BREAKING: Cause Of Death Revealed…


There are new reports that the Pfizer vax has major side effects that cause strokes, heart failure, blood clots and more.

You have to admit that a lot of unexpected deaths have occurred lately that appear to be related to the EXPERIMENTAL VAX.

BIG PHARMA as well as the government have made BILLIONS off the vax but it’s not looking good as far of the safety of getting jabbed!

Now, to be clear we are not saying that this death occurred as a result of taking the jab but that it is a possibility.


CALIFORNIA – According to the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner and Coroner, beloved actor Leslie Jordan died of sudden cardiac dysfunction caused by arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Stefani Reynolds / File)

The 67-year-old actor was involved in a car crash at the time of his death in Hollywood in October 2020, but the cause of death was determined to be natural.

However the official autopsy report revealed moderate to severe cardiovascular disease caused by plaque build-up, and stenosis (narrowing) of multiple coronary arteries.

Jordan, known for his roles in popular TV shows and his comedic Instagram posts during the pandemic, had a height of 4’11”.

I can’t help but wonder if he took the experimental ‘COVID VACCINE’ and boosters and which, if any did he take.

A hell of a lot of people are dying and/or suffering severe side effects as a result of taking this ‘vaccine’ and boosters.

There is plenty of proof that BIG PHARMA and the government were fully aware of the dangers but still insisted that everyone take the jab.

At the same time conventional therapeutics that are very effective were actually forbidden to be used by physicians.

BIG TECH also played a big part in getting the message out that conventional therapeutics were not effective and late night ‘comedy hosts’ took it even further claiming that unvaxxed people should not be allowed medical attention.

It’s all about the money…

Rest in peace.


*For any concerns about COVID consult with qualified medical professionals.


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God Bless.

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