BREAKING: California Democrats Just RUINED The State FOR GOOD- Look What They Secretly Did While You Were Sleeping


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s signature initiative to fight global warming will get another decade of life after lawmakers from both parties joined Gov. Jerry Brown in extending the law credited with reducing the state’s carbon footprint, CBS reported.

Monday night’s votes to renew California’s cap-and-trade program bolster the Democratic governor’s quest to portray the state as a leader in the fight against climate change. At a bipartisan celebratory press conference following the vote, members from both parties noted the contrast with Washington, where Republicans have struggled to pass legislation and have taken a skeptical view of regulations to combat greenhouse gases.


Brown’s signature will add another decade of life to the state’s cap-and-trade program, bolstering the Democratic governor’s quest to portray California as a leader in the fight against climate change at a time when President Donald Trump is pulling back.

“Tonight, California stood tall and once again, boldly confronted the existential threat of our time,” Brown said in a statement after the vote. “Republicans and Democrats set aside their differences, came together and took courageous action. That’s what good government looks like.”

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“We didn’t come here to Sacramento to just be Republicans and to hate on Democrats,” Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes said. “We came here to Sacramento to make people’s lives better.”


The three-bill package now heads to Brown’s desk.


Brown has sought to offer the state’s cap-and-trade program as a model that can be reproduced in other states and even nations to reduce carbon emissions and combat rising temperatures.

“We’re only 1 percent of the problem, but we’re a lot more a part of the solution,” Brown said. “It’s not just what we do – it’s what other people can follow.”

CBS Sacramento reports Brown said carbon dioxide emissions are “not a local issue. They’re a global issue.”

Brown sounded an apocalyptic tone in a rare personal appeal before a Senate committee last week, telling lawmakers that failing to pass the extension would lead to fires, disease and mass migration, not to mention higher costs for food and gasoline, Fox News reported.

Republicans likened the bill to a tax that will hit Californians at the gas pump and the grocery store. The nonpartisan legislative analyst said last year that the existing cap and trade program accounted for an 11-cent-per-gallon increase in gasoline prices. The office has not analyzed the extension proposal.

“We could shut down the entire state of California and it would have absolutely no effect on the global climate,” said Sen. Andy Vidak, a Republican from Hanford in the agricultural Central Valley. “But what is measureable is the effect this tax will have on the poorest of the poor in my district and across California.”

So there you have it. More insanity from Commiefornia. What a freaking mess.

God Bless.

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