BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Was Just CAUGHT Doing Something Absolutely SICK… [PHOTOS]


As women in Islamic countries fight to be granted even the most basic of human rights and in some cases fight for their very lives, here in America liberals use this as an opportunity to rally- to support Islam…  Billed on their Facebook page  –

We invite you all to join us for a day of solidarity in support of equality and tolerance, supporting American Muslims. The event starts at 12pm in Times Square – 48th St and Broadway. Family friendly.


There is no greater time than now to stand up for our Muslim brothers and sisters who are under increasing threat and pressure. See you in Times Square!

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Please join Russell Simmons, Imam Shamsi Ali, Rabbi Marc Schneier, Dr. Debbie Almontaser, Daisy Khan, Linda Sarsour, Q-Tip and many other leaders from the community for this powerful event.

Facebook page:


Speaking out against the temporary immigration ban from 7 predominately  Muslim countries, a group 0f liberal leftists protested in New York City’s Times Square.  The rally was co-hosted by musician Russell Brand, dubbing it the  “I am a Muslim Too” rally.


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Among the notable attendees like Sharia law advocate and President of the Arab American Association of New York, Linda Sarsour, also known as an organizer of the ridiculous display that posed for a Women’s March in Washington, D.C. just a few weeks ago, stating —

We will not be intimidated, we will not be silenced. Stay fierce, stand tall, keep your shoulders back and every single day be blessed that you were chosen to be a New Yorker.”

Also in attendance, Chelsea Clinton and her daughter Charlotte.  Chelsea tweeted pictures of the event with pride stating this was her daughter Charlotte’s first protest.


Nearly 1,000 of these protesters crowded two full city blocks in Times Square on Sunday with claims of showing solidarity with the NYC Muslim community.  These people never seemed to stop to consider that of the 52 predominantly Muslim countries in the world, only SEVEN of them have been banned under this Executive Order. Muslim or Islam is never mentioned, nor are ALL Muslims banned. 

The ban is temporary, not permanent, and the countries chosen are considered terror hotbeds and originally these SAME SEVEN countries were chosen under the Obama regime in 2015, billed as the “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”

Simmons himself stood on the corner of 48th Street and Broadway against the backdrop of the American flag, stating –

We are here today to show middle America our beautiful signs and, through our beautiful actions and intention, that they have been misled.”

Another co-organizer of this spectacle was Muslim Imam, Shamsi Ali.  He stated, “this is what democracy looks like.” Too bad America is NOT a Democracy, so the fact that this Imam thinks it looks like one SHOULD be alarming to all of us!

Ali is the Imam for the Jamaica Muslim Center and president of the Nusantara Foundation, telling everyone that the rally was NOT just for those of Muslim faith.

This rally today is for America. Do you know why? Because any harm that happens to the Muslim community, which is an integral part of this nation, is harm upon all Americans.

Rabbi Marc Schneier’s Foundation for Ethnic Understanding also assisted in organizing the event, billing it as a planned in response to Trump’s executive order. After the recent legal debacle conducted by the 9th District regarding the order, the Trump administration has promised a revised version as early as this week.

These people at this rally claiming to see echoes of Nazi Germany, speaking of Jews who wanted “to come to these blessed shores” but were denied entry with their liberal voices raised, saying, “Never again.”

Where are these people protesting the gross human rights violations committed in these predominately Muslim countries? Instead, they are too busy chanting, “not my president” and “hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

These protesters need a basic dose of reality. The above tweet is a classic – Muslim girls are Feminist AF.  REALLY?  I mean not being allowed to appear in public without a male relative, not being allowed to drive, rape and domestic violence being a routine part of existence, having a testimony that counts as half of a man’s or inheriting significantly less, and in some cases being treated as less than human?  Yeah, that SCREAMS feminism, doesn’t it?

h/t – Fox News 

God Bless.

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