BREAKING NEWS Out Of California… It’s BAD News For Hawaii


The state of Hawaii just got some coal in her stockings this Christmas after discovering a deranged psychopath who escaped a mental institution and hopped a plane to California is on his way back home.

Apparently California isn’t the only place full of fruits and nuts after all.


Randall Saito, 59, has been locked up in a mental institution  for decades after being acquitted of murdering a woman due to criminal insanity, having stabbed her and shot her multiple times.

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Fox News has the details of Saito’s great escape:

Saito escaped Hawaii State Hospital, which is outside of Honolulu, on the morning of Nov. 12. He caught a taxi a mile away, which brought him to a charter plane going to Maui. He was later able to use an alias to get past security and onto another flight, heading to San Jose, Calif. Another taxi ride brought him to Stockton, where he was eventually apprehended.


Sources told Hawaii News Now that Saito purchased his plane ticket to California online and paid for his taxi ride and charter flight in cash.

It’s unclear why staff members at the hospital didn’t alert authorities of his disappearance until that evening, long after he’d managed to cross state lines.

After three days on the run, Saito was arrested in Stockton, Calif., after Honolulu authorities got a tip saying he was on his way to his brother’s home.

Saito has been locked up in the psychiatric hospital since 1981 and stated that part of the reason he sought to escape was to get as much time under his belt as possible away from strict supervision as a means of demonstrating he could behave himself in society.

Not sure his actions are going to have the impact he was hoping for, given he yet again showed utter disregard for the law and didn’t think twice about throwing caution to the wind and doing what his heart desired.

One thing’s for sure. This incident exposes the glaring holes in our mental health care system here in the United States, an area that has been under fire by people on both sides of the political spectrum for how easily deranged and twisted individuals seem to slip through the cracks and end up hurting innocent people.

Saito is a prime example of how certain violent offenders just need to be put to death in a quick, cost effective manner both as a means of bringing closure to victims and as a deterrent to future crimes.

Justice is about restitution, and since we can’t bring someone back from the dead, the only punishment that is equal in value to the crime is for the murderer’s life to be forfeit. Therefore, this nut shouldn’t be able to sneak around and hop onto planes, putting people at risk, because he should’ve been put in a hole decades ago.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, thanks in large part to the bleeding heart crowd doing as much damage as possible to the justice system with their utter denial of reality when it comes to dealing with the criminal mind.



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