JUST IN: Charlottesville Agitator Claims VICTIM After He’s Attacked, But There’s A MAJOR Issue [Video]


A black supremacist attending the so-called “counter-protests” in Charlottesville over the weekend claims he was beaten senseless by a group of “white supremacists,” however, there’s an issue with his story.

According to the Daily Mail, DeAndre Harris, 21, claims that he was randomly targeted then attacked by a group of white men during the riots that resulted when leftist agitators crashed the permitted protest. Harris’s story has since gone viral, with the liberal media using it as an example of racial violence they believe is prevalent in the country today.


Below is the edited video being shown by the left to make this into something it’s not:

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From the Daily Mail:

In an interview, Roberts said Harris and his friends were yelling back and forth at each other as the white supremacists tossed racial epithets and Harris told the protesters to ‘go home.’


The white supremacists chased Harris, who ran and crashed into a wooden parking gate barrier, Roberts said. He did not see if any specific event precipitated the escalation from a verbal confrontation to a physical one.

Harris, in a subsequent video interview with Roberts, said he would fade in and out of consciousness as he was struck with poles and the broken wooden gate.

Photos taken by Roberts show Harris on the ground being beaten by men armed with poles and sticks.

‘I keep hearing all this chaos around me,’ Harris said. ‘I feel myself getting hit. … Every time I get up, I lose consciousness.’

He suffered a broken wrist and a chipped tooth, and had eight staples in his scalp to close a head wound.

Obviously, Harris is made out to be the victim, which is a total load of garbage.

This reporter took the time to seek out other video of the incident, and I was able to find one that followed both groups of people for nearly six minutes prior to the attack, and it shows that the group Harris was with, a faction of Black Lives Matter, is the one that started the altercation.

As you can see, Harris’s Black Lives Matter group was following, pestering, and provoking the other group of white men. It wasn’t until someone from Harris’s group attacked a white man wearing a helmet in the parking garage that things got out of hand, thus debunking the claim that Harris was an innocent victim.

While it’s not our job to be judge or jury, the evidence clearly shows who was causing problems.

Harris went to Charlottesville looking for trouble, but when he found it, he cried victim.

Sorry, but that’s not going to fly.

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