BREAKING: California To Tear DOWN Confederate Monuments [VIDEO]


A Confederate statue in Hollywood: A petition has been filed to remove this statue located at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery honoring Confederate soldiers from the West Coast.


Do you think this statue should be removed? ????????

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Check it out:


Here are some responses from people on social media.

  • “I’m a Mexican American and don’t believe it should. I think it is important to remember history even when its hateful. It reminds us constantly on how to improve our humanity regardless of what side you are on.”
  • “Good or bad, history is history ……preserve it so future generations know about it.”
  •  “Remove all MLK SIGNS and STATUES TOO”
  • “For heavens sake!!!! No!
    Just because we don’t agree, it does not mean we can just erase history!
    It is ludicrous!
    There are so many instances in history that have been barbaric, horrific, and we should remember those moments, so they do not repeat. Simply erasing it, is not the proper way to teach future generations. Hitler wanted to erase the Jewish people, he killed six million of them, did he succeed ? ? Should we erase his barbarism from history?
    I think not, we should teach about it, so it is not repeated.”
  •  “Liberals understand that is a piece of history if it bothers to bad. Did it bother me wen Mc Donald’s wanted to put the gay flag on your order of large fries ????? Yes but I didn’t make a big deal about it.”
  • “These people need to educate themselves Civil War was not about slavery it was about money between the north and the south. The confederate flag and had nothing to do with slavery bars and stripes do not mean that.”
  • “All of a sudden we’re removing historical pieces all over our nation? Hell no. Not everything in history was right… but don’t erase it. Leave it alone.”
  • “What is WRONG with you people? Confederate soldiers may have been on the losing side but my God, they were AMERICANS. The far left is taking the biggest tragedy that this country has ever had and treating it like a cheap side-show. What’s next? Gettysburg? Mt. Rushmore? Most Confederate soldiers were from poor, rural areas. They didn’t own slaves. They didn’t own plantations. They were fighting for State’s Rights, right, wrong or indifferent. They were not captured as traitors after the war. They were given FULL PARDON. WE CANNOT ERADICATE AN ENTIRE POPULATION OF PEOPLE WHO LIVED AND DIED. PLEASE STOP THIS.”
  • “Should the Egyptians tear down the pyramids because slaves built them? How about the Colosseum in Rome, also built by slaves. And all of the railroad tracks in the West because they were built by slave labor. Get over it, it’s a statue, or a headstone. You probably didn’t even know it was there until someone told you about it, Kat LR.”
  • “Which hate group wants to remove this now, this is all Obama’s doing, do we all realize it. He preached all lies and hate during his time in office. People believe if they don’t get their way then turn to violence. We saw this during the election when the bs media and democrats try saying the Trump supporters were the violent one when it was the other way around. Stop all this BS, if you don’t like American history then leave the country.”

That’s just a small sample of the comments.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

God Bless.

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