BREAKING: Charlie Daniels Issues SCATHING Warning To EVERY Trump Hating LIBERAL- THIS IS HARDCORE!


The great Charlie Daniels took to his website to address the non-stop liberal media blitz against our next president, Donald J. Trump. What he has to say should shut these people up for good. Wishful thinking I suppose. 

As always, Charlie does a fantastic job and I MUST say that he is totally SPOT ON! 

Enjoy Charlie Daniel’s epic piece in it’s entirety:


Talk, Talk, Talk

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I had the misfortune of sitting under the TV monitor while waiting for my plane to board the other day, the unfortunate part being that it was tuned to CNN.

It was during the Sunday morning talking head marathon and a gaggle of “experts” were dissecting Trump’s proposed cabinet appointees and the longer they talked, the sillier and less practical they got, seemingly unpleasantly surprised that the president-elect had the nerve to bypass the usual ratio and quotas of race, sex and favorite son politicos and is proposing people who have actually had, for the most part, practical experience in business, military and the art of negotiating.

The conversation was rife with doubt that Trump had any idea what he was doing by not appointing a cabinet that “looked like America” or political kindred, never mind capability and hands on experience.


I guess when you stop and consider, Trump’s innate habit of calling a spade a spade, actually speaking about what’s on his mind and taking action accordingly, without a moistened finger to the media winds and poll takers or worshiping at the alter of political correctness, it’s such a change from the ordinary pandering and ideological political speak by one who shows no fear and sometimes open disdain for the fourth estate that it does tend to irritate their pampered sensibilities.


They are incensed about Trump’s prolific tweeting, daring to mass release opinion and information without first filtering it through the auspices and agenda inclined media machine, going straight to a public they don’t think has the mental ability to think for themselves.

There hasn’t been such a straight talker in the White House since Harry Truman called columnist Drew Pearson a SOB and told the world that “the buck stops here”.

The conversation on CNN has now turned to education and the folks involved are trying to figure out why American children came in somewhere around 39th in global math rankings.

They theorize and site, posture and pontificate, but never once laying a finger on the real problem that our educational apparatus is no longer about education, but about political power and ideology.

In fact education is sorely in need of a little straight talk, somebody who would point a finger at the unions who block vote and protect inferior teachers, a system based on curved grading and making sure no feelings get hurt, learning to read, write and do arithmetic notwithstanding.

The point has come in America when we have to admit the truth to ourselves, the truth that we are overshadowed by a national debt that threatens our prosperity, a massive, bloated government, inundated with redundant bureaucracies that can’t find their posterior with both hands, the truth that our military has been dangerously weakened, the truth that the unemployment statistics have been jinked and skewed until they do not even come close to reflecting the jobless problem.

The truth that Obamacare is not and never has been about health care but a bold power grab to bring a sixth of America’s economy into the greedy hands of the federal government.

The truth that this nation is seriously divided along racial lines and social strata and has long been exploited vote seekers and self-enrichers and if sincere people on both sides don’t get together soon and shed some truth and light on the situation rampant chaos could result in the streets of America.

The truth that we don’t even know how many illegals we have in this country, much less how many are dangerous criminals, how many are carrying diseases, how many may be terrorists or other undesirables and “sanctuary cities” are actually safe zones for any of the above.

And the list goes on and on, ultra serious issues too long ignored, to long politicized, too long exploited and too long lied about or covered up.

It’s time for Us to take our heads out of the sand and face the hard facts that confront us, in fact it’s not an option if The United States of America is to retain it’s place as leader of the free world.

Is Donald Trump the man to bring the truth to America and direct our feet back on secure footing and the path to fiscal sanity?

I honestly don’t know, but one thing I do know.

America needs change, real change, the kind that words and good intentions cannot make a dent in, but change that demands an immediate finger in the dike and decisive action on many fronts at the same time.

From what I’ve seen so far, a change is being affected, sweeping, unconventional, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead action.

I know Trump will make mistakes, everybody does, but I’m more than ready to let him take the bit in his mouth and run with it, turn over some tables, kick down some doors, upset some apple carts and put some real world people in charge.

Tighten your cinch straps y’all, this ol’ bronc is getting ready to buck again.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels

WOW! As always, Mr Daniels is spot on!

Read more of Charlie’s soapboxes here: Soapbox Archives

Charlie Daniels is a legendary American singer, song writer, guitarist, and fiddler famous for his contributions to country and southern rock music. Daniels has been active as a singer since the early 1950s. He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on January 24, 2008.

We agree with Charlie and if you do then share this with everyone you know on Facebook and Twitter!

God Bless Charlie Daniels and GOD BLESS AMERICA! 




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