Check Out What This Feminazi Just DEMANDED All Americans To Do… You Won’t Believe This!


Teen Vogue has knocked it out of the park again in their attempts to indoctrinate impressionable young girls seeking fashion advice with leftist political rhetoric and feminist drivel.  A self-proclaimed feminist, Lauren Duca, writes political opinions for the teen “fashion” rag.

Duca has advice for all you single men, women, nonbinary, trans-confused individuals — never, never, EVER date anyone who does not consider themselves a feminist.

Wouldn’t that be so much “fun” listening to one of those gender studies major’s diatribes, be routinely accused of misogyny or mansplaining? Or perhaps listen to long winded rants about your hetero-normativity for merely using the wrong pronoun? Of course, you will be required to pay the bill for dinner at the end of the evening and should the end of the evening lead to additional recreational activities that could potentially result in a pregnancy? Well, you would have no say or claim in that.

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Note how much fun I know that is NOT and also note the issue with Duca’s little piece of advice – 62% of women do not identify with feminism. Many women recognize the movement as a bunch of self-entitled, sanctimonious, man bashing whiners and frankly NO ONE likes them – not even other women. Kim Kardashian even refuses to identify herself as a feminist for fear of ruining her “brand.”

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Never mind the tweet itself is completely at odds with the so-called values of third-wave feminism.  Those values if you want to call them that claim women are free to choose to be, do, and date whatever and whomever they like. Except apparently like in all the things, they are hypocrites because as someone pointed out in response to the Tweet – If you’re a feminist, is it really feminist to mandate that others only date feminists? Likely not.

Me on the other hand?  Well, I am NOT a feminist….not a feminist and PROUD.  Two college degrees and as independent as they come, but I enjoy being a woman and all that it entails.  I do not need to denigrate a man to know my worth.

Frankly, I am tired….make that sick and tired of women like this Duca broad telling me who and what THEY think I am supposed to be, attempting some sort of emotional blackmail and high school, mean girl nonsense. All while they attempt to dictate to me exactly what is wrong with the choices in my life of which they do not have to live with the ramifications from.

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Everything from choosing adoption instead of abortion at age 19….choosing to actually get married 12 years later and then making the decision to give up a lucrative career to stay home with 3 little boys.  All because my husband and I felt their future was more important than my career and our children being raised by a daycare center — a traditional family with a Mom, a Dad — a wife and a husband….kids….what a novel notation! I am PROUD to be the antithesis of this modern feminist movement and be everything they say I should not be.

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