BREAKING: California Just Made A HUGE MISTAKE- Look What They Are Doing To DEAD VETERANS!

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There is a great divide between the patriotic Americans and the godless left, this has always been clear.  But the sad state of affairs and political strife has reached an all time low: a southern California school has opted out of a tradition that honors fallen members of the armed forces.  It was a tradition they have participated in for quite some time.  Under the auspices of safety (psychological safety being one concern) the school has decided to cease processions that honor SEALS and sailors that died while overseas protecting this nation.  

In 2016, Chief Petty Officer Jason C. Finan was killed in Iraq while fighting ISIS.  The event marked a chance for the community to gather together and pay respects by honoring the sacrifice that the young man paid for the country he held so dear.  While there isn’t any indication that the school district is acting in a manner that is meant to directly disrespect the troops, it is a bit concerning that they didn’t simply offer students the option of participating.  It just seems like their priorities aren’t really aligned:

“It became clear to me, after my conversations with officials from the City of Coronado, that ensuring security and safety for all of our students and the residents of Coronado throughout the procession was an incredibly difficult task for our Coronado Police Department,” school district superintendent Karl Mueller said.

King said participation at the processions had been mostly down since 2010. However, the entire Coronado school district student body lined the streets to honor Chief Petty Officer Jason C. Finan, who was killed in Iraq fighting the Islamic State, in November of last year.  He added that police would still escort the procession through town, but use the quickest route possible.

There are some conflicting reports however.  While the school district’s superintendent claims that the events have become a media circus drawing thousands of spectators,  the City Manager Blair King reported that overall attendance has been in decline.  Something doesn’t add up there, so AFF Media sent out a quick call to the Coronado Police department office for media inquiries.  We have not yet had our call returned but will update the story with their comment.

Coronado has yet to modify or cancel any of their other festivals and parades by citing security concerns.


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