UNREAL: CNN’s ‘Celebrity’ Chef Threatens To POISON Trump

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Liberals still haven’t gotten over the fact they lost the election, which is really too bad for them because they look like jackasses at this point.

One such liberal is CNN’s “celebrity” chef Anthony Bourdain, who’s apparently contracted a strong case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. While the rest of us are on board with the President’s “America First” agenda, Bourdain doesn’t appear to want to Make America Great again, and he’s willing to poison the President to prevent it from happening.


The gossip website TMZ caught up with the aging television “star,” and what he said should warrant a visit from the Secret Service. Bourdain was first asked about North Korea and whether or not he would do any catering for the country, then he was asked about catering for President Trump.

His answer says everything we need to know…

According to Breitbart News:

The former Food Network personality and current host of CNN’s Parts Unknown was caught outside LAX airport by a photographer for celebrity gossip website TMZ. Bourdain was asked whether or not he would go to North Korea to do a food show.

Bourdain said that everyone in North Korea is starving, so there is no reason to go there. He also called the diminutive dictator of the oppressed nation a series of obscene names, saying Kim Jong-un is a “chubby, evil little f***.”

But then the TMZ stringer asked what Bourdain would serve if he was asked to cater a dinner for President Trump.

Bourdain answered simply, “Hemlock,” appearing to admit he would poison the president if given the chance.


For those unaware, Hemlock is the one of the most poisonous plant on the planet, which is often referred to as “devil’s porridge,” “beaver poison,” or “poison parsley.” So in Bourdain saying that’s what he would serve if asked to cater at the White House, he’s essentially stating he’s going to poison the President if he gets the chance to.

Liberals have seriously gone off the deep-end.

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God Bless.

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