BREAKING: Burger King Bows Down to SHARIA LAW… We Need To Boycott Them NOW


Burger King is bowing to Allah and has decided to appease Muslims by eliminating one of the greatest foods in history. BACON! How can you have a delicious BACON CHEESEBURGER WITHOUT BACON? Well, you can’t.

That’s right folks, the fast food chain will now be able to feed terrorists without having to worry about being decapitated.

Burger King is going halal in France, aiming for the business of that nation’s estimated 5 million Muslims, according to WND.

The English-language Local report said the U.S. burger chain recently took over 400 Quick chain fast-food restaurants in France and is planning to make about 40 of them totally halal.


This means they will ban all pork and bacon products from their menu and also require that the beef and chicken be certified halal. (slaughtered according to Islamic religious tradition)

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The move is part of Burger King’s attempt to compete with McDonald’s  who are the biggest player in the fast food industry across France. McDonald’s has about 1,300 stores.


This is all about the almighty dollar folks. Plain and simple.

Personally, I never go to Burger King or McDonald’s for various reasons- mostly because their food SUCKS. But there is good reason to boycott Burger King as our friends at Conservative Tribune points out:


The Islamic population is ever-increasing and halal is in high demand. The issue is that Burger King, in light of gruesome attacks in Paris, is catering to the very people group from which the radicals who carried out those egregious assaults came.

How about the exposed mosques with hidden Islamic State group propaganda? How about the hundreds of people being questioned and detained by the French police? Too many people, groups and business don’t take seriously enough the threat of Shariah law and radical Islamic terror. When pursuing personal gain, many seem to be just willfully ignorant of the facts.

Sacrifices have to be made in life, but don’t sacrifice your integrity for the sake of monetary gain. Plus, we all know you’re not supposed to feed terrorists.

Here’s a picture of the new BURKA BURGER!



Lol, just kidding but do you remember the ‘Proud Whoppers’ that Burger King came out with in support of Obama’s gay rights revolution? 


Will Burger King be serving gay burgers to the jihads? If so, I suggest the employees look for a different job- one less dangerous…

God Bless. 


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