of the storied brewery’s founders. Some of the most interesting details left out from the tale have to do with the commercial’s protagonist Aldolphus Busch.

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Of particular import is the absence of any reference to Busch’s service in the Civil War.  That’s right — they didn’t bother to mention that.  Probably because that would mean that *gasp* Busch was a dreaded Republican.  They did make a very pointed effort to show a Union soldier telling Busch that he was unwelcome thought. 


The commercial continually shows Busch suffering problems along his journey — he’s seen in cramped ship’s hull where he receives a scar on his head from a rough wave as he makes his crossing of the Atlantic.  He arrives and is treated horribly by a Union soldier.  Then a time skip occurs and he is shown conversing  amicably with a black man — again, letting it be lost to history that he fought to free this man — before his steamship catches fire and he is forced to walk both ways uphill in the mud (forgive the hyperbole, the liberal propaganda is just too much). Finally, he arrives at St. Louis, an area populated densely with Germans at the time — this is probably the only factual statement in the commercial.

Here, the commercial takes a rather frustrating turn — they completely ignore the man that first partnered with Busch and include someone that he didn’t meet until after he had already started his first company.  This man’s name was Ernst Battenberg.  Battenberg would eventually be cut out of the operation as it expanded its supply routes.  They also forgot the windfall Busch received shortly after arriving in the States.  Busch would have been fine no matter what, not that he needed to worry.  He didn’t even have to start a second company. He married into one instead.  They fail to mention that Busch conveniently married the daughter of Anheuser and then bought out the shares of a desperate party to strengthen his control.  He really sounds like my kind of guy — competitive, cut throat, and tactical.  But that doesn’t have the same appeal to those that believe weakness is a virtue.


Not a single rotten word of the commercial was accurate. He was quite “privileged” to borrow their term.

In fact, Busch was part of the German people of means that expanded their enterprise by taking advantage of Germany’s post-war years in the 1850s.  His family wasn’t part of the dreaded and abused Germans of ‘48.  Nope, in fact, it would seem his family did relatively well for themselves during the civil war years even.  They depict Busch as a man struggling to get by with hard work — and he did work hard.  But Budweiser chose to purposely hide his story opting instead to create a myth.

But liberals love their myths:

Myths do not help our society grow. Myths are lies. Sometimes they are lies one tells when they cannot face or accept reality. Other times they are lies told in order to create power. In Budweiser’s case, I am afraid that it’s the latter. And liberals took the bait.

Don’t be like a liberal. If you love beer but can’t stand that Budweiser has decided to manipulate its viewers with a clearly falsified story — Buy Yuengling. They at least endorsed Trump. But don’t be fooled! Anheuser-Busch has already bought distribution rights to the American-owned brewery.  That’s right — they hedged their bets.



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This article was written by Brett MacDonald, a political commentator, and an Eisenhower Republican. As an initial supporter of the New Right,  MacDonald covers US Policy from a Nationalist’s perspective and is dedicated to making America great again. 

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God Bless.

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