WATCH! California Residents Resort To Desperate Measures To Thwart Criminals From Breaking Into Cars


From The Beltway Report

If you look at almost any city ran by a Democrat, I would be willing to bet that crime has risen in that city.

There are some that are certainly worse than others such as Los Angeles and New York City, but another pattern that you see is that in states run by Democrats, you also find more cities that have these crime problems.

For instance, California is not just limited to a crime increase in Los Angeles, there are multiple cities, including San Francisco.

Liberal leaders have essentially turned over the cities to the thugs on the streets.

They’re not doing anything about the crime sprees that are going on and are actually doing everything in their power to make it easier for them to do wrong.

I literally don’t know what goes through people’s heads when they implement some of the ridiculous laws that they do that makes it easier to commit crimes and to get away with them.

People in various California cities like Oakland and San Francisco have grown so tired of their windows getting broken when people break into their vehicles that they have started actually leaving the trunks open so that they would-be thieves won’t smash their window causing the owner of the vehicle to pay a hefty repair bill.

Take a look at this report from ABC7 News in California: (If the video doesn’t appear above right-click on the date and open in a new window and you will see it.)


Here’s another video from KPIX CBS SF Bay Area

And nothing happens to the people who commit these crimes. They’ve practically legalized theft in many of the major cities because it’s so bad that they can’t do enough to stop it from happening. At least, that’s what they claim. In reality, these Democrats in charge are so brainwashed and afraid of making anyone feel bad or hurting someone’s feelings and facing backlash from their own party that they literally just sit on their hands and watch their cities be ravaged by thieves and violent criminals.

The only way to fix this if you live in one of these cities is to vote these buffoons out and to get someone in that position who will actually take charge and prosecute criminals instead of letting them go free of charges.

Crime didn’t used to be this bad. Here’s what you do, look back and see when it started and look to see who started causing it. It’s not going to be too difficult to see that Democrats are bad for the country.

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