This afternoon, we reported that the declassified memo from House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes was released to the public for the first time, and soon after the main subject of the memo, Carter Page, made an announcement that has the leftist media shaking in their boots.

Included in the memo were numerous damning claims against the previous administration, the most important, and most egregious, of which was the fact that it illegally obtained a FISA warrant against Page not once, but four times. Those warrants were obtained in part by false and misleading reporting by several media outlets on the left, and now it looks like they’re going to have to pay the piper for their abuses.

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The Washington Examiner is reporting that shortly after the memo’s release, Page felt vindicated, as he should have, then told the Examiner that “I look forward to updating my pending legal action in opposition to [the Department of Justice] this weekend in preparation for Monday’s next small step on the long, potholed road toward helping to restore law and order in our great country.”


Further, the Examiner reported, Page is taking fierce legal action against the media outlets that slandered him.

From the Washington Examiner:

Page’s remarks were in response to the release of a classified and controversial memo that shows the so-called Steele dossier formed an essential part of the initial and all three renewal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court warrant applications against Page. The dossier was funded by Democrats, and the GOP memo said the FISA court was never told of its origin.

In his message to the Washington Examiner, Page called the memo part of the “brave and assiduous oversight by congressional readers in discovering this unprecedented abuse of process.”

That oversight, he said, “represents a giant, historic leap in the repair of America’s democracy.”

Page filed a 400-page defamation lawsuit against Yahoo and the Huffington Post in September over a story that claimed he was under investigation for meeting Russian officials who meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

The suit also targeted the Broadcasting Board of Governors, whose outlets Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, both controlled by the United States, wrote an account based off of the Yahoo article. According to Page, the federal government helped to spread the allegations against him.

The reason Page believes he has a case against Yahoo and the Huffington Puffington Post is because their false reporting came directly from Christopher Steele, who had been planting false and uncorroborated stories in the media on behalf of the FBI so the FBI could get its warrants. Page’s suit likely alleges that the media outlets knew Steele’s credibility was questionable, yet they reported his stories anyway, which would seem quite slanderous to this writer.

So as Page said, if he’s successful in his lawsuits, he’ll have helped restore law and order to America, and that‘s exactly what we need right now. So we’re with you, Carter.

Go give ‘em hell!

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