BREAKING: Check Out Where Anthony Weiner Was JUST Found… Clinton Cartel STRIKES AGAIN


Anthony Weiner, the husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin, has checked into a rehab facility for treatment of sex addiction. It seems Weiner can’t seem to keep his wiener under control. The rehab center where Weiner is being treated separates men and women.  The program counsels those addicted to cybersex, exhibitionism, anonymous sex, and porn and all electronic devices are banned.

Friday’s announcement by the FBI that was reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret server as a result of the discovery of new emails discovered on a laptop shared by husband and wife – Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner.


It seems that Weiner’s uncontrollable weiner finally got him into some SERIOUS trouble that caused his world to come crashing down on September 21 with the revelation that he had spent months sexting with a 15-year-old high school girl. His messages were extremely explicit — telling her he was hard, that he ‘would bust that tight p*ssy, sent her pictures of himself naked, and also told her he had rape fantasies about her. It was also clear that Wiener knew she was only 15.  The girl had told him in the text messages.

              Bombshell: This was the picture Weiner sent to a 15-year-old girl which prompted an FBI investigation - which now imperils Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House                     In the messages, which were obtained by, Weiner repeatedly complimented the girl's body, told her that she made him 'hard'                       He also sent the girl a selfie from a hot tub

Weiner and Abedin are currently in the midst of a divorce.  He complained about their marriage, lack of sex life, and having to care for their son while Abedin campaigned extensively for Hillary. Abedin and Weiner separated in August in the midst of another sexting scandal, though Abedin remained loyal for a long time, enduring many scandals.

May of 2011 a picture of Weiner’s bulging crotch appeared on his Twitter account. Weiner denied it was him and claimed he had been hacked. A week later, he cried as he apologized for lying, and admitted he had had several inappropriate relationships with women online. He did not resign his position of public service at that time and Abedin was standing by his side. The following week yet MORE selfies are revealed forcing him to resign. Abedin now pregnant with their son claimed he was seeking treatment for his issue and he entered a treatment facility in Florida regarding this same issue.


How it all began: The image Weiner accidentally uploaded to Twitter in May 2011, which he lied about claiming it was a hack. He came clear a week later that it was him

The following May, Weiner was back with Abedin at his side looking to revive his political career and he entered the race for mayor in New York. At first, all was well, Weiner was the popular front-runner ahead of Bill de Blasio. Then came yet MORE sexting screenshots of the infamous “Carlos Danger” incident. Abedin still standing by him and not surprising he lost the mayor election. But it seems nothing was going to control that wiener. Their marriage bore a striking resemblance to the Clintons marriage where infidelity and predatory behavior on the part of Wiener considered normal.

The way they were: This was the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin wedding's official picture - taken after Bill Clinton married them, seemingly anointing a new Democratic power couple

By 2015 it was Abedin who was the couple’s leading figure, with her place at the side of the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, profiles in magazines, and a guarantee of a place in a second Clinton White House. Weiner was now a stay at home father with their son Jordan, tweeting non-stop, and very little real work.

In August his disgraceful behavior culminated with Wiener sending a picture of himself in bed, clearly aroused, with his son sleeping at his side. The picture from July 2015 was to a 40 something divorcee who replied – ‘You do realize you can see your Weiner in that pic??’ Abedin had enough and ended their marriage though neither moved out of their Manhattan apartment. The couple began the lengthy process of separating their lives. Then came the September bombshell.  He carried on a lengthy online sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl. She said he asked her to dress up in ‘school-girl’ outfits for him on a video messaging app and asked her to engage in ‘rape fantasies’. The relationship began in January 2016 when she was a high school sophomore. The girl’s name is being witheld since she is a minor.

 I would bust that tight p***y so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week – he stated in a text to her.

                  Weiner and the girl used several anonymous messaging apps, like the one pictured above, where every line of text - and the sender's name - disappear after the message is opened    In one message he told he would 'bust that tight p***y so hard'

This time Weiner was T-Dog – and an avid user of the sort of instant messaging technology which does not leave a trail. The online messages show Weiner sending bare-chested photos of himself to the young girl, calling her ‘baby’ and talking about her body.  He told her he woke up ‘hard’ after thinking about her. When confronted Weiner did not deny the flirtatious exchange but declined to comment. Instead, he provided copies of 2 emails which he states raises questions about the girl’s claims.

It seems Abedin ended the marriage in an effort to distance herself from the fallout but on Friday she learned that the uncontrollable wiener wasn’t just a threat to her but to Hillary herself. So off to another sex addiction treatment center Wiener goes to see if he can’t get his own wiener under control. He has my thanks though if his shenanigans are what it took to keep Hillary out of the White House.  How about you?

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h/t – Daily Mail

God Bless.



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