There’s a current debate going on as to whether the Centers For Disease Control should receive federal funds to research gun-related deaths or not. Opponents of this idea, including the NRA and most Republicans, say that taxpayer dollars shouldn’t go to finance partisan anti-gun propaganda. Before the democrats try to dismiss this as right-wing paranoia, they should look at the chilling comment from Dr. Mark Rosenberg of the CDC:

“If all we wanted to do was protect the rights of legitimate gun owners, we wouldn’t pass any legislation, and if we just wanted to reduce firearm injuries and death, we might say, ‘Take all guns out of civilian hands.’ The trick is, we want to do both at the same time, and that requires research,” said Rosenberg to

Wow, that would be a spectacular trick. How do you protect the rights of legitimate gun owners by taking all of their guns away? The fact that he wants millions of dollars from the government to figure out how to make that happen is sickening.

In another part of the interview Rosenberg claims to support the 2nd Amendment saying, “The researchers at CDC are committed to two goals: one goal is preventing firearm injuries. The second goal is to preserve the rights of legitimate gun owners. They have been totally misportrayed.”

I can’t get around that “take all the guns” statement. I’d say the CDC portrayal is spot on as a gun-grabbing arm of the democrat’s unconstitutional agenda. No matter how you look at it, Rosenberg is blaming private legal gun ownership as the cause for all gun deaths. He feels the only way to reduce gun-related deaths is to eliminate private gun ownership.

Rosenberg led the CDC gun research back in the 1990’s. Thankfully, commonsense prevailed and the federal government no longer funds such things. But don’t get too comfortable, President Obama has just requested $10 million for the CDC to resume its anti-gun campaign.

What we are seeing is the sneaky new path to civilian disarmament. Obama wants to fund anti-gun propaganda. He tried to install a rabid anti-gun activist as the Surgeon General with the Vivek Murthy nomination. Democrats are pushing for expanded mental health checks and a massive redefinition of insanity.

They can’t take the guns away because of that pesky Bill of Rights, but they can create a “health crisis” to achieve the same goal. If they can declare millions of Americans as mentally unfit; they can deny gun rights. If they can classify gun violence as an epidemic; they can take emergency steps to disarm the population.

Gun deaths are not disease-related. Even if you classify them as lead poisoning fatalities, they still don’t qualify as diseases or even chronic illnesses. Why the hell would the CDC need $10 million to study gun-related deaths?

What the CDC does is study causes of death and then makes recommendations on how to reduce those deaths. Dr. Rosenberg has made it quite clear how they intend to stop gun-related deaths: by taking away our guns.


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