BREAKING: Chelsea Handler Just Blamed ALL Conservatives and WHITE PEOPLE For Texas Massacre… Immediately BACKFIRES


America’s Freedom Fighters staffers have feverishly been researching the political views of the lunatic that is responsible for tragedy that took place in Sutherland, Texas where 26 people were slaughtered by a leftwing maniac.

After hours of research, we have concluded that he was a leftist. His Facebook page has been taken down but all the info we could gather shows that he was an atheist, an AntiFa member and a Democrat.

Sutherland Springs, Texas Killer Devin Patrick Kelley is being said to be a Radical Alt-Left Antifa member. He is 26 years old and was reported to have been dishonorably discharged from the military.

Devin Kelly’s Facebook page stated that he was an atheist and his interests included “Civil and social rights” and “Civil rights” as well as endorsements for local Texan Democratic political candidates. His page also featured photos of several high powered weapons.

His Facebook page was taken down without explanation less than an hour after the shooting.

But in typical liberal fashion, celebrities are blaming Republicans without having done any research.

Take a look at what this filthy liberal ‘celebrity’ scumbag did moments after the massacre.

From Fox News:

In the first hours after the deadly mass shooting at a Texas church, many details about the massacre and the gunman’s identity were still unclear — but it didn’t stop comedian Chelsea Handler from blaming Republicans for the shooting, in a tweet that sparked backlash.

“Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in killed. What country? America. Why? Republicans,” the former “Chelsea” host, who has gone after the GOP before on issues such as gun control, wrote.

Her comments swiftly received criticism on Twitter with many chastising the star for politicizing the event while it is ongoing.

“The bodies aren’t even cold yet and you are politicizing them. You really have a dark heart.

“You’re a hypocrite and part of the problem with your constant tweets of hate that separates the country.”

“Does your career depend on you being a vile, callous person, or is that a personal choice?”

“You are a terrible human being.”

“In 2013, 664,435 babies were killed. Why? Democrats.”

The President made a statement:

“May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan.”

Then she went after Trump:

“You have no capacity to monitor anything that doesn’t involve lining your pockets.”

What a filthy liberal scumbag.

A few hours after Chelsea woke up from her drunken nap she tweeted this:

“I don’t know how these poor people are supposed to accept that their government watches these mass shootings and does nothing. It’s so sick.”

She got hammered more. LMAO!

“Do us a favor and move to Canada! Or whatever…”

“Poor Chelsea, saying anything to try and become relevant again…”

You get the point.

But as I said, our research shows that the shooter was a liberal. 

His LinkedIn account offers some insight into possible political motivations–his interests include Civil Rights and Social Action, Human Rights, and the Environment.  From the vantage of this reporter it would be easy to classify him as a leftist.

From His LinkedIn Account:

Heavy and other outlets confirm that the shooter is in fact Devin Kelley who wrote on his Facebook wall that he “did not fear death.

Some are reporting that he belonged to Antifa, however this has yet to be confirmed:

Some are indicating that the man has ties to Antifa–we are not able to confirm or deny these reports.  What we have seen are a list of the “likes” he has listed on Facebook which, among others, include the “Friendly Atheist.”

All signs about this individual point towards him being a radicalized left-wing nut taking out his angst on a group of God-fearing Christians.  You’ll hear demands for Gun Control legislation being bleated from the Democrat sheep like Senator Warren but what they won’t tell you is that the legislation they hope to pass would not have stopped this man from receiving a weapon since he acquired it illegally.

 So once again some liberal asshole blames those of us on the right when in reality i is the leftist scumbags that are killing people and destroying America.


We will update this story as more facts come to light.



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