North Korea has stepped up the pace of both missile and nuclear weapons testing, fueling growing concern in the United States, Japan and South Korea.


The Obama administration kept telling the people of the United States not to consider North Korea a threat and that their missile programs were 4-5 years from even being able to launch an ICBM.

Mainstream media keeps spewing the same rhetoric, “North Korea at least 1 year away from ICBM”, which is hilarious, because the DPRK has  already successfully launched an ICBM in early July.

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Intelligence analysts at the Pentagon believe with the next ICBM launch, we could see an ICBM with the capabilities of hitting the state of California.



U.S. officials have suspected a test could occur on July 27 to mark the North Korean holiday known as “Day of Victory,” which celebrates the end of hostilities in the Korean War in 1953, Daily Wire reports.

This next test is expected to be similar to the July 4 test: a KN-20 ICBM launched from Kusong Province. The KN-20, called the Hwasong-14 by North Korea, is a two-stage variant of the KN-17 missile, launched several times by North Korea in April and May.

The July 4 missile was launched into a high-altitude trajectory of 1,730 miles and flew horizontally 577 miles for 37 minutes into the Sea of Japan.

“It is escalatory. It is destabilizing. It is also dangerous,” said Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis, following the July 4 ICBM test. “This missile flew through busy airspace used by commercial airliners. It flew into space. It landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, and an area that’s used by commercial and fishing vessels.”

North Korea successfully tested the KN-14, firing the missile at the steepest possible trajectory to avoid overflight of North Korea’s regional neighbors. The test was a milestone as it marked the country’s first successful test of an ICBM.

The missile’s increased reliability will give credibility to Pyongyang’s ICBM threat to the United States, experts speculate that the missile’s range could be as far as 5,000 – up to 7200 miles – meaning it could reach the U.S. West Coast, or even the U.S. Midwest.

People will argue, speculate or deny the facts about the KN-14 ICBM data, but reality is, the DPRK had a successful launch and data was recorded and documented.

The truth is out and mainstream media can attempt to lie to the sheople all they want, but the truth is out and it does not mean WWIII or that North Korea is going to nuke us on Saturday.

What it does mean is that North Korea missile technology is more advanced than what is being reported, however, that cannot be a shock to people.  The United States military is not in the business of reporting full intel to the public, because people tend to react before thinking.

In today’s world, we face new and improved threats and that is never going to change, in the 80’s we had the cold war threat and were taught to hide under our desks in school, in event of a nuclear attack.

North Korea Hwasong-14 ICBM can already strike Hawaii and Alaska, so it is logical that North Korea is advancing the ICBM to strike California and into the mid-west.

Honestly, it would surprise me if the DPRK ICBM can already strike further into the United States, I am already hearing military chatter about a new ICBM, the KN-20.

God Bless.


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