Burqa Wearing Muslim Refuses To Remove Veil In Court, Judge Issues This Epic SMACK DOWN


A Muslim woman was in court wearing the full blown Muslim garb- she was covered from head to toe in cloth. The judge told the Jihadi that he needed to see her face so he could see her face in order to “read her emotions” but the woman refused. Big mistake.

The judge has warned her that she will be jailed if she doesn’t comply.

Amira Behari, 43, refused to reveal her face at the State Court in Munich last year when she appeared to testify against a man who allegedly abused her in a train station, according to Mail Online.

Photo source/ Daily Mail

Judge Mueller told the walking Hefty bag, “I need to see you otherwise there will be considerable problems in adjudicating your case.”

But Behari refused, saying, “I have a God [ALLAH] at the end of the world who will see me right at the end. I will not do this.”

Lol. Just take the stinking garbage off already lady.

In court she wore a niqab, which is an ultra-burka with only a gap for the eyes. She also wore gloves and a long leather coat. Scary stuff. Looks like a Muslim version of Batman.

The Judge finally gave up and said he had no alternative but to find the accused not guilty.

Boom! Case closed right? WRONG!

His decision OUTRAGED other Judges and prosecutors in Germany who appealed the decision and have now scheduled the case again for next week.

Why? She refused to cooperate!

The prosecutor’s office in Munich consulted with Koranic experts who said “it is permissible for a woman to remove her niqab before the judicial authorities such as judges, police, prosecutors on the basis of needs and damage prevention.”

If she fails to comply, she faces a fine or even some time behind bars.

My advice is to take that crap off.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

God bless. 


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