California Just Passed A Ridiculous Resolution Demanding Trump Apologize For Presidency


California is a state riddled with problems and taxes. It has problems so large in fact that while the governor is the highest paid governor in the nation, the infrastructure crumbles the same as it has been for the last 15 years or more despite warnings from various government agencies.  

Rather than use the money of its taxpayers more frugally and effectively, California’s answer is to take ever more of it from their overburdened citizenry.


In a shining example of the ineffectiveness and absolute ridiculous waste of taxpayer time, effort, and dollars, California state lawmakers spent their Saturday passing a resolution that “requires” President Donald Trump to formally apologize for his time in the White House.  Yes, I am serious.

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The resolution was actually a part of a larger group of bills and resolutions passed by the super Democratic majority designed to position California as a so-called “leader of the resistance.” The California legislature formally plans to ask the President of the United States for a formal and public apology.

The resolution states California lawmakers plan “to publicly apologize to all Americans for his racist and bigoted behavior.” California lawmakers also plan to attempt to force the issue of President Trump’s tax returns, using this measure to force him to release his full tax returns as well as approve a measure that fully supports federal funding for sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.


California Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León issued a public statement after the vote stating –

“The issue of resistance is beyond the symbolism. There’s real lives at stake … and I think that a lot of other municipalities, as well as other states, are looking towards California … to be the leader of this resistance.”

This is the same man who bragged on the California Senate floor that many members of his family were in America illegally, as well as openly discussing the ways in which they fraudulently used the social security numbers of Americans to obtain benefits that are not theirs to obtain.

Department of Justice spokesman Devin O’Malley said of the resolution –

“The state of California is attempting to codify a commitment to returning criminal aliens back onto our streets, which undermines public safety, national security, and law enforcement.

Given the multiple high-profile incidents that have occurred in California in recent years, it is especially disappointing that state leaders would take steps to limit cooperation between local jurisdictions and immigration authorities attempting to keep Californians safe.”

California lawmakers also passed a measure that many believe could significantly impact the 2020 presidential election in a severe way. The legislature has voted to move the date of the California state presidential primary up by more than five months to the beginning of March. This move could grant the state a significantly greater influence in the Democratic nomination due to the state’s high number of delegates. Gov. Jerry Brown has not yet approved this resolution but many believe it will not be a problem to get him to sign off on it.

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