Canada Sets Man Free Who BEHEADED Stranger On Bus- What He Did To Body AFTER Is Even More SICK


It’s Seriously Time To Consider A Second Wall

 There’s something going on in Canada besides Justin Trudeau’s childish antics. I’m talking about a small city known as Winnipeg and it’s located in the province of Manitoba just north of our republic’s border.  In the span of a single week two very alarming  and violent stories have come out of this otherwise quiet area.  This is one even the National Enquirer couldn’t have dreamt up — truth really is scarier and stranger than fiction. Take a look below:


Mother Murders Children — Get’s A Slap On The Wrist


The first story will hit close to home for loving mothers. A not-so-loving mother, Andrea Giesbrecht, was recently convicted of hiding the bodies of her six infant children in a storage locker.  The locker owner found the corpses when the combination of the stench and Giesbrecht’s failure to make a payment moved him to action. His discovery was understandably horrifying, but is more horrifying is that the mother of the children can only be charged with a MAXIMUM of two years per child — 12 years total.

This is a case that makes Casey Anthony, recently spotted at a anti-Trump protest, look more tolerable. That says a lot.

Judge Murray Thomas, responsible for overseeing the case, seems to have based his ruling off of the inability of forensic experts to identify the cause of death owing to the fact that the bodies had been so severely decomposed.

That’s right. She killed their kids, hid their bodies, was found guilty and all she is going to suffer for it is a couple years behind bars.  Look, I hate when foreigners that don’t understand our republic butt in and try to change us — but what the hell is going on up there Canada?


Giesbrecht previously had 9 legal abortions. And you’d be right to ask where the husband fits in with all of this–unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem like anyone really knows. For his part, her husband, Jeremy Giesbrecht, who has not been charged (why?!), claims he was never aware she was pregnant until his first son was born (how?!).

Here’s Canada’s CBC with their coverage:

The judge said in his ruling he was convinced that Giesbrecht was the mother of all six infants — five males and one female — and that she stored them with the intention of concealing their births as they decomposed in plastic bins and pails.
“These bodies were not stored for purposes of preservation,” Thompson said.
What caused the deaths of the infants could not be determined because the remains were too badly decomposed.
Giesbrecht did not testify during her trial, leaving many questions surrounding the babies unanswered.

Man Beheads Then Eats Stranger — Now He’s Loose To Prowl The Streets Again

The subtitle is pretty self explanatory but equally unbelievable.  Yet it’s true. So true there are plenty of sources. So don’t just take our word for it.  Before he got the taste for ‘strange meat,’ Will Baker was called Vince Li.  He had to change his name because who wants the shadow of murderous cannibalism hanging over you where-ever you go? Not this reporter certainly.

But, not to worry dear Canadian friends, according to The Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board he doesn’t pose any threat to the public — so on Halloween be sure to stop by at his house for some treats and hope he doesn’t pull any tricks.

The mother of the victim is not having it:

Baker, then known as Li, stabbed, beheaded, and began to eat Tim McLean while the two strangers were riding the same Greyhound Bus together. The cannibal reportedly suffers from a well-documented case of schizophrenia.  While he was therefore found “not responsible” for the murder, he was remanded to a high-risk facility.  A facility where he clearly should have lived out the rest of his days in a well-padded cell surrounded by calm, neutral colors.

But now he’s on the loose. Because, hey, what are the odds that an unstable schizophrenic will strike twice, right? It’s like lighting — if lighting was acting at the behest of subconscious voices demanding it to kill, kill, kill.

Even the Canadian shrinks seem to be ambivalent about this — they recognize the risk but think they owe this man some sort of freedom still:

Matt Logan, a former RCMP officer and forensic psychologist, said he thinks Baker’s absolute discharge isn’t in the public interest. He said he would have preferred to see a conditional discharge that included requirements for Baker’s continued surveillance by mental health professionals.
Logan, who has never worked with Baker, said the man may have progressed well in an environment of support and structure, but he worries an absolute discharge could mean Baker won’t access those resources anymore.
“I am concerned about a relapse. I’m concerned about a lack of insight in the taking of medications,” he said.
“But the public interest looks at this and says, you know, ‘Nine years? Nine years, really, for this kind of crime?’ And I think we have to weigh that as well.”


Look Canada, fix your justice system before we need two walls. Please.





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