BREAKING: CBS Just Made MASSIVE Announcement About Their TOP News Host- He’s DONE


Ultra liberal Trump hater Scott Pelley is officially out at “CBS Evening News.”


Pelley, an outspoken critic of the president is reportedly being shifted permanently to the network’s news magazine “60 Minutes.”

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Pelley’s office was being cleared out on Tuesday while the anchor was away on an assignment for “60 Minutes.”



Page Six  reports that CBS News president David Rhodes “is making [Pelley] move to ‘60 Minutes,’ ” and that the pair “don’t get on.”


Another TV insider said while Pelley’s ratings have been down, “There’s also been friction between him and [Rhodes].”

Added a source, “[Pelley] was pushed out of the ‘Evening News.’ It’s been coming for a long time. This could have been handled better — [Pelley] is away on a story, and they’re cleaning out his office. It’s not the correct way to treat the face of CBS News.”

Sources say there was confusion Tuesday among staff at CBS’ Hell’s Kitchen headquarters as workers began dismantling the office of Pelley.

Fox News reports that back in December 2013, PolitiFact awarded Democratic President Obama with peddling the “Lie of the Year” for his false claim that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” But Pelley’s “CBS Evening News” has never told viewers about PolitiFact’s ruling.

And back on August 17, 1998, when President Bill Clinton admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky, then-White House correspondent Scott Pelley merely passed along that President’s tenuous parsing without using any of the judgmental language he now employs:

The last time Mr. Clinton swore an oath was in the [Paula] Jones deposition, in which he said, quote, ‘I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I have never had an affair with her.’ His lawyers argue that wasn’t perjury, because Mr. Clinton does not believe the alleged Oval Office liaisons with Lewinsky fit a technical definition of affair. But Mr. Clinton’s political advisers fear they have no way to explain his repeated public denials….

Compared to Clinton and Obama, Pelley has been far more aggressive in holding President Trump accountable, slamming the new commander in chief on January 23 for “a weekend of tweeting tantrums and falsehoods.” On February 6, Pelley criticized Trump’s “fictitious claims” and “presidential statements divorced from reality.” And in March, Pelley scolded that “Mr. Trump has continually stamped rumors with the seal of the President.”

Fair and balanced? Not even close.

So it looks like the lib is in for a big surprise when he gets back home.

Can’t stand this idiot.

Source- AFF

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