Tucker Carlson of Fox News reported Monday evening that he has now received a cease and desist letter from an attorney on behalf of Tony Podesta.  The letter is not just a simple complaint but an actual threat of legal action if Carlson does not stop reporting the recent events surrounding the Podesta Group, as well as on either Tony himself or his brother John Podesta.

Carlson states the letter:


“…demands that the show ‘immediately cease and desist disseminating false and misleading reports about Mr. Podesta and the Podesta group.’ It demands we retract and delete all our prior reporting on the Podesta group and warns that if we don’t do this, ‘Mr. Podesta may pursue legal action, including for damages in order to fully protect his rights.

Podesta’s lawyer wasn’t trying to inform us of anything — but to threaten us, to shut down our reporting on his client. One lawyer we talked to earlier today said the Podesta people have used this tactic with others before, it’s common. It’s an effort to use fear to control press coverage. We’re not intimidated, we have ample evidence from Mueller’s indictment and from a number of confidential sources to paint a pretty clear picture of exactly what the Podesta Group was doing for years here in Washington. We’ll let the facts speak for themselves, and we’re confident the Mueller investigation will be revealing a lot more about his lobbying practices in the near future.”

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This letter full of threats and bluster comes on the heels of Tony Podesta’s abrupt resignation from the Podesta Group – the high powered Democratic lobbying firm bearing his name.  Tony resigned following a long and lengthy string of failures by him to disclose his advocacy for foreign entities that put him directly in the crosshairs of special prosecutor Robert Mueller in his Russian Collusion investigation.


Tony’s resignation came just one week after it was revealed an ongoing investigation was taking place by the US government into whether Tony had indeed violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).  FARA requires all individuals that lobby for foreign entities to disclose their activities on behalf of those entities to the Department of Justice.

This most recent inquiry focuses around Podesta’s work for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU).  Tony’s involvement was not disclosed until long after payments from the group were made directly to the Podesta Group and then only addressed once the press discovered them and made those payments public. The Podesta Group was hired to conduct a public affairs campaign for the ECMU.  That public affairs campaign was put together by none other than Paul Manafort who was indicted early Monday morning on charges dating back some 12 years before he ever worked for the Trump campaign. Among Manafort’s charges also included failure to follow FARA requirements.

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What is even more interesting despite Tony Podesta’s threats to the contrary towards Carlson and Fox News, is this is not the first time Tony and the Podesta Group have found themselves in trouble for their failure to follow simple disclosure laws regarding work for foreign clients. Just last year, Tony went before the DOJ on the record to admit he had failed to disclose meetings he himself had put together between the government of India, a Podesta Group client, and his brother John Podesta, then a senior counselor in President Obama’s White House.

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Both the Podesta brothers were party to working on issues with regard to India for the Obama administration.  They met with the Indian ambassador to the United States in the West Wing during Obama’s second term in August of 2014.

Stemming from that meeting there were also a good bit of emails back and forth which were conveniently not disclosed either. Neither the meeting nor the emails would have ever been disclosed many believe were it not for the reporting of the Washington Free Beacon outing the Podesta Group for their FARA violation in October of last year.

Stemming from that outing via the press, the Podesta Group filed amended disclosures just after the November 2016 presidential election.  Conveniently enough, Tony Podesta also happened to be the top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign of which John was chair.



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