Charleston Church Shooting: Governor Calls For Death Penalty



The family and friends of the victims murdered in Charleston are incredible leaders. I feel it is too soon to forgive or to offer him any compassion and I am amazed at people who have lost their child, wife, or friend who are there saying to forgive this man.

It’s just too soon for me, but they are showing everyone a path. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting nor does it mean that we don’t have work to do. These people are true Christians and deserve our applause as well as our prayers in their time of great need.

That being said in my opinion- give this punk an immediate trial and allow him one swift appeal of the verdict, and then send him to the electric chair. He would be a mere after thought 60 days from today instead of still on death row 25 years from now. Fast and decisive justice would be a real deterent for the maniacs, and as for the psychos, well we wouldn’t have to worry about them escaping like in Ohio last year or in upstate NY last week. It is good to see that South Carolina governor Nikki Haley feels the same.

The man suspected of shooting nine people dead at an African-American church in Charleston should face the death penalty if convicted, South Carolina’s governor has said. “We will absolutely want him to have the death penalty,” Nikki Haley told NBC television. Suspect Dylann Roof, 21, is due to make his first court appearance on Friday. He was arrested on Thursday more than 200 miles away in North Carolina and flown back to South Carolina.

His Facebook profile page shows a picture of him wearing a jacket with flag-patches from apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia – the name of Zimbabwe during the era of white minority rule. Dalton Tyler, who said he was a friend of Mr Roof, told ABC News the suspect had spoken in support of racial segregation and had said “he wanted to start a civil war”. It emerged on Thursday that the gunman had sat in a Bible study group at the church for nearly an hour before launching his attack.

“The suspect entered the group and was accepted by them, as they believed that he wanted to join them in this Bible study,” Charleston County Coroner Rae Wilson said. She said he then became “very aggressive and violent”. Eight people died at the scene and one person died later in hospital. There were three survivors.

I found it interesting that they were only considering the death penalty for this young man, I am all for the death penalty. Why should tax payers give money to help criminals live in comfort with guaranteed food and free time most of the day? Three meals a day are more than many people expect on a daily basis. I think we need to get rid of them instead of making prison a day care for people who commit such crimes as murder and child molestation.

I also found it amazing how this community came together in support and peace. It is inspiring to see peace in a time of chaos and confusion. It also reminds me of how tragedies can bring good people in general together instead of creating further divide. We must not follow suit and see other incidents like Baltimore and Ferguson because of the actions of a small minded few.

The beginning of the end of racism is when people in this country, including the media stops identifying Americans in categories. African Americans are not African American, they are Americans plain and simple if they were born in this country. Someone who was born in Africa who became naturalized, if they want to refer to themselves as an “African” American out of respect for their country, then so be it. Stop separating the ethnicities out of conveniene no one calls someone with Irish heritage an “Irish” American, it’s just the way of race baiting people to keep the tensions up. The best example would be Al Sharpton who has became wealthy pushing the race card.

Time to wake up America before it’s to late.



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