Canada to Be 1st in North America to Ban Burkas in Public Places

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Who would have ever thought that liberal Canada would have the guts to mess with their beloved Muslims? Not me! 

But apparently, Canada has proposed a bill that would essentially ban both public workers and those who use public services from wearing face coverings such as, for example, the Islamic niqab and burka!

Muslim women in Quebec who wear a burka or niqab could soon be required to uncover their faces to ride a city bus under a proposed provincial law.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC) , the controversial legislation would effectively ban public workers — including doctors, nurses, teachers and daycare workers — as well as those receiving a service from the government, from wearing the niqab, burka or any other face coverings.

“As long as the service is being rendered, the face should be uncovered,” Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée said Monday in an interview with Daybreak host Mike Finnerty.

“This is a bill about le vivre ensemble [living together in harmony], it’s a bill about guidelines and clearly establishes neutrality of the state.”

“Having your face uncovered is a legitimate question of communication, identification and security,” Vallée added in a statement to reporters Tuesday, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Conservative Tribune adds that it’s common-sense logic. If you’re either serving the public on behalf of the government or receiving service from the government, you need to maintain a basic level of decorum. And I’m sorry, but walking around fully covered head to toe like an enslaved Muslim woman — or a bank robber, for that matter — isn’t right.

Of course, Muslims disagree. Shaheen Ashraf, a board member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, is especially perturbed by the bill.

“I think it’s basically fear-mongering and pandering to these fearful people, you know?” she said in an interview with host Carol Off of “As It Happens,” a show that airs on CBC Radio One. “I mean, there are some Quebecers who have never met another Muslim, you know? Because once you meet the person you know that they are just normal human beings like yourself.”

But according to Vallée, critics like Ashraf are missing the point.

Hell yeah! Get rid of those hideous face coverings. We want to see who the hell you.



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